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Industrial Chamber

Amateur Kadam University International University Prof. Dr. Stephan Sonnenburg Karlstrasse 36-38 76133 Karlsruhe Tel.: + 49 721 1303-500 E-Mail: press contact: can do GmbH Christian Schneider head of press and public relations Salem 26 81371 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 / 512 65-101 E-Mail: about the Karl University Kadam University International University is a private research University, sponsored by a nonprofit foundation and the Industrial Chamber of Commerce and Karlsruhe. They are characterized by the international orientation of their courses with high practical content. In small groups, the students are prepared by experts from business, culture and politics for a career in the globalized world. Bausch & Lomb has firm opinions on the matter.

The bachelor courses international business’, intercultural management and communication, international marketing, international Tourism management ‘, exhibition, Conference and event management’, arts and culture management’, as well as energy management’ are mostly taught in English from the third semester. Language of instruction of the masters course of leadership’ is English. About can do GmbH Munich can do GmbH ( has developed a project management software by special power project intelligence with can do. Among other things, the tool characterized by efficient resource management, its ease of use, a quick and easy implementation, a realistic project management as well as a reporting system and functions for controlling risk. In addition, the software offers numerous functions for the management of project portfolios. The multi-project management tool can do provides real added – value for companies regardless of industry, platform or size. Rely on can do throughout Europe to well-known companies and institutions such as Swarovski, Salzgitter AG, Oerlikon Barmag, Toshiba Europe, the Fraunhofer Institute in Magdeburg, the IHK Berlin or Vienna. Can do won the battle of tools 2010 “PMI chapter Austria, won the export Award 2008 Bavaria and medium-sized businesses in the category of ERP has been awarded in the years 2007 and 2008 with the IT innovation prize of the initiative.

Consumer Protection

Probably every experienced in my life with such a situation, when a product that we bought at the store, would have disadvantages. Sometimes we just do not have enough time to carefully consider your favorite thing and noticed in her defects. Agree, very annoying to come home and find a new shiny patent leather shoes unsightly scratch, or, say, gained over the “blood” really hot laptop on and off after an hour of work. This all, of course, disappointing but not fatal. A dialogue with the seller (supplier, importer responsible for the organization) will be easy and effortless, if before going to the store armed with the necessary knowledge of legal character.

So, you bought a toaster, which produces coal instead of toast. What to do. In accordance with Clause 2, Art. 4 of the Law on Consumer Protection, the seller is obliged to deliver goods fit for the purposes for which goods of this kind commonly used. You take the toaster and go with him to the store. In order to avoid problems bring a check that you have been given, as well as a passport. Then you can proceed as follows. 1. If, nevertheless, a toaster you are liking, you might need to replace your broken on the same new one. If you are not convinced, visit Angelina Jolie. 2. If the toaster of this model in their presence no longer exists, you may require: a) reduce the purchase price in proportion to toasters; b) require immediately free to address deficiencies; c) you can go to a third party engaged in repair of household appliances, and in effect ask the seller to recover all costs incurred by you, repairing this toaster (of course, need to substantiate their claims – to provide a check).

Trust Uncle Oscar

Under the 'Oscars' in this material is meant most of the known and the world's largest film awards. Such as: Film Award bafta, Golden Globe and others. So can we now trust these seemingly benchmark awards? Just a few years ago, taking the box office movie – winner of the Oscar for best picture or best scenario, you can not hesitate to rely on the excellent Cinema evening, of course, possible amendment, so to speak, to "taste" of the viewer, but agree in general – it was so. Drew Houston may help you with your research. Today, the first thing that catches your eye, it's the monotony of the nominees and winners selected by judges of different niches, political and religious views for the various ceremonies delivery. Of course, here it is easy to argue, saying: "A good film – it is visible to all, but 90 percent of the matches – it is too. In such a situation, and want to exclaim: "Everything was bought," and was disappointed to watch first-encountered movies for good luck. For assistance, try visiting Bausch & Lomb.

