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Barcelona Champion

Sada did not stop until it left with hers: to make champion to the Regal Barcelona. Their persistence, their success, their intelligence, their effectiveness, gave brightness to the title of an equipment that managed to shape in the field its theoretics and recognized superiority before a Bizkaia Bilbao that was not inferior of its paper of flexible equipment, very able of the most unsuspected feat, as it before demonstrated to weeks against the Power Valencia and Madrid. It could not with the Bara, not even was able to offer a title to its priceless liking, but it did not move backwards in its persistence and it demanded very many a rival of great packing. Perhaps it was not to the maximum. Perhaps it needed the demolishing success of previous parties. But, besides his own errors, it had of weighing very many the tremendous exigency that, as well, raised the Bara to him, whose merit, beyond the talent of its stars, rested on in seriousness and the perfeccionismo with which the battle was taken. Thanks to it ahead removed a party that was crossed to him in several occasions and thanks to it time can raise the title by 16, after it not to have reached the season last, but after to have adjudged in present the eight parties that disputed in the eliminatory ones by him before the Unicaja, the Labor Box and the Bizkaia Bilbao.

Human Knowledge

Greetings my readers according to various studies on human nature, interesting data found how humans learn, captures and processes all kinds of information received from various sources during its existence. This study is based on the receiving capability through the senses. These studies say clearly how human captures with greater speed and accuracy, through their five senses, everything surrounds it and information retention capacity. This information we will introduce is based on two approaches: how to retain information, and how we learn, buy or accept it as true. These investigations is summarized as follows: how retaining information? 10% Of what we read.

20% Of what we hear. 30% Of what we see. The 50% of what we see and hear. 70% of what we say when we talk about 90% of what we say as we act. How we learn and buy? 83% Through the view. 11% Through the ear.

3 1 / 2% Through smell. 1 1 / 2% Through touch. 1% for medium taste. These data make us conclude that humans buy more by what you see, by what notes. It is seeing is believing what the client gives the importance and true value. Therefore, we need to show you through the sense of sight, in different ways, our product and what we offer to make it attractive. But not only that sufficient sera, need to prepare good arguments, sales strategies and the right attitude. We must be always optimistic, captivating, attitude where us demonstrate to the customer who sees what really what satisfies your need. How we do it? There are many ways to reflect that we have the best product or service in the world. No we must show us doubtful or even of the price we offer. He is maintaining a strong attitude and firm. We have tools and technologies but our final ingredient will be the creativity and innovation. If we combine the creativity and innovation in the presentation of our products and/or services we will have advanced by 70% in the success of our sales. A hug and up to the next article.

The Floor Moved

The floor moved and death, we visited that floor did not move as always moves the floor, it is that this as if it were enraged term with life, ended with hope and ended with dreams. Yo me lance under the bed thinking that it was coming the world about me, listening to cries and glass breaking, in the darkest Symphony of the anguish of a country invaded by a catastrophe. Moved the floor and those minutes not souvenir sunk by the darkness of the darkness of my most painful thoughts under a bed waiting to be crushed, by the anguish of the anguish of my being more collected Recalling my life in camera fast, slow and by the fear of the fear of not knowing anything more than me and hoped that all would be well. Moved the floor and I feel lucky after all, on a floor thirteen remembered that death is everywhere and that life at about 3: 30 in the morning when you think more that it disappears is more present. I dressed as I could, passing on what was lying on the floor without understanding the real magnitude of what has happened and only with the blessed phone light reaches the door, which was locked and asking for help to one of those heroes incognitos left as well as the belly of your mother cheered but impacted sales. I understood that emergency light, the plains of despair and bumps of other locked doors opened also to me the way to be a hero incognito and come to the aid of others. Moved the floor and is not the first time the floor moves in my beloved country, is it that my country suffers by the ruthless hand of all?, is it that my country is really infuriated by those who do not respect the Earth?, is that within the destination of a chile looked far away, is the mismima force of the Chilean out to front as the world stares as all the end us derrumbamos? Blessed are all those who are no longer and lost their lives, thanks to all those who sympathized with Chile. As the days pass and you replicas yet they remain and as well as the plates, a whole country treats accommodate once more to the circumstances that it puts the destination, many in the world call for clemency and forgiveness to a planet. Original author and source of the article

The Power Of Words

Marketing with articles has been a marketing tool that has allowed many to sell any product, service or project, consists of the elaboration of an article that can be distributed over the Internet to a target audience. But where can I publish my article? Articles or press releases can be distributed in different portals or articles directories, these are how requirement, the originality of the article, in order to give you the best benefit to the writer. What should my article contain? The article should contain useful material, it is common to see the distribution of manuals, seminars, and other instruments which tend to solve problems or to educate the reader. The content of the article should give the utmost importance to the usefulness of the words and how to place them in the publication, there are words that tend to be relevant to the supply of a service that the company of the writer has at disposal, these words can be highlight and linked by different techniques of web positioning. The power of the words applied in announced, will have a decisive effect, so you have to make a publication at the end of the article, which will bring you to the reader contact details where this you will find more information on the subject, either, where you can purchase a product or service from utility.

Why me is useful to sell? When demonstrates professionalism, strength and an innovative attitude, increases the tendency of the hitch’s prospects before the distribution of bid. Marketing with articles has brought income to numerous companies that through the explanation of specific articles tend to solve everyday problems, or educate the reader about the good implementation of an acquired resource. Example of application: If an Internet sales company working in the maintenance and sale of computers, create an article on a portal’s notes from courses, about installing a hard drive in the computer unit, or press been a reader that’s attention want to add or change this piece on any computer. At the end of the publication can be the author of the article reference, this is notified that it will provide more information of interest related with the world of the computer, also has deals or known good sites with free ads that they can sell equipment at a lower cost. The reader automatically will try to inform any information on the subject, because he knows that while reading your article has provided it with much useful information and that it has been useful.