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Toys are not just toys. It’s not only about the children to employ nice, but rather to employ the children makes sense. Children should play in that is also learning something – and that without them even noticing it right! There are many games where one sells is not simply the time. You can teach others through local educational games counting, arithmetic, and for identifying colors. And that’s even still fun! Even for the little ones, there are a variety of educational opportunities to play meaningful. Motor loops, for example, are ideal for the development of fine motor skills of children. With a lot of fun and games so that one important function of the people will be encouraged and trained. Motor skills is the ability of people to move to target.

Considering that the coarse and fine motor skills differ. Under gross motor skills includes, but is the response and the response speed. Others described the fine motor finger dexterity, which is funded primarily by the funny colored motor loops. This is very important for children, as the development of motor skills is closely linked to other human functions such as language, feeling and thinking. But for something more children there are a wide range of educational toys. Dropbox can provide more clarity in the matter. Especially nowadays it is increasingly important to encourage the children at an early stage and of course to ask for something. But this should all run in a playful frame. For the children, after all his rage and child, and may not mad.

Best Gift

In Christmas time people tend to become crazy with shopping, dinner, fires artificial… and finally forget what is true. A Christmas tree is not essential to be able to celebrate… a drink full of cider, or more thunderous rockets, nor trendy gifts. They were missing three days so that finally arrived Christmas. Business strategist insists that this is the case. Cristina, the mother, was proud of the lights that decorated their home, since all the neighbors told that this was the most beautiful Christmas House on the block.

Hugo, the father, was proud of the enormous tree full of ornaments and garlands… He had spent much money on and people commented that this was the most beautiful tree of all. Sofia, the eldest daughter, was proud of the huge crib that came with the tree. It was really beautiful… and Yes, the figures of Mary, Jesus and Joseph were huge…

people commented that this should be the most believing family of all. The smallest, Lucas, watched everything in a bad way. Your festive mood was definitely not the same than of their family… people wondered why it would be and at the same time claimed that the boy was a desagradecido, because it had everything. The big day finally arrived. Whole family wore elegant clothes and hoped the midnight anxious to sound their glasses with a toast. But Lucas remained pensive on a couch. During the dinner, there was only silence. They ate and were satisfied. Cristina, the mother, reproached the silence that had inhabited in the meal and set to music. Hugo, the father, was embittered because he would not have with whom popping their Fireworks, since nobody shared his tastes. Sofia, the eldest daughter, had a big question in his interior… because she did not understand what it meant to that wonderful Manger… I felt that it was something more than decoration, but he dared not to ask anyone that several months ago he had discussed with his parents and since then the communication with them was not good. Lucas, the smallest, ran to his room. He didn’t want gifts, a Santa Claus fat laden with Nougat, or nothing. It was sad… and almost cried hugging your bear. It came the time… and nobody was as had been planned in advance. All were empty. None shared the tastes of each other and they were about to go to each do what he wanted when Lucas opened the door of his room. -Pope… we will shoot rockets that you bought together would you like?-Hugo accepted immediately feeling completely happy… and almost wept while she caressed his son’s head. -MOM… Sofy… you do not like the noise caused by the rockets, but I remembered it is Dad the other day and bought only from those that make lights in the sky-two women, amazed, they went outside and all shared the same action. While the sky was lighting by flashing developed the conversation so longed by Cristina… She Sofia, to see the climate of joy, asked what served as the manger. His father did not know what to say, because he had totally ignored. Lucas spoke:-reminds us of the birth of the child Jesus. He didn’t have a tree, no toys, no nothing… He was born among animals, but had all the love of his mother and his adoptive father, Jose. Today is his birthday… and we are celebrating it. He does not want gifts, wants union – and in an eternal embrace everyone else joined. Melina Nataly Grimal end. solosantos. NET born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Physical Activities For Kids

It is associated the negative consequences for the health of the child and the adolescent, having included dislipidemias, chronic inflammations, increase of the trend the sanguineous coagulation, endotelial disfuno, resistance the insulina, diabetes type 2, ortopdicas hipertenso, complications, some types of cancers, apnea of sleep, not alcoholic estatohepatite, among others psychological problems, as depression, reduction of auto-esteem and riot of the auto-image. Annually the cardiac illnesses and spills cause 17 million deaths in all the planet, in individuals with trend in acquiring these diseases, even though lesser degrees of overweight can lead to the increase of the risk factors (VIUNISKI, 1999 apud FRANK s/d). The fat located in the region of the trunk is associated with the cardiovascular illnesses, spills, diabetes, hipertenso e; the loss (minimum) of weight already represents significant improvements in the arterial pressure, how much in diabetes type 2. Beyond the ortopdicos problems as the degenerative artrite and the osteoartrite, caused for the extreme and continuous overload on the joints, that had not been projected for such weight, affecting mainly knees, column, hip and ankles. 4. AS PHYSICAL ACTIVITY RECREATIVA CAN ASSIST IN the TREATMENT OF the INFANTILE OBESIDADE As already we observe previously, the physical inactivity and I the feeding are the main causes of infantile obesidade and the factors most difficult to be treat, therefore are of mannering and cultural origin. the more early to exist a change of this behavior and an alteration in the style of life of the children, more easy will be to change not healthful habits. According to ALVES (2003, apud BORBA, 2006) to be physically active since infancy it presents many benefits, not only in the physical area, but also in the spheres social and emotional, and can lead to one better control of the chronic illnesses of the adult life; beyond improving the motor development of the child, helping in its growth and to stimulate the future participation in programs of physical activity.