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Planner Temple

At the beginning as it was of if to wait, had as antipatia. A question appeared of most recondite of the mind and the soul: What it will be making this person here? That intruder. Exclamariam. But who was the mind pautava the actions. Drifters. Unglued compliments. You always come here? Not Of he comes well in when.

you? Also I find this place magnificent, in special when falling of the afternoon. All can be seen the city, the farmings of wheat waving to the flavor of the winds. But and you? It likes daqui for which reason? In the reality taste to come here to isolate me, to pray in my temple. In its temple? That temple? However, never it heard to speak that all the person has a temple in its heart? Therefore it is that meeting here the Peace, the Privacy Spiritual and I obtain to initiate a dialogue with my cosmic conscience. It pulls. I never thought that a young woman as you, had as much introspection spiritual.

You have something against young women? Not. He forgives I was badly. But and you he brings what it here? He frequents this place has much time? Not. In the reality whenever I feel myself a little confused, shaken, sad and half without route, I come here to recharge my energies and I also use to advantage to dialogue exactly with me. I am not very of conjuncts, but a time or another one I and the Planner obtain to entabular a conjunct between. Planner? That he forms quaint of speaking. Who is this Planned? However who. Who all planned this that you this seeing and also what you are not seeing. The planet Land with its thousand thousand of forms, passed creations and existences, future gifts and. Mine ours. You by chance are Philosopher? I am not former-seminarista.


Its name was Dalila. Its hair were clear and esbeltos, its body were so beautiful, delineated so well She was a perfect woman! Ah, if God was so good the point of presentear me with the singeleza and enchantment of Dalila! It then walked calm and esbelta for amongst passarela, to look it, to dream of its so delicate hands and tenras, But they are chimeras, and, in this way, I will complicate myself in my proper narration where I am it writer-presenciador of my proper utopias. I will tell in few lines the magician and the horror to you of the wild passion, rich reader, the point to place me as an absolutely happy being only for being able to have the possibility to touch it nor that one alone time was. I am here to tell it, to tangle it, to cogitate it in my doidivanas memories. My memories have beginning in a typical scene of spring, therefore it was the rose and I it thorn, or I it sea and it the bluish ocean of our hearts. But let us leave of romantic citations. However it are me a moment of I do not remember myself what they are mysteries. Mysteries for what I cogitate are white submerged, occult, elliptical, but that they form some necessary investigations, as that they are these things.

Calme calme, already> I never had felt its sigh, of its hlito that I did not feel, I never felt its hlito (tears). I wanted to know its name, but he would forget they said if it. was probable indeed that I delighted myself in the roses Not, they did not have roses! I remembered cost to it. They had been the birds had made that me to remember of its kisses this already felt, therefore I imagined as they could be, of its skin ah, this yes, I I remember! (smiles), of its flavor and its I smell I am chimeras, I know.

Our Dreams

It is everything that I dreamed ' ' The heart of the man can make plans, but the certain reply of the lips &#039 comes Mr.; '. Pv 16:01 Today I woke up sufficiently scared! I must have had a strange dream. Some flashs and images pairavam on my pessamento, however I only remember Dgei (a cousin). She was one sixth, day 29 of May of 2009. I decided to visit it, and soon I bound for Dgei giving to it the message. Before it saisse of house, Dgei bound saying to me: – Kim! I have a plan for us. It comes fast, pis 16h00min we will go in them to find with two girls in one shopping my house next; disconnect! Penssei with me exactly: – When arriving at the house of Dgei, I will plan what to make! Arriving there, Dgei started to say me who age these girls.

It counted to me of the time that we find in them with them in a bus stop, then lebrei me of one, ' ' Dvila' ' to another girl however it had not seen. Dgei also spoke to me that this such girl friend of Dvila, had been interested in me. Good, it was what Dvila counted to it. Being thus I agreed to Dgei to going to see them in meeting. It will be important to resaltar to the reading friend my concern, then, I left well clearly for Dgei that if the friend of Dvila was not interesting, would even so go dexando them it are of my presence. We leave the house of Dgei to 16h00min as in the planned one. Ten minutes later already aguardva them to me in shopping the arrival of Dvila and its friend. They were costing, Dgei bound almost for Dvila that in five in five minutes. To each minute that if passed he was more and ancioso when thinking as she would be this girl friend of Dvila.


Faces marked for pain, but receive comfort and solidarity from the other mothers who if find in the same situation. They are part of the dark and solitary world, therefore many are abandoned by the husbands ahead of the situation. More tomorrow who will be part of this dark world and solitary We are as sheep spread in the field, not existing in this globalizado world social classroom, where our children are the female prisoner. as to protect them of the situation ahead where if it finds the society.

We are mothers ignored for the society and condemned by many as failed. Already we do not cry tears and yes blood, the ones that obtain to escape to have that to recognize its son in a street any or a morgue, God the benes. More the ones that are and lose its children have who you mercy and comfort its hearts. Therefore they live pparently conformed external, more internally they live in suffering, therefore part of them dies with the lost son, lives as I buzzed, trying to run away from the looks of the plaintiffs whom its sucks little energy to continue. I was felt as a leper, whose few are from fear come close to acquire the illness, more badly knows it that the illness is inside of us, therefore already does not see the next one as we exactly and we do not import when seeing a body extended in the soil, after all of account we are not nobody of our family, we have custom to say if he died deserved, plus who we are we stop giving such verdict and tomorrow the which body will be there. It thinks about this, it reflects and it defrosts its heart.

Village Catches

The Lobisomem of the Village Handle with God In the swing of the great cities of today almost we do not have time for religiosidade, superstitions and to the times we do not have time not even to feel fear, but I go to count a history that valley the penalty to be remembered, was one happened that if it passed years behind when did not exist Internet, television was thing of rich people, and amusement to them for the people was if to around seat of the stove the firewood and to prosear with the familiar friends and. A small called town ' ' It catches with Deus' ' , it sheltered few families, everybody was known, guard people in the good ways and family customs, without electricity and without very what to make, after one day of laborious manual work I sing, it of the rooster it informed that already it was hour of if collecting. But the superstition of this devoted people has a special period, quaresma. In the truth it was a demonstration of respect and it disciplines due its religiosidade. Quaresma is a period that precedes the great party of the Christianity: the resurrection of Jesus Christ, commemorated in the Sunday of Passover and symbolizes the suffering of Jesus in the desert of jejum and in conjunct, being thus it is a period of penance for the Christians where they must be abdicated of things that give pleasure to them as form of if showing ahead pure of God, small things as to jejuar, to sleep less, to pray more, to be caridoso, at last, to be next to God. But what one heard exactly it was that in quaresma it was more inclined the appearance of punished souls and assombraes. Two neighbors, already old fools, sensitive and flatter than head of I nail, that they lived if to show one for the other they were, Juca Pito-of-straw, thus he was called therefore never was seen without a long and esfumaante pito of straw between teeth, and Peter Paulada? nobody never knew the reason of it to be called thus, therefore Its Peter was docile as good looking manhoso, and he would never have courage to give paulada not even in aroeira prop to make, circa very zealous with its small modest mansions and casinhas, if they were proud very of its creations, showed everything what they had of better passing ' ' figa' ' in another one compadre, did not delay so that this practical generated in the heart of both a uncontrolled envy, its cow was fatter, its garden blossomed, each one more counted more papo that the other.