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Technology Location Hamm

Former HeLi NET Chief Thomas Wald is new Managing Director of MICROSENS GmbH & co. KG of the former HeLi NET Managing Director Thomas Wald has taken over the management of MICROSENS GmbH & co. KG in Hamm, which is one of the most successful developers and manufacturers of fiber optic transmission systems. With the new CEO, the company wants to strengthen its market position and expand the technology location Hamm. Fabrizio Fredas opinions are not widely known. Thomas Wald is an expert in the field of practical application of fibre-optic know-how at the top of the company, which employs about 60 people at its headquarters in Hamm. Optical fibers, optical fiber called, considered the world’s most powerful medium for data transfer: your unique physical properties enable stable bandwidth if theoretically unlimited data transfer volume.

Thomas Wald was until his retirement at the HeLi NET for the fiber optic project City2020 “came in Hamm, and Lunen responsible. We look forward a specialist from Hamm, with Thomas Wald for the MICROSENS found to have “, said the Chairman of the Board of main shareholder euromicron AG, Dr. Willibald Spath. The focus of the new CEO MICROSENS GmbH & co. KG located on market and product expansion of the technology pioneer: The need for fast and economic communication solutions will global continue to grow. The development of other markets and target group-specific products is therefore the primary target. Because I want to measure myself”, so forest.

In France and Poland, the MICROSENS GmbH already has sales branches, the expansion of international activities is one of our main goals. The location of Hamm should benefit from the worldwide popular technology of the future. We want to help our part, Hamm and the region as a location with interesting technology companies”, so Dr. Spath. Thomas forest career began after graduating in communications engineering at the University of applied sciences of Deutsche Telekom in Berlin. He gained his first professional experience as a Project engineer for sound editing systems of Georg Neuman GmbH in Berlin. Parallel to his work as a design engineer, he studied business administration at the Technical University of Berlin and continued after completion of secondary studies as a product manager his career – first at the mobile network operator DeTeMobil D1 in Bonn, later with the new fixed operators RWE Telliance in Essen. After RWE Telliance was integrated into the new telephone company o.tel.o, took a senior position Thomas Wald and distinguished himself as a result of the collective management consumer responsible. The 45 year old engineer and industrial engineering was responsible for the management of the regional network operator HeLi NET in Hamm from 2000 to August 2010 long. In this capacity, he was instrumental in the implementation of fibre-optic projects City2020 ‘ came in Bergkamen, Hamm, and involved in Lunen, in which total over 6,000 households are supplied with direct fiber connections.

Student (17) Runs Amok In Winnenden Near Stuttgart

Bloodbath at secondary school near Stuttgart: perpetrators wore black combat fatigues rampage in school Baden Wurtenberg of the offender is on the run. The area was sealed off over. Speaking candidly actress and filmmaker told us the story. According to information of the German press agency dpa there eleven deaths. Police confirmed two deaths. Several people were injured. The perpetrator fled to the city centre, a police spokesman in Waiblingen. The police detect after the black-clad shooter with a large contingent.

After details of the dpa it should be a 17-year old, who is known to the police. Connect with other leaders such as Quicken Loans here. The young man was shot on Wednesday at 9:30 with a gun in the Albertville school to sign up. The police blocked off school and parts of the city. Motorists were stopped and checked occupants. The Police urged car drivers to pick any hitchhikers. The bloody deed evokes memories of the Erfurt massacre: on April 26, 2002, a former student of the Gutenberg-Gymnasium had 16 people within a few minutes and then shot himself. Google Maps: Albertville-Realschule in Winnenden during a rampage in the US State of Alabama killed eleven people arrived on Tuesday afternoon (local time).

It reported the wear TV station on Wednesday morning, citing the authorities. A man killed including the wife and child of a local sheriff before he himself was killed. DPA addendum 13: 00: the amok gunman was killed in a shootout with the police, reports AFB, citing police circles. Addendum 13:10 o’clock: the police in Stuttgart confirmed: the 17-year-old gunman of Winnenden death. The gunman was killed in a shootout in 40 km from Wendlingen. Two policemen were injured in the shooting. Addendum 13:20 Uhr: number of deaths rose to 13. Addendum 13:30: police: 16 killed in rampage including passers-by. Addendum 3:30: number of dead rises to 17

