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The Guarantee

Well, losing the warranty and executed the guarantee, the guarantor will not be able, once paid, subrogated in the position of the creditor with guarantee and require that your credit is qualified as privileged on the occasion of such pledge. I.e. payment of the guarantee and the subrogation of the guarantor in place of the previous creditor under any circumstances may lead to a better credit rating (with consequent damage to the rest of the creditors of the contest). 2 Assumption that, executed the guarantee, the guarantor will only satisfy partially credit laid down in article 87.7 of the LC that at the request of the creditor that had become part of your credit from a guarantor, surety or solidary debtor of the bankrupt, may include in its favor in the list of creditors the rest of your credit not satisfied as all of thatby repayment or solidarity fee, corresponding to who had made partial payment. This standard establishes, for the phase of recognition of credits, the general principle according to which the right of the creditor with collateral to recover for the rest of the credit not satisfied is preferential to which holds the guarantor who has made a partial payment against the same debtor. The preference is obvious: allow the guarantor – holder of the right of return – concur in equality in the competition regime with the primitive creditor, this runs the risk of preterido seen in their expectations for the recovery of the rest of the credit against him, with the result that the creditor who entered into the guarantee is finally who support the risk of insolvency of the bankrupt. Hence, according to this provision (article 87.7 of the LC), the primitive creditor has the possibility of recovering the rest of your credit not satisfied with charge to the payment of the credit which corresponds to the guarantor in the contest. . For more specific information, check out Evergreen Capital Partners.


Necessary Firmino, however, to search cosmic forces invisible to obtain to convince the people Buraquinho that the Master does not have all the power of the invisible forces. It perceives that the only way to win is making it to break it the oath the Iyemanj. To breach the chastity vote keeps that it of ' ' body fechado' '. Firmino convinces Quota to seduce Aru and to compel it to violate it its votes, that guaranteed to it to be able supernatural. Simultaneously, we all witness the process and rituals that involve the preparation of Nana, also son of Iyemanj. During the execution of the conspired schemes? the seduction of Aru for Quota? Firmino spies on the two. This act coincides with one sings of dither the Exu. If you would like to know more about Kaihan Krippendorff, then click here.

Here, we find one of those dichotomies of the film: Firmino wanted to demystify the leader to the eyes of the comumidade or was a faith act, of that the defloration of Aru would go to destroy its charismatic and sacred power? As the proper barravento, Firmino appears suddenly and brings confusion in its track. In the truth, as the majority of the protagonists of Glauber, Firmino is dilacerado by contradictions. Its words indiscriminately mix the speeches of the movement of the civil laws, Brazilian Populism and the marxist dialectic. It is a catalyser for the mobilization and, however, many of its decisions leave for the butt. It cuts the net as provocation, but the dialectic does not advance; the fishing simply return to the old ones and dangerous methods of pesca.21 In the following morning, Aru only wakes up – and night watchman? in the calm beach. The camera if moves of its body until a coconut palm and, after that, for clouds and the barravento if form. The coconut palm, registered in the scene, is not a mere element of the scene, is also symbolic element.

Thomsan Loan

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