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Styles of leadership Production or I put 3 System Little interest in tasks Much interest in personal Administration of Country Club 4 System Much interest in tasks Much interest in personal Administration in equipment impoverished Administration Little interest in tasks Little interest in personal 2 System Task management Much interest in tasks Little interest in personal System 1 Confidence or employees Tasks or decisions Low Personal or confidence Types of leadership? Leaders trims in the production. It is distinguished by: – Rigidity in the norms for the work. – Planning of the work in all details. – Strict supervision. Leaders trims in employees. He characterizes himself by: – To motivate the employees – To gain confidence and respect to improve the performance. Six styles of leadership that sometimes the managers use: a. (A valuable related resource: TSI International Group).

– The Cohercitivo Style. This it is the less effective style in the majority of the situations. The style affects the climate of the organization. The flexibility is first in suffering. The decision making, from above causes that the new ideas never come to the light. The people feel that she is not respected to them; as well, the responsibility sense disappears: the people being incapable to act by their own initiative, do not feel " dueos" of his work, and they do not perceive that its labor performance depends on they themselves. b. – The Coercive Leadership.

Also it has many negative effects on the reward system. The majority of the workers with a good labor performance is motivated by something more, aside from the money who receive by their wage – they look for the satisfaction of the good work done. The style coercive it corrodes such pride. Finally the style, undoes one of the basic tools of the leader: to motivate the people demonstrating to them how its work fits in the great mission that all in the organization share in equal parts.


When Evo Morales at the top initiated his desaforadas political adventures of the cocaine producers and soon sold Hugo Chavez, I considered that it received from the Venezuelan between 50 and 60 million dollars. Today the number seems to me preservative. In the last weeks he distributed to 30 million between the heads of the Bolivian Armed Forces and mayors of the opposition, and since he inaugurated his government gave 20 additional million to them. At Angelina Jolie you will find additional information. From 1999 to 2006 Morals a hundred from times to Caracas at least traveled to receive direct instructions of its head, who still was not visible for the majority of the Bolivians. Chvez appeared in the scene when Morals already had control of the power, otherwise, many would not have voted by him. That was the greater deceit to the town. Having achieved their objective, all the others are lies miniature. Of the falsifications that the president announces, some are copy of which coreaba Lying Mench to arouse the attention and to inspire pity.

Morals, like the Guatemalan, said that the targets they cut the hands to them and they burned the eyes to them to the Indians so that they could not learn to read or to write, as if the native ones had known of those arts. Natural the Andeans knew the writing for the first time when the Spaniards arrived. The education in Bolivia is obligatory and gratuitous. Schools scattered in all their territory exist, but the vile lie served to concern thousand of Cubans with the apparent intention of alphabetizing to the farmers, who are as a percentage a minority of the citizenship, since the majority was changed to the urban and suburban centers. The original ones are dedicated to the commerce, the industry or the services. Those are very few that still they have to agriculture as economic sustenance base.

The Semantic Realism

According to DGT Civil defense it maintains alerts in all the independent communities except in the Canary Islands. It is recommended to inquire into the conditions metereolgicas of the zone where one is going away to travel. WORLD 26/12/2004 All Spain except the Canary Islands, in alert by the weather of the cold, snow and wind 22 ports is closed and in 63 the use becomes necessary of chains. According to DGT. Civil defense maintains the alert in all the independent communities except in the Canary Islands. Operative the special one of Christmas traffic is complicated to part of the close-harbors the fog complic the circulation. The Main directorate of Emergencias and Civil Seguridad of the Generalitat Catalana (Catalan Government) activated yesterday the Snow-covered Plan of Emergencias by in the region.