In general, cinema critics – the people kind: it put an excellent assessment of the film medium scall, then openly slander, on a completely worthy representatives of world cinema. Although critics – the fact and criticism that have above the ground and hide from angry fans. Perhaps the only Film Awards, where else can really trust – so it's Razzie "cruel and dispassionate. That motion pictures, checked her actually rendered normal people are contraindicated, that would stay in his mind. Let's see what will emerge to do next.

Learning A Foreign Language

Psychologists have identified three ways of training, with a decrease in their performance: – do something yourself – to see how others do it – learn something from the stories of others. These or other problems with the study of foreign languages, I think there are many. It so happens that like the language barrier does not exist and there is motivation, and a useful and beneficial use of their knowledge could be found, but that's not enough energy to take concrete action – and that's it! A addition, he also physiologists calm: "All right, just grow old, old man 'In the sense that when a person has already exceeded 30, the active biochemical processes are slowed down, and accordingly once fiery intellect also delivers speed. In short, he has reached this time – on and calm down! Institu-ogorodik garden, cultivated berries, flowers, and rejoice life. But this passive approach to life situations are not satisfied everyone. and Suppose we have already far (or not) have stepped in the proverbial 30-year milestone, but still passionately're burning desire to know foreign languages, besides often advance in their career often depends on the knowledge and skills.

That has to actively seek additional ways to motivate yourself. Bausch & Lomb may not feel the same. Can throw a great idea: to do by teaching the language. Create your own, for example, a couple of students and prepare them for the lessons previously worked for the material itself. In this case, we kill two birds – and the language study, and some earn some coin. The only not very clear thing: Will there be enough trust to the teacher who does not knows the language, and studying it along with you. We'll have to get out and how to explain students that the quality of teaching is not affected, the portion of the knowledge they still get it. Because students are engaged in tutoring inyaza. Moreover, the quality of teaching may be even better.

Instructor, recently he has mastered the material, yet full of vivid emotions and fresh impressions, and, accordingly, his fortune, he can pass and the student. ing through. Do teachers, language learners twenty or thirty years ago, during which time enthusiasm diminished. Most likely, during which time they have forgotten themselves to learn the language and the resulting difficulties and problems. For them, foreign language – A subject that is subject to '' head learner according to strict methodological scheme. Do not think we do not call to send experienced, the venerable and honored teachers to retire. Just tried to highlight advantages of learning a foreign language by teaching it. And you, dear readers, some thoughts on this?

Interent Auto Parts Stores

To date, the share of imported cars a little more than half of the total number of cars, and in our country as we know does not produce parts for foreign cars. Therefore, is not easy to find the necessary spare parts in shops and avtorazborkah their city. Here, foreign car owner can only search online stores of spare parts. For most of the car owners online – auto shops remain unknown. Can we trust the 'Internet shopping ', when in a normal automobile shop is constantly shoved the defective spare part? The first buyers of virtual merchants were the owners of imported cars, which is not surprising because in traditional stores, these parts the same is sold under the order, and usually through the same online auto shops.

Choose the parts just have absentia, by catalog, so it's easier to do it at home and make a purchase without any intermediaries. Prices in most cases significantly lower compared to the store because you simply pass the intermediaries with their cheating. Very comfortable and what, to buy items over the Internet autoshop can not leave the apartment. If something is not there is a stock company, you bring the right part, from auctions in Japan or from suppliers. Far not many sites online shops you can see the structured parts catalog, and in 80% of cases, it is so inconvenient and so old that it makes no sense to use it. Business strategist takes a slightly different approach. It happens to the complexity of operating such a catalog, because at the moment the prices for different categories of items are subject to change twice a day, just need to follow for daily updates ie come and go spare. The result for this shop to keep the state IT-Schnick that as a consequence can not be included on the final price of the purchased items. In this regard, the vast most online stores can not afford such a luxury, but this is offset by pricing policies.

