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Reuters Ixe

It has also increased the inflation risk. Although the retail inflation rate is registering a descent, not happening the same thing with core inflation. While the retail inflation slowed to 6.25% during the first half of February, the underlying inflation rate accelerated reaching the 5.81% year on year, compared with the previous level of 5.76%, the eldest this level reached in more than seven years (and logically, above the goal of the Bank of Mexico located at 3%). According to the opinion collected by Reuters of Luis Flores, Grupo Financiero Ixe Analyst: the exchange rate continues to be the most important determinant for local inflation and, consequently, for monetary policy. The inflation risk together with the exchange rate weakening will be factors that limited to monetary policy. A report by Grupo Financiero Ixe said about expectations about the evolution of monetary policy: we hope that the Bank of Mexico continue trimming rates to 6.50% by the end of 2009, but his approach could become more prudent and dependent on the weight/dollar volatility, it said Ixe in a report separately. The benchmark interest rate is currently at 7.5%, after trimming carried out last Friday by Banxico.

In the statement where reported such a cut of rates Banxico warned about inflationary risks product of exchange rate volatility. No doubt that the Mexican economy is immersed in a vicious circle which is not easy to leave. Probably the Government of Mexico should expand its economic stimulus package to prevent that the deterioration in the economy continue deepening. The recovery of the economy increasingly is more subject to recoverability that can experience the American economy. Is for this reason that can be expected that the production of tradable goods sector will be one of the first sectors that will achieve the recovery when it occurs (probably not before the end of 2009). You will have to follow closely to companies of tradable goods to identify those with greater potential of recovery and expansion.

General Assembly

Educating future franchisors so things who is interested in this type of training may opt for various possibilities depending on the time wishing to invest and their specialization. The first four courses have been designed: three are generalists: the most basic is 30 hours. It is followed by one of 80 hours and another 200 and finally, one specialist on accounting management for franchisors. All of them are properly supervised, says Vallhonrat. These first courses have been involved in, as authors of them intellectuals, professionals of recognized prestige such as the professors of Economics Cordobes Margarita and Pilar Soldevila and Mariano Alonso, CEO of mundofranquicia consulting. These courses, and those who will follow, would not have been possible without the collaboration of Bureau Veritas training, mark for excellence in online training. Our philosophy is none other than the train the largest number of people through our eLearning system with the aim of offering them immediate solutions and very innovative. This collaboration with the AEF will reinforce our offer of training, as defined in Jose Luis Lombardero, its Director General.It is an initiative with great potential, innovative and very useful for those who want to train in the franchise system, adds Lombardero.

Agreements of the General Assembly on the other side point out that in the last Assembly of the AEF, which presented the eLearnig courses, proceeded to the statutory renewal of the Board of Directors, which now looks like this: President, Xavier Vallhonrat (Il Cafe di Roma); Vice President: Luisa Masuet (Mc Donald s); Treasurer: Marco Antonio Garcia-Baile (5 a Sec) and vowels: Begona Munagorri (Serhogar System); Luis Sancha (Burger King); Eric Marot (day %); Paco Sosa (MRW); Jesus Gonzalez (Dehesa Santa Maria); Prudencio Martinez (Franca) and Juan Jose Sanz (knee), the last previous President of the AEF that reinstated now, again, to the Board of Directors. Like this same was approved the management report, the income statement of the previous year and the budget of the current. It was also agreed to maintain without increases in affiliation fees.

For That Training Your Abdominals

Much talk of abdominal, of having a stomach flat, and others. However it is important to have full knowledge of what what they doing a sport. The type of abdominal exercises you choose and the way in which you set up your training program will differ depending on your target primary if you want to improve your performance in a sport at particle then it would be better choosing exercises that allow you to perform specific movements more quickly or with greater control (and you prepararias a series of exercises that focus more on core that only in the abdominal muscles) one of the most important criteria for athlete is exercises that you select to emulate the movements of the sport practice. Someone who makes golf for example, would benefit more than one rotary type of exercises for the core rather than shrinks. For aesthetic improvements (the famous six pack) on the other hand, if you are persecuting a marked super stomach, that you can see the squares, then the operation becomes less important that the shape. In this case you should choose exercises and type training that focuses especially on the rectus abdominus muscle. However, there are two very common misconceptions when it comes to first dial the abdominal muscles, shrinks by Yes alone thousands tonificaran not a flabby stomach. If you have much body fat that hides your abdominal muscles already existing (and all over the world regardless of the weight or texture already have them) need to reduce that percentage of body fat with an effective program to lose weight the second misunderstanding is that all you have to do to get a few abdominal markings is to reduce your body fat percentage. In other words, the idea that there do shrinks to have a marked abomen has been carried to the end, and not reaizan any form of abdominal training. You need both: reduce your body fat percentage, and train your abdominals to get a six pack or marked abdomen. Simply don’t carry your Ideal body shrinks to the end Abdomen marking original author and source of the article.