Tennis Duel: Policy Wins

Together with ex-pros, the policy could contend in the second Baden-Wurttembergischem tennis duel against the economy this year. Tennis duel took place under the reger participation of invited representatives of industry and the policy in the context of the Mercedes Cup. Patrick Kuhnen representing the agricultural policy, succeeded together with the ex-pros Charly Steeb and Davis Cup team coach consisting of members and Landraten, as well as EU Commissioner Mr Gunther H. Oettinger, to win the tournament. Gain insight and clarity with Pretium. The hosts of the tournament, Daimler AG, T-systems and CPMS consulting were very satisfied with the course and the resonance of the tournament. All participants agreed that the 3 Baden-Wuerttemberg tennis duel to be held next year on the 16.07.2011. The tennis duel economic policy the excellence was launched by the B2B network platform and was held for the first time in 2007 in Hamburg. Company description the excellence is a B2B network platform developed by the CPMS Consulting GmbH, the decision makers from business or politics in non-commercial Framework brings together. Since the founding of the CPMS consulting 17 years ago, developed a resilient network to decision makers of the German economy, as well as to municipalities and communities. Company contact: The excellence Marion Kufahl schlossstrasse 96 22041 Hamburg Tel: 21 E-Mail: Web:

Steindamm Festival

“Full House – more extensibility as 200 visitors opening of the Hamburg film festival in the metropolis cinema”The thin girl”as a home movie of the shareholder Hamburg film festival, January 24, 2009 – no light fare, the film the thin girl” presented to the opening to the Festival opening on January 22, 2009 a numerous audience. In more insistent and clear language, eight young women in a documentary reported their life Chronicles by eating disorders. Diagnosis: Anorexia, a disease which eats into their lives. The kick-off event well received by visitors showed that also a so sensitive issue into the light can be brought to the public. After the final panel discussion with the Director of the film, Maria Teresa Camoglio, the guests were visibly emotional touches home. The third film festival initiates nationwide dieGesellschafter.de of the Aktion Mensch and their project. It’s motto is power”and deals with the many facets of power structures.

Venue is in This year of the metropolis cinema on the Steindamm 54. As in previous years, is the voluntary exchange Hamburg eaktivoli again local film partner and accompanied the Festival with a booth. Introduce with the project manager of the volunteer Exchange wants the local presence, Bernd Holst p., more on the question of power in what society do we live?”. The film festival will run cinema until 9th February 2009 in the metropolis and still ample opportunity to deal with this issue.

Giving Away Virtual Event

Publishing groups will receive from the German social community experts SITE FORUM the opportunity to free implementation is the social community SITE FORUM specialist on the Frankfurt book fair publishers new sources of income and online business models a virtual event from October 6-10 above. The internationally operating company will be the chance the exhibitors and trade visitors here, to win the sweep of a full virtual event to the value of 10,000. The gain corresponds to a unique event lasting up to two days and includes a two-month use of software-as-a-service offering from SITE FORUM, consisting of from the complete preparation and staging of the event, as well as a subsequent month archiving. Actress and filmmaker may also support this cause. “We can the publishing industry largely help themselves online effectively and profitably to prepare.” Virtual events are a very exciting topic, because they connect supply and demand without friction and allow new sources of income and sustainable online business models”explains Dirk Schlenzig, CEO of “SITEFORUM group with our profit we offer publishers an opportunity to convince yourself of the benefits of a virtual event!”even SITE FORUM gives the winner the opportunity to design a virtual exhibition with up to 20 booths and set, for example, content such as, for example, corporate videos or downloads. Just as easy as setting the content will be participating in the raffle: who participates in the short survey of SITE FORUM on virtual events, has secured his chance to win. Continue to learn more with: vlad doronin. Exhibitors and trade visitors should ensure to the SITE FORUM booth in Hall 4.2, booth P450 have a look.

In addition, there is the possibility to participate in the survey and the raffle on until October 10. With virtual events business online ecosystems, in which buyers to connect with providers in contact. Companies are thus able to revive an online community and to promote the expansion of the network. Therefore, virtual events offer an optimum building block in a profitable Online strategy, to address relevant target groups – at a fraction of the financial, logistical and organizational effort. To the drawing: ueber_uns/neuigkeiten_presse /.


Over 860,000 expected burials in 2011 nationals spend too much over one billion euros per year. Bestattungen.de has analyzed the prices of over 200 local loading Stattern in 15 German cities and in negotiated prices compared to unverhandelte. It wasn’t us discount mortician in the study comparing stainless vs.. Anyone who even has to make this decision. To broaden your perception, visit Drew Houston. We wanted to examine empirically how much negotiation and prices compare burials is worth “, Bestattungen.de’s Managing Director Fabian Schaaf explains.