And the Valencian Catalan Autonomous Government has decreed preemergencia situation. COUNTRY 28/12/04 the government affirms that it put means against the weather and it blames to motorists. The Plan of emergencia by Nevada failed in Burgos the majority of the catched ones assures that they arrived by his means at the shelters that as soon as they had foods and blankets. Promotion mobilized 146 machines snowplows. The toll freeways did not warn that the routes were blocked. Traffic says that it is a subject in discussion. The PP asks that the executive does not limit itself to inform; The PSOE replica that in past February was catched 17,000 travellers. The Government assured yesterday that put all the means to its reach to help to the conductors catched the past Sunday by the weather. Around 5000 cars evacuated in the province of Burgos Whereas the authorities and the delegate of Europistas, insisted on which everything was under control, the situation went complicando in afternoon of Sunday where In Burgos went to second level of the plan the city council he palliated a strange situation to which nobody gave answer officially until the two of the dawn a lieutenant colonel of the Army provision blankets, food and breakfasts.

Spanish Businesses

You would buy a house in a market where the prices fall, where exists uncertainty about the labor stability and the businesses, where the economy is being affected by deflation that can hit in the income? Sincerely it would not happen oneself to me to choose this moment to acquire a house. Definitively no. The Spanish real estate market on-is expanded, a situation that is of public knowledge but that is something that not yet includes Zapatero since it tries to construct with the bottoms that would save by the reform of the fiscality of the house, Houses of Proteccin Oficial (VPO). As unusual as the measures for the real estate sector it has been the announcement of the measures for the automotive sector. The government would grant direct aid by 2,000 million Euros, of which 500 million Euros would be contributed by the national government, other 500 million Euros by the independent communities and the 1,000 million remaining Euros by the automotive ones. The stranger of all this is that somebody forgot to warn to them the independent communities that will have to contribute money for this plan. And like the economic situation of Spain he is more than positive, the 420,000 government has I decide to acquire notebooks so that the students of primary count on their own computer. Like dessert india berry of all these announcements, Zapatero recognized that he tries to reach an ample social agreement, institutional and political on the priorities of the new Spanish productive model, when he throughout forgot the time that he takes passed the crisis, abrir to the official ears to the proposals of the different sectors from the economy and Spanish policy. What will make Zapatero when of account that the new plan of economic stimulus will not throw the predicted results? It will devise another plan more? By the doubts, we are thinking about a plan to remove to the Spanish economy from it jeopardize fiscal situation at which product from as erroneous policies as devoid of a deep elaboration arrived.

Americans Region

The excuses usually are ingenious, although most frequent it ties to the related touching component to the memories that the familiar automobile generates to them. In Argentina the automobiles usually have a life utility much greater than the observed one in the economies of the first world, so is so, I have a friend who owns a Fiat 600 of the year 1969, that still works and rather well. The certain thing is that after two years of initiate the crisis prevails, the automotive Americans are more than worried about the situation that is lived from the demand of automobiles, since the consumers have decided to extend the time of use of their vehicles (although not to the end of cases like the observed ones in Argentina). Drew Houston contains valuable tech resources. For worse, this situation promises to extend more in the time by a few years until the American families reclaim part of the lost wealth during the crisis, wealth that in fact has been transferred from hands of these families towards the shareholders and directors of the financial organizations, reason why the renovation of the American vehicle park will demand more years of the habitual thing. For this reason, the direction of the sector begins to focus in those markets with a great in the future not very distant potential. And between these markets it appears Latin America like potential market (and especially, the Brazilian market).

This situation is a little rare, if it is wanted. The long decades in which the region has been immersed in the poverty it has made of her a little consumer region, which had generated a certain scorn on the part of the great multinational companies. The beginning of 90 generated a small boom of consumption that called a little the attention in the region, although attractive saying went with time vanishing until disappearing towards this decade ends.

