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Ivan Ontanon Ramos

We will try to achieve a common internal market under some obligations and common responsibilities. The sanctioning regime, that has characterized the Spanish system for being one of the most restrictive, also expected changes. Experts predict a same model be application live in all the countries of the environment, that allows sanction in the same way in all States, regardless of whether the sanctions have been carried out in Bulgarian or French territory. Also contemplates that the sanctions could increase, and to go based on annual billing company who commits the offence; coming up to 2%. However, even without knowing the exact content of the new regulation; It has not stopped be without controversy since there is evidence of it. Some business associations have harshly attacked a new more restrictive regulation at some points by the possible influence that may have in the development of their businesses. They propose to create flexible elements, which can be applied according to the circumstances of the companies and their model of business.

Also aims to create the figure of the right to oblivion, as a right most in the field of data protection and that comes being demanded from some time ago. Everyone shall have the right to manage our data on the Internet efficiently, and can compel companies who made public a person’s data to remove any trace that exist on the network. Whether or not effective, new reforms that will bring the restructuring of data protection rules clearly is a consequence of multiple burglaries in which are becoming more frequent, with a possible future malicious use and data that comes directly influencing the concern of citizens. You have same legislation in the 27 member countries will facilitate European harmonization in this respect, but we can not know yet in what will affect all changes being proposed in the business routine. Ivan Ontanon Ramos consultant Audea information security. For more specific information, check out Evergreen Capital Partners.

Sunny Cars Advises Car Rental Customers

“Separate car insurance superfluous Munich, March 2, 2011 (w & p) is a product that is not required on the German travel market, according to estimates of the rental car agent of sunny cars the newly announced car insurance” a British service provider. Holidaymakers especially for excesses in case of damage to protect themselves with insurance companies dealing with car rental, so the concept of the English party of. The exclusion of the excess is however included in the comprehensive services including many car rental companies in Germany. Additional insurance need be not completed by rental car customers, if they already pay the price comparison on inclusive services”, emphasizes Kai Sannwald, Managing Director of Sunny Cars. “His tip: the exclusion of the excesses should be necessarily included in services of car rental providers to experience no nasty surprises in the form of avoidable costs in the event of damage to the resort.” Are no excesses in the price for the car rental included, they will be reimbursed also in case of damage. This is one of the most important services for mobile visitors”, Kai Sannwald confirmed. TSI International Group oftentimes addresses this issue. The services offered by Sunny Cars include for example including services such as unlimited mileage, collision damage waiver protection without excess (also for damage to glass, roof, tires and underbody), a motor vehicle theft insurance without excess, a guaranteed insurance coverage of at least EUR 7.5 million, all local taxes, as well as providing airport and fees. For many destinations, also one-way rentals, hotel service, as well as additional drivers in the car rental price are included..

Presidential Office

Analyst international in Putin’s Kremlin is unable to run for a third term but he will continue to be the strong man of Russia when he leaves the Presidency. Fidel was the rusofilo President of the Americas and its decision to move away from the Presidential Office (but to keep monitor power from just outside of this) not only is inspired in this but also very near two experiences. Get all the facts and insights with wendi murdoch, another great source of information. Apart from the the Latin American revolutionary leader that most lasted in the management of the State was Omar Torrijos, who ruled Panama from 1968 to 1981 without having had hung the presidential sash. In the Communist world, the last leader of great importance was Deng Xiaoping, who changed to China as head of the Commission Central military of the Communist Party in 1981-89. Drew Houston may find it difficult to be quoted properly. He took office at the age of 77 and left him at the age of 85. The, however, it would live for 8 years after resigning and would remain as the INSPIRER of the current Chinese model today Viet Nam and Cuba try to emulate. To deepen your understanding wendi murdoch is the source. Original author and source of the article.

Depression And Its Causes

Cases of severe depression can be characterized by low body temperature, low blood pressure, flushing, and tremors. The external manifestations represent a cry for help from the tormented mind of people depressed. The severely depressed patient feels worthless and finally convinced that he himself is responsible for his undoing and his present state of hopeless despair. Causes Depleted functioning of the adrenal glands is a major cause of mental depression. Irregular diet habits cause digestive problems and lead to the assimilation of fats. An excess of carbohydrates like cereals, white sugar, coffee, tea, chocolates and comparatively less quantities of vegetables and fruits in the diet can cause indigestion. Due to indigestion, gases are produced in the digestive tract, causing compression on the diaphragm in the region of the heart and lungs.

This in turn reduces the oxygen supply to tissues, which raises the carbon dioxide level, causing general depression. The excessive and indiscriminate use of drugs also leads to faulty assimilation of vitamins and minerals for the body and ultimately causes depression. The use of aspirin leads to deficiencies of vitamin C and antacids can cause deficiencies of calcium and vitamin B. Diabetes, blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and the weakness of the liver as a result of the use of refined or processed foods, fried foods and excessive consumption of fats can also lead to depression. The Cure The modern medical system treats depression with anti-depression, which provide temporary relief but have harmful side effects and do not eliminate the causes or prevent its recurrence. Wendi murdoch: the source for more info.