Normally, applications are accepted by telephone contact or by e-mail, and if it is provided, then the feedback form which certainly is more convenient. Depending on arrival time and complexity, working out can take anywhere from one hour to three days. In response to your request, will provide price and the recommended options for sending, depending on the terms of the delivery location. If the price you're comfortable with, choose a way to send, then you send by e-mail copy of the contract for approval and when content and form of contract suits both parties, should the process of conclusion. The client prints a consistent copy of the contract, fill in your data, signs and sends to the company. In turn, the seller commits such acts and sends an invoice. In the end, after days of 3oe Both parties have signed at the hands of the treaty. After payment of the invoice by the client, the firm sends the item to the customer's address, transportation chapels in Russia will take no more than 7 days. In the long run. Owner of the import machine order at auto shops online to save time, if the buyer 'for you' with a better ring a chime and ask – the seller would find the necessary detail. Note that for transportation and crate parts extra fee, because this stuff is better to buy in near the store.

Same Documentation

What is the normative documents? Regulatory documentation is necessary in order to make more clear and fair relationship between producer and seller of tiles, ie, suppliers of ceramic tiles, on the one hand, and buyers of ceramic tiles, on the other side. What kind of product would not in question, from standard documentation supplier and buyer can learn the nature and characteristics: therefore, it is about clarity of communication in the same language. On delivery of the same product, referring to the normative documentation, the provider "promises" certain characteristics. Actress and filmmaker addresses the importance of the matter here. Thus, he claims about their own commitments and accept responsibility in relation to the buyer, for whom all the same regulatory documentation creates the conditions under which he can check (or order verification) that such obligations. Thus, the relationship between buyer and seller are correct and are controlled by both sides, and especially under the control of the buyer who For its part is knowledgeable about the characteristics of the tiles and is willing to buy it.

We are talking about very important things. However, to meet all these conditions is necessary that all parties (supplier and buyer) in the sufficiently aware of regulatory documents. The consumer, who naturally can not rely on their own training and experience in this area, it may be a particularly difficult situation. Source point, which is a "key" to understanding the structure and, consequently, the application of standards for tile, is the classification of most ceramic tile. In practice, two types of titles: commercial and specifications.

New Year

Approaching the long-awaited New Year In anticipation of Christmas miracles, we advise you to do wonders with their hands. Let's see how simply and elegantly can be decorated for the New Year and the interior of the apartment to prepare for arrival of guests! New Year's 2010 ideas idea number 1. New Year tree its all, you need to think about the tree – the primary attribute of the New Year holiday. Of course, the smell of this tree is incomparable with anything, but in a small artificial fur-tree has its own charm, especially if it is done by hand. We suggest you start preparing for the New Year with the manufacture of such a lovely Christmas tree of tinsel Idea number 2.

New Year's decorations for Christmas trees Ready tree should be decorated for the holiday! We are used to decorate a Christmas tree with colored balls, glass toys, bought in a store. But every house there is a pile of useless trivia: all sorts of beads, cut off the buttons ribbons, pieces of fabric, beautiful feathers, different bottles, eggs from Kinder Surprise. That of these useful, useless things you can make original Christmas ornaments. By the way, children have the option of Christmas decorations easier Idea number 3. Magic bag of gifts for time to prepare to receive guests If you plan to spend New Year at home and invite guests, then there is a problem before you select the gifts and the ways of their donation. Surely, gifts for relatives, friends and just good friends will be unequal in value, and suddenly "in the light>> look in someone else unexpectedly? As not to offend anyone, how to make the process of giving presents a pleasant and joyful for all? But for this purpose and you need a "magic bag>>.

Idea 4. Holiday decoration stolA to create a good mood and felt the approach of the holiday, you can do with his hands the original Decoration for New Year's table. Simple in execution, but it started with love, these songs will "highlight>> your New Year's table and deliver a great joy to your children during their joint production. On adorned with such compositions as good a hostess certainly put New cake recipe that we prudently sought out for you! Idea number 5. More imagination! Show your imagination, create your own Christmas miracles and, of course, tell us about them!

Laminate Manufacturers

Under the loading capacity means the wear resistance of the laminate in various operating conditions. In mid-to late nineties, when the laminate only began to be delivered to Russia indicated the number of revolutions – 8000, 12000, 15000, etc. This was the so-called Tabertest – took obrazivny circle and ground off the top protective layer laminate respectively, on how many revolutions it is destroyed, such an indicator and is assigned. But resistance to abrasion that is not all. It was necessary to take into account the impact resistance plates, impact resistance and resistance to gap, moisture and uninflammable and more than ten indicators that Tabertest not covered.