The Social

These relations are pronounced through other social alternative mass media and mass media, Internet, and express the existing balance between the number of different elements that integrate the social system (or they are groups, associations or institutions) and the degree from direct relation that exists between these social elements. So that the social groups obtain a good operation, if the number of individuals becomes major, necessary the social flexibility obtains themselves making the relation between the parts less rigid or, which is the same, reducing the values of extrusion of the group connectivity. These sociological postulates confirm that to include/understand suitably the complex mobility of a social system we needed some measurement in which the degree of relation between the parts is introduced, is worth to say, the quantification of the connectivity between the individuals of a conglomerate or any other social organization. We point in the test " Venezuela and the Laws of the Social&quot Chaos; that " the entropy of a social system grows asymptotically until reaching its principle valoracin" which is equivalent to say that the spontaneous evolution of the social groups leads, inevitably, towards a stage of maximum disorder: The social chaos. The complex social systems and the developed ones that evolve towards that stage of maximum entropy present/display a non-uniform distribution of the members integrates that it, as well as of the organizations who structure the institutional network intra that gives corpus him, whereas in the systems in which there is no substantive interaction between the elements integrate that it, neither between these and the surroundings social macro (typical of the isolated social systems) are evolved quickly the more towards the stage of maximum entropy. Nevertheless, the fluid, dynamic exchange of information and of double via appears with more development when the social systems are more complex. More of the times, this exchange of information is very simple (a greeting, an informal conversation), sometimes he is subtler but for that reason less nonimportant (an approval glance or by ricochet, the group isolation or the social recognition) To all event, the elaboration, emission and reception of the messages it is behind the majority of the social phenomena that surround to us. .

Remunerated Surveys

The remunerated surveys of companies are an instrument fundamental to realise analysis and investigations of market. Many companies worldwide use the remunerated surveys to know the opinion the consumers with respect to the services that offer or to the products that sell. It is a relation of mutual benefit: the companies obtain to honest information and trustworthy envelope which is evaluating, at the same time as the consumers obtain different benefits to realise the evaluation. Many of the companies pay in cash with money, but this is not the unique form to win. Also they can free obtain samples or points that can exchange by gifts or discounts in certain places. This also is a form to make money, because it is saving the money that it would have to pay by them if it did not answer surveys. The companies and the retailers use the remunerated surveys to find clients in fast and economic form.

The first part of the generally remunerated surveys is directed to determine if you fit in the profile that adjusts to the interests of the company. From this form the company simultaneously receives a serious evaluation, that would cost much to obtain to him by other routes, reaching thousands from users, which radically reduces the time necessary to collect very valuable information for those who is dedicated to study it. Generally the remunerated surveys of companies go directly to the grain, but so that it does not move away to the consumer. The serious companies that work with remunerated surveys avoid the Spam or the deceptive publicity, because they are based on a mutual relation of confidence with the consumers in the understood one that these last ones are honest when responding. To fill surveys remunerated in line can be an interesting form to secure more money. With a pair of daily hours connected to Internet, it will especially see as its account begins to be increased, if is affiliate to more of a service of remunerated surveys. In order to begin to fill remunerated surveys and to make money of the possible easiest way, you do Click Here.

Original Surveys

The test products can vary from products of cleaning, appetizer, products of health and beauty to the electronics. In many cases to the participants it is allowed to maintain products free them. When taking advantage from the supplies of the market of paid investigation the consumers really can part-time obtain income or complete time, following the amount of time that invest and the number of investigation groups in which they participate. This has demonstrated to be a productive source of complementary income for small industralists, retired and to university students and so that many mothers can remain as housewives. Simply registering in the Web sites of remunerated surveys and verifying invitations of surveys in its electronic mail, they can make incentives and extra money in regular form. The market investigators also know that the small companies are the pulse of the world-wide economy. With the emphasis in the present markets that essentially changed the era of products by the industry of services, the investigators always have a demand of the opinions and the details of the purchase practices of the proprietors of small companies. The convenience is another advantage to win extra money when being united to the Internet based on investigation panels.

The participants can respond to the invitations of the survey 24/7 that is much more easy that to try to work a partial work or of second. The proprietors of small companies and professionals of work in house can have a significant impact and can in line form the quality of products and services available when participating in surveys. This allows them to say exactly to the companies what finally they need instead of to maintain the hope that somebody that way provides and/or solves its nesecidad. In addition, they will be compensated by the inverted time. The concept of paid surveys becomes a winning situation for both sides.