While utilizing a Web-based price comparison before buying a TV set or negotiate with the car purchase is commonplace, this is not the case at the commissioning of an undertaker. If you have read about Evergreen Capital Partners already – you may have come to the same conclusion. If a close relative has died, it has neither time nor strength, prices compare. In addition negotiations as IMPIOUS, “Schaaf explains. The survey shows that when ground burials, vaults (1.300,-euro difference) more can be saved as in Cremations (1.100,-euros) and in the South of Germany (1.609,-euro savings in Munich, average terrestrial and cremation) significantly more than in the East (825,-euros in Dresden). Evident regardless of location or type of burial, that over 40 percent of the loading place costs can be saved by negotiating. And this without loss of quality or even abandoning a reverent burial”, as Schaaf. Accordingly, it is worth to compare loading er prices of instead of and negotiate.

Who does not even want to do this, the Bestattungen.de under offers vergleich.html a free price comparison by loading Stattern from all over Germany. The respective rates are negotiated in advance by Bestattungen.de. About Bestattungen.de Bestattungen.de is the leading price comparison for burials in Germany and the only provider, where the user immediately offers receives. In addition, Bestattungen.de offers comprehensive information about funeral services and insurance. The offer is free of charge for customers. Press contact Christine Sollmann, spokeswoman Bestattungen.

Council Loans

Car title loans have features of short term loans and secured loans. Car title loans are good as cash is available easily and quickly. Car title loans are good for the loan-seekers who want immediate cash because of unavoidable demand. The lender goes through the loan application and verifies personal details of the applicants. If the application is all right, he approves the same and transfers the loan amount electronically to the bank account of the loan-seeker. When a title loan-seeker applies for car loans, his car is treated as a guarantee. As the loan amount is transferred by the lender to the bank account of the borrower, the latter must have valid and active checking account to be eligible for car title loans. It is important that the borrower is a citizen of United Kingdom.

It is therefore required that he has completed 18 years of age. He must submit document to certify that he has been working in the authorized establishment for at least half of a year. He must, of course, earn to amount around 1,000 in every month. The lenders offer car title loans in the following ways. The lender advances the loan amount to the borrower with the condition that he wants to take possession of the car so long he gets back the amount he has advanced. Possession of the car wants to be with the borrower, but the lender wants to keep a set of keys of the car with him till the borrower reimburses the total outstanding. The loan amount along with interest must be cleared within the tenure as per the contract. The lender can take possession of the car finally, if the borrower can not or the does not pay back total amount in time.

The lender, before taking such a drastic step, generally reminds and warns the concerned borrower several times. The repayment duration allowed title loans is really short in car, and this reminds short term loans. The borrower is to clear the loan amount along with interest within 14 to 31 days. As Council of interest in car title loans are higher than the normal, the borrower must not default in repayment duration. He got to not look for any other loan during this period. It is good for him if he does not request the lender to extend the tenure already fixed. Thomas mark is advisor of car title loan, online title loan, online title loan and motorcycle loans.

Thomsan Loan

The laptop financing bad credit allows the people with adverse credit score the laptop of their needs and requirements to purchase. The loan seekers can avail the loan amount by two means, namely secured and unsecured. In the world of electronics, everyone whether a student, to expert, a businessman or even a housewife all have need of laptop. The laptop with internet facility gives great advantages to the users. The notebook computer is not only used for entertainment but so to gain knowledge from it truly, the laptops have become essential need of life. Now, this luxury of yesterday has become the requirement of today. The people with good credit history can acquire laptops easily but adverse credit people have to face complications and obstacles. But now it has been possible with the help of laptop finance bad credit.

In the UK finance market, branded finance companies has been introduced laptop finance bad credit for the benefit of bad creditors such as CCJs, IVAs, arrears, defaults and late loan payers etc. Laptop finance bad credit works according to the finance market and allows in two forms namely secured and unsecured loans. In the secured form, the lender is asked about borrowers’ property. It can be in the form of home, luxurious car or building etc. The rate is comparatively lower in the secured category and repayment duration is quite flexible of interest. On the other hand, unsecured form is totally free from the requirement of collateral. In this category, interest rate is slightly higher than the secured form. Online process is considered the fast way for financing a laptop quickly.

