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Scandinavia Example

The traveller who goes abroad and has a desire to save is needed follow following tips: the possibility to save on food, in telephone negotiations, the purchase of different goods. The economy in a power for the economy in the tourist food can purchase square, whose price this all included, i.e. will be supplied by the Swedish Bureau during the whole day. But such journeys, where this system is used there is quite little (except for cruises, spas and hotels club). However, if you do not repay by eating in the cafeteria and restaurants, may, for example, buy store fried chicken or chicken freshly prepared. That’s cheap. Or purchase dry breakfast, for example, snowflakes and pour with milk. This prepared breakfast for Ud! The economy in purchases.

If tourists planning to make purchases abroad, in order to the economy we need take advantage of the tax-free system, having visited the store with this logo. The system Global Refund International offers tourists the possibility to receive back at the time of his return from abroad the sum component of the tax for the goods. In addition, if you will leave for Western Europe, you will need refrain until the arrival in that country, where the relative level of prices is lowest possible. For example, traveling to Scandinavia, needed postponing the purchase of clothes, footwear and other goods before entering Sweden. Also need to buy materials to take pictures and film (the tapes for the cameras) before his departure to the country of travel. Because otherwise you will have to adqurirlos in Europe to the highest price in times that in the country of their residence.


Risible.Tanto Morales as Quiroga reflect educational underdevelopment and obscurantism historical Bolivian. Not know that two plus two is four? They don’t know that Chile, in a war of conquest snatched Antofagasta to Bolivia and Peru province of Arica and Tarapaca Department? Don’t they know that Chile enclaustro to Bolivia?It seems that apart Chile is recognizing a skillful diplomacy directed Bolivian foreign policy or they bought it. The Chileans say them: El Peru has led US to the Hague and if we win as it will happen – you will not exit to the sea. Go, protest, invent, they are the third in discord, complicate things, to avoid that the Peru out triumphant. Bolivians as if they were automatons are following the script why Peruvian President them says pertinently: the maritime dispute between the Peru and Chile, is a discusion of a dos that Bolivia has not been invited, showing its strangeness that Bolivians go to say is hampering its outlet to the sea. But if they are not fighting nothing, they have not demanded anything, they do not have discussed anything.Continuing, as it should be with the presidential line, the Peruvian Foreign Minister reiterated that demand before the ICJ by the maritime dispute with Chile does not affect Bolivia, and said that the Peru can not expect a solution to the Mediterranean in that country to just act in the defence of their interests. Imagine then that a demand bilateral can affect a third country, it is to find three feet to the cat, he expressed.Chileans, of course, before the firm Peruvian position out in defense of his armourbearer: Chile will continue to work with Bolivia in the bilateral agenda of 13 points that includes the subject of the centuries-old Bolivian demand for an outlet to the sea, said the Chilean Foreign Minister Mariano Fernandez. And Bolivians back to counterattack: the Government will send a formal claim, through a diplomatic note, the Government of Peru to express their rejection to the statements of President Alan Garcia, because they are little serious, little responsible and little respectful, said Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca.Un trash can awaits the Bolivian diplomatic note. Published in the newspaper La Razon from Lima, March 29, 2009 * journalist.

Sardinia Between Blues

Red Rock & Blues Time in Jazz, the boundaries between Sardinia and Jazz, Narcao Blues, European jazz Expo to cite the names more familiar. Musical events as they are repeated for several years usually during the summer season. Jazz and blues are the protagonists in Sardinia and not missing the presence of other groups to animate the nights of different festivals. There are so many tourists (and the sardos) not only fans but also curious, ranging from a town of the island to another to attend these events. They are those who decide to take part in a unique concert, spending the day in the town. And those who decide to spend more days in the place where the concerts are held.

Many people who choose to come on vacation to Sardinia, spend their holidays on the coast and dedicate their time almost exclusively to relax by the sea in the beautiful beaches that offers Sardinia. Many want to know the rest of the island, the more hidden and authentic, inside another Sardinia. Is You can find very diverse, rich and unique and suggestive places by their natural and cultural features. A real opportunity for a beautiful area of the island, to taste the flavors, aromas, colors, and above all the sounds, Time in Jazz is music conceived and organized by the famous Sardinian trumpeter Paolo Fresu jazz festival. It is without a doubt one of the most well-known in Sardinia. Concerts are conducted in places unusual and fascinating, among mountains, near lagos, ahead of rural churches, small squares of peoples or places as the regional Museum of wine.

It is difficult not kidnapped sesentirse and participation in music. The atmosphere is unique with the simultaneous presence of natural landscapes, musical notes and the magical town. The festival is celebrated in the second week of August in Berchidda, in the historical region of Logudoro in the border with Gallura, in the Center-North of Sardinia. The village clung on the slopes of Monte Limbara, surrounded by forests and vineyards of giogantinu Vermentino and immersed in the mountains near Lake Coghinas. The area has a discrete amount of facilities for those who want to be near the places of Time in Jazz, of course, the reserve must be well in advance. In Berchidda and neighboring Pattada, Monti, Oschiri towns there are some hotels, bed and breakfast and cottages. A few dozen kilometers are coastal areas of popularity as Budoni and San Teodoro, Olbia Costa Smeralda. It’s locations with as many facilities where it is certainly easy to find available places. San Teodoro, in particular, offers real possibilities for accommodation for all tastes, sightseeing, hotels, camping and a lot of houses for rent.

Government Administration

OBJECTIVES VS POWERS. Gabriel Hernandez Santamaria globalization, governed by three substantive areas: a) the laws of the market, b) the so-called society of knowledge and c) knowledge as part of the production factors, put on the table for discussions what must be the final product or goal of educational evaluation: objectives or educational competences. The issue isn’t just semantics or synonymy, involves a different conception of education. The goals represent a change of conduct, a domain of the curricular content to assume a new behavior. Educational competencies, on the other hand, are based on the achievement of an attitude to life; in a learning for life; to solve the problems posed by daily or academic life.

The pressure of the country’s educational authorities impose teacher competency-based education has puzzled him, since it was formed in the context of ideological Behaviorism. Le they taught during their training as a teacher, educational objectives serve to ensure that the student succeeds through educating action, learning, knowledge that has the program or curriculum, as well as the training of skills, attitudes and values. The confusion arises in the teacher because confronts a new educational paradigm that where imported is not change behaviour but an attitude to learn how to learn, learning to be and learning to do that it claims of a very different from its vocational training teaching practice. Confusion also includes the educational system of basic education by the contradictory attitude of the education authorities, on the one hand they present official mainly primary and secondary basic education study programmes based on objectives; at the time that is is demanding teacher to exert his teaching work in the context of educational competences. The confusion goes to hubris, when the evaluation of academic achievement in schools It is made with an instrument (link) structured under the principle of ideological Behaviorism that Busaco behavioral change not the ability of the student to solve problems with the knowledge acquired in school and respective grade. Before this sea of contradictions, is not anything unusual that criticism faculty are increasingly older, questioning his role as promoters of a good quality education, even disqualifying them as elements of the educational process. The solution of the problem lies not only in choosing between objectives or competencies, but plan for the development of national education, with educational policies that promote the educational system to enter in a comprehensive and equitable to the new culture of the knowledge society that demands the globalization of our here and now. And that education and teaching preparation of teachers not dependent of Government propaganda, interested in take political advantage of the educational system, as it has happened in the last forty years. While this keep going, not It will be nothing strange keep watching every change of Government Administration educational patches, short-term measures or ideas that have emerged in the field of the immediacy of those who direct or regentean education.