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Record One

The Net Globe if specialized as few in the art of despolitizar a society so, becoming it acfala the point of being dificlimo to believe in its recovery. &#039 obtained to deturpar the term; ' artista' ' , being used this denomination to any pertaining person to its picture of actors and actresses. It imposed its excessively novelinhas maniquestas, unprovided of any sense of reality, contributing to crystallize each time plus our intellectual misery. They are these aberrations of this sender, as well as of the SBT, Band, Record etc., that promote ' ' sucesso' ' of pagode, ax, funk and others imundcies that the bars, snack bars and public places of our Country hear in all. Contact information is here: Delta Galil. The implication of this is inevitably one future generation well worse if compared with this where we live, where the Brazilians are confined in its antediluvian conservadorismo. Not if enxerga that the more if it spreads out the ignorance and the aculturao, greater will be the distnciamento of effective social and civic values. At a moment where Brazil finished to lose a figure insigne of its history, the reverenciada and perpetual doctor Zilda Arns Neumann? whose social work is worthy of louvor infindvel? , the majority is aflita in knowing who will be the next one eliminated to the Reallity Show more dud celebrity of Brazil. Ahead of this, he does not have to cause no queerness the fact to be a different, extremely unjust country, a time that the conquest of property partnerships is only conceivable to a mature population, intelligent, of a sharpened critical spirit, characters that are very far from our countrymen. Lamentably this imported plague, vulgarly known for BBB, was spread for the Country, rejecting the thesis of that still believes that we can have an educated, politicized, cnscia population of its rights, duties and of the cruel reality of pssima income distribution that stops the growth of the people and is responsible direct for the daily violence the one whom we attend.

Los Angeles

To manage a good file of credit to secure the loan is fundamental, since the moneylenders want to know clearly information and detailed of the people to whom they are going to assign the loan to them. For this reason, the applicant will have to demonstrate back that he is responsible in the payment for his debts, from time to the present. The third phase is: To look for the House! To analyze what you can buy. And to compare it and so you want to buy. Your tastes, location, size, amount of alcoves, baths, cook, deck, common spaces and other specifications.

To determine if Single is wanted house, Townhouse or Condominium. It is very important that a Real estate agent advises to you clarity with respect to the purchase of the property and that you use for it the computerized system that has access to all the properties of all the companies. Then, with the electronic key, you will have to visit the house that your you choose. In this phase the certificates of thermites, the guarantee of the property are had, the property insurance and the inspection becomes of the house. The fourth phase: Cierre! Preprarate ciudadosamente for this day. The closing of the loan for the purchase of your house is the last one meeting.

With her you finalize your loan and you obtain the keys of your house. In this phase it happens the investigation of the title, the study of edges and all that with the legal part of documents. The fifth phase is: It enjoys your House! Beam that your family is happy and contents, since they have delivered a very great attack when acquiring this new property. Disfrtala to the maximum, organzate as a good buyer and plans well your future. Dario H. Specialistic Ortiz in Loans for Houses Real Hispanic Estate & Financial Group LLC tel: 703-786-5580 " Creating abundance for the families hispanas" It visits our site in: ON the AUTHOR: Daro Ortiz was born in Medelln, Colombia, it lives in the United States next to all their family, and is Director of Real Hispanic Estate & Financial Group LLC. Specialist In Loans of House and Financial Adviser, offers to seminaries and conferences on finances and houses in the Hispanic Committee, Hispanic Home, Mapavi and other associations and institutions to help to the Hispanic community in different states. Columnista of the Two Magazine Magazine Worlds, distributed in cities like Washington D.C., Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and others. Daro Ortiz worked during many years in the industrial and financial area handling more than 200 employees in different companies and managed to take them at a good level of success on the basis of a planned, organized work and in equipment. The finances and the house have been always the basic subjects there are that it enthusiastic, and in those areas it takes more than 16 years continuous. The experience, the knowledge, the sense on watch, the attention to the client, the continuous study of all that with the finances and the house have been the base to help all Hispanic clients to invest intelligently and to that they also can materialize the dream to have their house in the United States. &quot listens to its program; The Way towards its Own Casa" Transmitter 1030 A.M. all the Thursdays 8:30 A.M. in Washington D.C. If you wish comunicarte with Daro Ortz, you can do it to this direction of email: Original author and source of the article

Remunerated Surveys

The remunerated surveys of companies are an instrument fundamental to realise analysis and investigations of market. Many companies worldwide use the remunerated surveys to know the opinion the consumers with respect to the services that offer or to the products that sell. It is a relation of mutual benefit: the companies obtain to honest information and trustworthy envelope which is evaluating, at the same time as the consumers obtain different benefits to realise the evaluation. Many of the companies pay in cash with money, but this is not the unique form to win. Also they can free obtain samples or points that can exchange by gifts or discounts in certain places. This also is a form to make money, because it is saving the money that it would have to pay by them if it did not answer surveys. The companies and the retailers use the remunerated surveys to find clients in fast and economic form.

The first part of the generally remunerated surveys is directed to determine if you fit in the profile that adjusts to the interests of the company. From this form the company simultaneously receives a serious evaluation, that would cost much to obtain to him by other routes, reaching thousands from users, which radically reduces the time necessary to collect very valuable information for those who is dedicated to study it. Generally the remunerated surveys of companies go directly to the grain, but so that it does not move away to the consumer. The serious companies that work with remunerated surveys avoid the Spam or the deceptive publicity, because they are based on a mutual relation of confidence with the consumers in the understood one that these last ones are honest when responding. To fill surveys remunerated in line can be an interesting form to secure more money. With a pair of daily hours connected to Internet, it will especially see as its account begins to be increased, if is affiliate to more of a service of remunerated surveys. In order to begin to fill remunerated surveys and to make money of the possible easiest way, you do Click Here.

The Money

In order to evaluate the entrances and exits of the money it is necessary to remember: 1) Entrances of cash. – To analyze all the necessary adjustments according to the cyclical tendencies of sales and extra income that can be generated, reason why is preferable to include explanatory notes of the projections and fluctuations that could be given. 2) Exit of cash. – The forecast of the expenses by category helps to prioritize the payments, and to visualize those that it must be realised in cash, as those purchases that were realised on credit and that must eliminate in a given period, remembering that the inflation index, the interest rates by financing, and the type of change is factors preponderant at the time of making decisions in the payments, by the cost of the money. 3) Determination of the cash flow.

– The income except the debits of each week, month or year they have to influence for the initial balance of the following period, however, of the ability with which it is counted to generate entrance and payment cash would hit in its balance of cash to generate liquidity without cost. The speed and amount in the money handling, are principles that act like devices to hour to make decisions, thus requires of knowledge and abilities for its administration. AMOUNT – ENTERED FIRST PRINCIPLE Whenever it is possible must increase the entrances of efectivo" It enters the recommended strategies: It increases volume of sales, with relation to its cost benefit? It increases the sale price in relation to the degree of elasticity of his demand? To improve the mixture of sales (impelling those of greater margin of contribution)? To eliminate discounts that could not contribute in their yield? To establish a stratification of the sly one of clients and permanent control. To realise the merchandise of low movement, the exhausted and unnecessary to negocio.CANTIDAD-SALIDAS SECONDLY PRINCIPLE " Whenever it is possible the exits of dinero&quot must fall; It enters the recommended strategies: To pay commissions on collections not on sales.