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Golf Holidays And Beach Holidays In South Sardinia

The athletic attractive 18-hole course tanka Golf Club is located residence Fenicia and tanka Golf Club in Villasimius: Villasimius in southern Sardinia, surrounded by a picturesque landscape and breathtaking views of the beautiful bays of the National Park. The beautiful green area of 5450 meters is one of the most attractive golf courses in Sardinia. The brand new 18-hole par 70 course offers the sea on the southern tip of the East coast of the island a beautiful panoramic view over and guaranteed Unlimited Golf fun in addition to this unique spectacle. More info: TSI International Group. The apartment complex residence Fenicia offers you a combination of golf vacations and relaxing beach holidays in cooperation with the tanka Golf Club. The 3 star resort with private beach offers one – and two-bedroom apartments, some with sea views, and a large garden with swimming pool. Hotel and special offers for combined bathing and golfing holiday as well as off-season deals and last minute specials. With our practical calculator, see our range of accommodation at a glance!

First Theme Park

Magician dreams come true for fans of the magic book series around the eponymous hero Harry Potter in Orlando is to fulfill a dream in the spring of 2010. Then, the first and so far the only Harry Potter theme park opens its doors in Florida. The travel portal reisen.de reports on the highlights of future amusement parks. As part of that islands of Adventures is universal in the US city of Orlando, the new area include the Roman scene of Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and the forbidden forest. So that expanded Orlando Resort, at the Universal Studios Florida and the universal includes CityWalk, to another attraction universal. The area where the visitors start their journey through the mysterious world of the famous magic student is five acres.

This includes the possibility to learn what fear was in the forbidden forest, or to visit the unique village of Hogsmeade. As in the novel, “Three broom” butter beer on the table comes in the magician Pub. It is also worthwhile to visit Madam joke shop and the taking the infamous extendable ears more closely scrutinized. In addition download chocolate frogs in the honey pot to the feast and enroll the Hogwarts official stamps in the OWL post to the letters. For the more adventurous, the roller coaster “The challenge of the Dragon” offers a unique opportunity during the Triwizard Tournament close to recreate Harry Potter’s adventures. A visit to Olivanders wand shop is just as exciting. There, visitors can observe how the wands look at their future owners. More information: ../article/948 contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59


Do you know many of Taganrog? Taganrog – a small picturesque town on the Azov Sea coast. Everybody knows it. Young people immediately recall the Comedy Club, and someone, maybe even the song of a time machine. Unfortunately, more often this city is presented with a fairly ugly side. And many of you know about the amazing story of Taganrog, about the fact that at one time he had the reputation of the region's largest industrial and cultural center of Russia? About what Taganrog is not only connected with Chekhov and by Peter I, and Alexander I, Paustovsky, Tchaikovsky, Pushkin and many others. And many of you know that in Taganrog is one of the revered places for the orthodox people? But about all in order. Firstly, the amazing architecture of Taganrog. It is very diverse in style and in wealth.

There are palaces (Alferaki, Alexander I), mansions, and along with it – the old fishing district Bugudoniya. Built the building in mainly come from Mediterranean countries. Therefore, a variety of styles. And most interesting is that all the buildings are preserved in almost original form. Second, the monuments. Everyone knows that there are monuments in Taganrog, Chekhov, Pushkin, Peter I. But how many know that the statue of Peter I – one of the finest monuments in the world? Peter was standing there with his shoulders straightened proudly, elegantly leaning on his cane and staring at the sea horizon. Third, the stone staircase – the famous staircase in the south of Russia.