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The Risk

Faro tantoel It simply IS, does not behave as such. He is a visionary. You must convert everything that happens in a great opportunity to obtain resources and competencies, to fulfill his dream, which crystallize into a reality for the benefit of all. Hence it gives light to everyone in their way, no need to press to follow him. The leader's vision to be purchased, which moves the remainder to do, from above, without pressing, increasing their potential, how to cultivate their habits and skills, contribute their experience.

A leader is not seen as doing things, but feel intensely what he wants to achieve in many cases irrational, just that it feels inside, and from Hence, the thought begins to work and starts the mechanisms of action, their work is materialized with his team. As a lighthouse for others, shared his vision and acts as an example to his colleagues, to make greater efforts, and together, to achieve, what each one individually it is more valuable. Leads by example in all their daily business. This shared vision of the projects are planned to stimulate the risk to holders courage, connection, power, responsibility and commitment. Highlight it, a state of mind and courage to face life, leading to improved skills and talents, not only on him but on your computer. Considers that the strongest man is falling again and again and each time it rises learns from experience, to show others that the fall is not to be overcome, but a vital method of learning.