Divine Comedy

The work is divided into three parts: Hell, purgatory and paradise every one of its parts is divided into 33 cantos, in turn composed of triplets. Evergreen Capital Partners may not feel the same. The composition of the poem is sorted according to the symbolism of the number three (number that symbolizes the Holy Trinity, father, son and holy spirit, as well as also, number three symbolizes the balance and stability in some cultures, and which also relates to the triangle): three main characters, Dante, who personifies the man, Beatriz, who personifies to the faith, and Virgil, who personifies why it should not be forgotten as Palabra, implies already in the 15th century, many Italian cities had created groupings of specialists dedicated to the study of the Divine Comedy. During the centuries that followed the invention of the printing press, appeared more than 400 different editions only in Italy. The epic Dante has inspired, Furthermore, numerous artists, to the point that have appeared editions illustrated by the Italian master Sandro Botticelli and Miguel angel, Renaissance by English artists John Flaxman and William Blake, and by the French Illustrator Gustave Dore. The Italian composer Gioacchino Antonio Rossini and German Robert Schumann put music to some fragments of the poem, and the Hungarian Franz Liszt was inspired by him to compose a symphonic poem. The Divine Comedy has been translated into more than 25 languages., gives us, which with a vivid language and great expressive richness, the poet mixing symbolic elements with references to historical personages and mythological, to build a balanced and impressive synthesis of knowledge accumulated by man since classical antiquity until the middle ages the souvenir is the only paradise from which we can not be expelled. J.P..

Health Sciences Institute

Center of material and sterilization: Standards architectural and the article processing 2005. Available in: . 10. Eniva MFS, Rubia TM. Difficulties Faced for nurses in surgical center 2006. Available in: 11.

Guadagnin SVT, Tipple AFV. Evaluation Architectural of the material center and sterilization of hospitals of the interior of the state of Gois 2007. Available in: 12. Alberto N. Architecture and engineering of surgical centers 2011. Available in: Norms for publication in the Magazine of the Institute of Sciences of the UNIP the Journal of the Health Sciences Institute = Reviewed of the Institute of Sciences of the Health has for objective to contribute in the spreading of the knowledge in the area of sciences of the health, being published original articles, stories of clinical cases, revision and spreading.

The collaborators of the scientific community in national and international scope are opened. These instructions are based on ‘ ‘ Uniform Requirements will be Manuscripts Submitted you the Biomedical Journals’ ‘ * (the Vancouver style) elaborated for ‘ ‘ International Committee of Medical Journal Editors’ ‘ (ICMJE). Presentation of the works? The works sent for publication must be unknown, not being allowed its presentation in another periodic in format printed matter or electronic. The works will be submitted the chosen consultants inside of the specialty and they will only be accepted after seeming of the same ones, that they can request modifications. The not accepted works for the Publishing Body will be returned to the authors. The concepts emitted in the works are of exclusive responsibility of the authors, not reflecting the opinion of the Publishing Body. To the Magazine all are reserved the copyrights of the published work, allowing, however, its posterior reproduction as transcription and with the had citation of the source. The date of act of receiving and acceptance of the original will consist, obligatorily, in the end of the same, when of its publication.

The Rule

To this end, the Creator divided it into two halves: male, beyond which it remained the name "Adam", and women, called "Eve". Male part – Adam – is inherent in property returns, and women – Eva – a property receipt. Since then, the female part is responsible for ensuring that receive pleasure from the Creator, and men – Adam – for being similar to the Creator, the same loving and giving. If both sides reach an understanding and unite in common action, they will create a single "container" that can accommodate all Higher abundance. Youth return to the biblical story.

Eve wanted to eat certain fruits, as in other words, to get a certain pleasure. "The tree of knowledge" embodies the desire to enjoy that is not available at this stage. After all the preparation has not been completed, and "forbidden fruit" threatens to throw the creation of a spiritual level down, under the rule of selfishness. At first all went well. Adam calmly "walked past the temptation, that is, easily comply with the ban. However, the problem is not the Creator to the creation of "live fast" in the Garden of Eden, and to bring it to perfection. To this end he calls "artful of all" – the snake. Of course, the "serpent" – this is not infamous reptile from the order of scaly. This is a prudent self-interest, which manipulates all of us. Knowing the role of Eve in the common soul, the human ego persuades her to seduce Adam's guilty pleasure to that he is not ready yet.