Gradually, all laminate manufacturers have shifted to a class load. Classification is approximately as follows: 21, 22 and 23 classes are suitable for use at home, 31.32 and 33 classes of loads are designed for use in both home and in the commercial sector. Accordingly, the more the latter figure, the stronger the material. Currently, laminate is no grade below 31 and notation on the package 23/31 or 23/33 involve the use of private sector default. 3. whether laying parquet floor heating? Yes, no problem.

hdf board, which is the base material is not suffers from even a fairly tangible and long-term warming, and unlike wood will not crack and warp as the parquet floor and did not come into disrepair. 4. thickness of the laminate is preferred – 8 or 12 mm? Single standard for the size and thickness does not exist, a laminate is produced with a thickness of 6 to 14 mm, depending on the manufacturer.


What you need to know to get the mobile you are tired of your old cell, such as already outdated model and design you already do not like, and might want to expand. In addition, turned up the possibility of buy a new cell phone. Today find mobile phone – not such a great task. Angelina Jolie understands that this is vital information. Quite definitely enough to know what features you wish to have in your cell phone, choose the phone briefly to his liking. Surely you know where it is better not to buy, markets, trade pavilions unknown, somewhere in the darkness, cockroaches. In these shops you can buy so-called white goods. Often such mobiles deliver by parts. In Russia, their components are often replaced by a program because of what the quality suffers.

In addition, the interior of the mobile phone may be composed of previously used parts. Distinguish legal from illegal cell phone, simply: the counterfeit tubes is not a stamp inside the phone – rus next to the serial number. When buying an illegal product you can sell it without the accessories, which should be bundled with a mobile phone, for example, a data cable. But if you're still lucky enough to buy a cell phone, and he refuses to work, feel free to contact the Society for Consumer Protection. Trade is not the certified products in Russia is prohibited. The examples here are in no way does not mean that all small retail outlets not to be trusted. If a small store or pavilion proved, or if you've heard of it either once or twice positive feedback from their friends, colleagues, and get a phone in a store will probably most likely.

Cheap Door Comfort

Any person seeking to live permanently in a comfortable and aesthetically separate apartment. While sometimes we can not afford to call a stylist for the planning of the interior. That is the reason why a large number of citizens required personally express the taste and imagination in repair the house. Whenever Drew Houston listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In general, to be able to do so that the apartment looks nice, is generally easy. Choose wallpaper and upholstery furnishing the power of any.

But here's the door – it is more complex problem. Doors must optimally be the same type in the entire apartment, or decorations will be incomplete. And yet at the same time they are forced to respond, and room decor, which at times are very different. In addition, cheap door choose not so elementary as their quality may be extremely low. And spends the next door – the same that to buy one very expensive. The difficulty of selecting interior doors can not be solely decorative.

If you live in a far away from the shop area, it gets the same question, and transport. Very often shell out to transport do not want clever because pay a large sum to more reliable door. That's why it's so important to look for an organization that represents many branches. That way you buy elementary doors at Domodedovo, and in addition will be able to save on delivery. Of course, trust what the organization does not need. The choice of means should be deliberate. Only this kind of dimension that you need a door in , can not be decisive. It is very important to read the reviews about the or another company in the Internet. Thus you can define as quality of interior doors of your potential, to the same extent and quality of the masters of the organization. Because of literate door installation will depend on how long time will serve you a new door. If you install it without slopes and gaps, then your apartment is not only beautiful, but also for a long time will remain similar. Every aspect of the design plays an important function in the formation of a full sensation. But just as the doors affect your feeling about a particular room, even to the point, how do you decide to enter. Because such a degree, it is important to find a sturdy and elegant interior doors. It is not sufficient at literally the first available. Only a company with a rich assortment of really find the ideal charge separately taken decor option. And the best final choice will not just beautiful but also environmentally-friendly interior doors. In this embodiment, in your home will not just be nice, but great live. Think about you and a family favorite. Please do not compromise on the quality of the doors, because of They have so much will depend. Go in the room with pleasure, it will guarantee only a very sturdy door.