A large variety of online lenders with detailed loan quotes is available on the internet. You can easily compare and contrast the loan quotes with each other and can find the pocket friendly deal for their needs and requirements. The online process takes lesser time and provides the loan amount instantly. Financing online is safe and secure and the procedure is quite simple. In this category, the loan seekers have no need to queue stood in the long. Sitting at home, they can apply for loan amount. On the online application form is present and the bad credit loan seekers are to fill up that personal information form with detailed. After words, the loan amount directly transfers to your current bank account. Lastly, the laptop Finance bad credit provides loans to the CCJs, IVAs, arrears, defaults, etc. Peter Thomsan financial advisor is of no. credit check computer laptop.For more information on finance laptops with bad credit, bad credit laptop financing visit

TaeglichTorten Is Giving Away 10 For An AGFA Photo Book!

For each cake order until the 31.05.2011, TaeglichTorten.de to thank everyone of its customers with a 10 euro voucher to the successful cakes year 2010 brought gestures have the TortenTeam a nice action just in time for the Christmas season come up for say more than words. for any cake order until the 31.05.2011, loser TaeglichTorten.de each of his customers with a 10 euro voucher to redeem on myagfaphoto.de.Start of the coupon specials is the 10 December, as long as the stock lasts. Ordering a cake – individually verzierbar with photo, logo or Schokoladentext is easily done in just 3 steps. First select a delicious cake of the rich offer, if necessary, with decorations on the Web page. Then determine the exact delivery date and finally fill in the data for your delivery and billing address. The payment runs simply and securely either via credit card or bank transfer and 2 days later someone about an original cake gift you can look forward. “As Rogier Jansen and his colleague Eric van Noort during their studies in 2004 received the task to set up a business in just three months the Friends agreed immediately: we wanted to implement the idea of sending pie, much like at Fleurop, into action.” Favored by the professional Internet presence was interest fast economic and retail, both in the Netherlands and in Germany. Thanks to the dense nationwide network of selected pastries, the company is also able to satisfy any personalized cakes wish – especially for companies major orders – and to organize the delivery for a year now! y. Crawford Lake Capital Management understands that this is vital information.

Conference Sustainability

“Date announcement for the 14th of November in Berlin, Leipzig, July 23, 2012 the Fraunhofer MOEZ is on November 14, 2012, together with the Agency of Congress and press a Conference on the topic of sustainability and energy efficiency in tourism” align. The event will take place in the representation of Baden-Wurttemberg in the Federal Government, Tiergarten str. 15, 10785 Berlin. It aims to show possibilities and opportunities which offer the tourism sustainable and energy-efficient actions and to promote the relevant exchange between all actors of the hospitality and tourism industry. The Conference will be opened by the Chairman of the Committee for tourism in the German Bundestag, Klaus Brahmig, MdB. Focus on the issues improvement of energy efficiency and resource consumption in hotels and restaurants, as well as the financing of energy efficiency projects in tourism by experienced speakers from theory and practice. Addressed and discussed but as ecological tourism, certification of bio hotels, and which are successful marketing of climate protection and sustainability.

The range of information the Conference is complemented by an accompanying exhibition. An improved energy balance and the burden on the environment are becoming increasingly important sales arguments that by travellers are required and accepted and can gain a strategic competitive advantage. You can find more information, as well as the possibility to register see: participation after registration is subject to a charge. The Fraunhofer Center for Central and Eastern Europe MOEZ has proven skills in the area of innovation and technology management, strategy development and research marketing and develops scientifically-based, holistic potential analysis on the conception and implementation of the concrete project and business models and network activities through knowledge and technology transfer. Currently about 40 full time employees of the Fraunhofer MOEZ edit projects in the framework of the 7th research framework programme of the European Union, projects including the Federal Ministry for education and research, the Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety, the German Federal Foundation environment, projects for companies, in particular small and medium-sized firms, etc.

The Fraunhofer MOEZ is an Institute of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. Research for practice is the central task of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. The research organization established in 1949, operates application-oriented research for the benefit of the economy and to the benefit of society. Contract partners and clients are industrial and service companies and the public sector. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft operates more than 80 research institutions, of which 60 institutions in Germany. More than 20 000 employees and staff, predominantly with natural or engineering and scientific education, edit the annual research budget of 1.8 billion euros. Contact: Fraunhofer MOEZ, Nicola Bren d’amour Neumarkt 9-19, 04109 Leipzig phone + 49 341 231039-126