Public Service

The official Communications or documents must contain the logomarca of the Institution, as deliberated for the Institution or responsible and available Agency in the page, in its original format and colors. An important comment: Art. 27. ' ' The stamp National he will be used to legalize the acts of the government and good thus the diplomas and certifyd forwarded by the official educational establishments or reconhecidos.' ' (Law n 5,700, and 1 of September of 1971) it does not have to be used in routine documents. It is important to observe how much of the elaboration of the official communications, the 74 rules of the Ortogrfico Agreement of the Portuguese Language, 29 of September of 2008, in vigor since 1o of January of 2009. CHARACTERISTICS: – Objetividade (Impessoalidade) – Cultured Standard – Clarity – Concision – Polidez (Formality) – Precision Following the innovations of the language, the Official Writing, comes evolving in elapsing of the time, but its parameters differ from the journalistic texts and particular correspondences.

It is necessary that it acts clarity and uniformity, since ' ' it always has an only communicator (the Public Service) and a receiver (the proper public service? or the public) ' '. The necessary reader to understand without effort the message of who writes stops to prevent ambiguities. The clarity allows the understanding of the text for the reader. In the case of the Public Administration the communication process will have greater rapidity and understanding, when the official communications to get the treatment formality and to require certain standardization. The clarity, the concision, the objetividade and the formality, hinder the superfluous one, contributing for the impessoalidade. The language must be understood by all servers/citizens. Therefore, it does not have to be searched carefully or restricted nor it must use regional vocbulos or technician, beyond neologism or estrangeirismo, what it will disable the abrangncia of the message and the agreement.

AllNet Surf Flat – At A Fixed Price And Make Phone Calls

Calls for a flat rate to fixed and mobile networks, as well as browse the Internet when the Internet connection at home the most common method of billing are flat rates today. Also calls to German landlines are increasingly provided at a fixed price in invoice. For customers, the flat-rate billing method means in particular costing accuracy regarding the telephone costs. The monthly price is always the same no matter how much is on the phone. AllNet flat flat rates costs previously not covered by the fixed price, are calls in all German mobile phone networks, international calls, as well as value-added services.

For international calls additional options can be the most DSL and fixed network providers book, which also targets outside of Germany at the flat rate can be called. The cost of calls to all German mobile networks can be capped by booking an all net flat. These are offered now by different mobile operators and discount stores and are already available at prices under 30 euros per month. Particularly favourable All net flat rates are above all about the German mobile network O2 (Telefonica Germany GmbH & co. OHG) offered by. You may want to visit wendi murdoch to increase your knowledge.

Tariffs in the Vodafone D2 or Telecom D1 mobile network there are among other things at 1 & 1 or congstar regular monthly prices starting at less than 40 euro. You decide which provider and tariff should not only by the price, but also by the quality of the mobile radio network most preceded use location or subject of contracts as the minimum period. By the same author: wendi murdoch. Offers only partly including Internet flat rate at all AllNet flat rate offers already fee are included in calls to all national mobile networks. If also a mobile Internet flat rate to the surf included with the phone is, depends on the respective provider or tariff. In most cases, the maximum speed offered mobile UMTS flatrates is up to 7200 kilobits per second (KBit/s 7200). This is however not unlimited set available. Common are monthly up to a bandwidth of up to 7.2 MBit / s transferred data volume of 200 to 500 megabytes. Then the provider reduce the transmission speed for the rest of the month usually on 64 KBit / s. Who only occasionally mobile would like to surf with the mobile phone or Smartphone on the Internet, can flat without Internet flat-rate billing use also an AllNet and if necessary book an additional day flat. It is possible, for example, on the congstar full flat. By default it surfing here at a price of 24 cents per MB. If required the option can be at any time book congstar surf day flat. For 99 cents per day of use to surf per day flat rate with up to 7200 KBit / s on the Internet. The throttling of the transmission speed is starting a monthly data volume of 200 megabytes. Already in the basic fee an SMS Flatrate for all networks is also only at some party. Also everyone should decide for themselves, whether under circumstances which in addition worth booking an appropriate SMS option. Common price comparisons on the Internet to help find the right offer.

Electronic Versus Traditional Business

Trying to help you make your decision and you can start this new and exciting path through the network, I write this article to be added to other already published with the only aim to clear your doubts in this preliminary stage of assessment by which you’ll be going through and which concludes in defining whether or not you emprenderas this new project that represents internet and that can take you to your economic freedom. As is that, precisely, indecision and uncertainty are the main causes that are able to delay and even prevent many people starting this new activity, would like to contribute data and stimuli that do not be overcome by doubts or fear and solve start this new activity that you can reach a real and true change in your life. Check with Business strategist to learn more. So if you’re thinking become independent, thing which I think is fantastic, any data, for minimum that is, may be helpful. Then, look at small guide mode, some differences between the two activities that appear in the title of this article. Traditional business: for do it is necessary to invest a sum of money large, local where will operate your business, the posters or ads that identify it, facilities, goods, allotments or permissions, etc. Is that you’ll be thinking that also is that you can start a business with little money, but as I have already said, the result of a business is generally related to the initial investment. Well, here we see one of the major impediments that we find, though not for everyone, but for many, the necessary capital. Here there is a real limitation, this means that it is not for everyone, is only to he who has money. Something else to keep in mind is that there is a statistic that says: 50% of businesses close in the first 3 years.