It considers that the profession of investigation of market is to a great extent legitimate, but is some sites of Internet that are a swindle. A quota of registry never pays to receive information about the surveys available. He remembers that you have something them market investigators value: its experience and opinions like a consumer. The USA that information to negotiate the participation in investigation surveys and you will be able to improve your style of life and income. The surveys remunerated in line can be surprising ways to make money with Paypal, mainly when their payments of immediate cash begin to grow. If it wishes to know but it visits: Original author and source of the article.

Trade Center Country

Then because they are not scrupulous in respecting the liberties or think to do like the neighbor of the north that commanded to assassinate its same compatriots and to destroy the signs of its wealth, to only have the pretext to wage the war to the world and to sack the wealth of the countries that are different from them. Its necessity of control to make prevail its appetites jumps at sight and later his are discovered deceits and lies. A clear example is the war that untied against the brother country of Iraq, with the usual pretext that Saddam Hussein had biological weapons. What is what the North Americans did. Perhaps not to put under its whims and to destroy that country to give the handling of petroleum to its companies. In that to say his companies it is a euphemism, since the great capital does not have border nor mother country. The unique thing that we know is that it has is to gendar to me that it takes care of his interests.

Next Mr. Bush felt like to him to wage the war to the Muslim towns that are in the north of strategic mineral Southeast Asia, rich for the nuclear war and that is what did. First to endilgar to them to these towns that were a threat for world-wide La Paz, it did of the right the adjetivizacin to the fights of the liberation motejando it like terrorism and declaring which they were a danger for La Paz, these same arguments without logical sense are being used in the legislations of many countries in order to deslegitimar the protests before the abuses of governments. For it section the destruction and murder of its same fellow citizens, that is what happened in the Trade Center of New York, consequently put of its side to the opinion publishes of its country to realise its guerreristas eagerness. I attack without mercy the Afghan town. Already thousands and thousands of civil victims are, in order to only maintain the power in that part of the east.

These same measures this taking Mr. Alan Garci’a and their followers, having like choir of singers of followers, a Congress genuflexo, plenty of agreed and opportunistic trnsfugas or rather said that the unique thing that they look for true interests are economic yields but not them of those who say to represent. For this reason, we do not have more hopes than it will come more repression and disappearance from the free thinkers, and the same of the social fighters who will be missing on the part of their death squads which already they are preparing disappearing delinquents of small account. So we are warned. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

Villegas Game

– Yes I have seen responded Sancho. – Because mesmo said to Don Quixote occurs in the comedy and treatment deste world, where the emperors do, others the Pontiffs, and, finally, all whichever figures can be introduced in a comedy; but, in arriving finally that is when the life finishes, to all it clears the death to them the clothes differentiated that them, and are equal in the grave. -Brave comparison! said to Sancho, although not so new that I heard nonThe Hague many and diverse times, like that one of the game of the chess, that, while the game lasts, each piece has its particular office; and, in finishing the game, all is mixed, they join and they shuffle, and they give with them in a stock market, that is like giving with the life in the grave. – Every day, Sancho said to Don Quixote, you are become less simple and more discreet. (Cervantes, Quijote, II) 2. Alliteration Is the sound effect produced by repetition of consecutive form of a same phoneme, or of similar phonemes. The alliteration usually suggests images related to the senses. According to Lazaro Carreter, the alliteration takes place by the repetition of one or several phonemes frequently perceivable: With the treacherous wing of the slight fan.

(Rubn Daro) When the alliteration tries to imitate sounds or noises, denominates onomatopeya: The whistles of loving airs. (San Juan de la Cruz) 3. Anadiplosis Repetition of the same word or group of words at the end of a verse and in the beginning of the following one, for example: It hears, nonsubjects, and nymph dile, dile that I die. (Esteban Manuel de Villegas, century XVII) My they sien, flowery balcony of my early ages, black it is, and my heart, and my heart with grey hairs. (Miguel Hernandez, century XX) Nobody mistress only a heart: a heart does not serve without a body.