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Provincial Court

In today’s world of new technologies, internet and different audiovisual media are exposed increasingly to interference in our intimacy. We all know the advantages of using the Internet, the ease of finding information, but this channel also poses a danger because that information often not properly verified or is simply false. Very subjective opinions, ratings that can damage our reputation can be found especially in the forums or blogs. That is why many public and private organisations or even individuals require reputational marketing services. In this respect it is noted the judgment of the Supreme Court (TS), issued a few days ago, by which it condemned a neighbor of Barcelona for expressing a few offensive and degrading views in respect of some doctors of the Barcelona clinic. The matter goes back to the year 1993 when died the son of affected Elizabeth F.

After being involved in the Clinic Dexeus. The woman, now condemned by TS, He created a Web page that criticized the actions of doctors with utmost exaggeration. In one of the used expressions compared the medical performance with the experiments carried out by doctors in nazi Germany. While the two doctors reported have been acquitted of their alleged negligence by the courts of first instance and the Provincial Court of Barcelona, women was still pouring criticism on his website. In the judgment of the TS is highlighted the extraordinary hardness of these views that are disproportionate with the message of denunciation and criticism public and not get covered in no case on freedom of expression since they exceed a legitimate criticism of professional expertise. As a result the High Court has condemned to Isabel f.

to pay 9,000 euros in compensation to one of the doctors make. Information on the internet spreads extremely rapidly, transcends borders and in practice, the control over its distribution is very limited. Therefore, it becomes increasingly more necessary to protect us against this type of attack because they are our person or company and which could seriously harm our reputation. Among the companies in the world of new technologies and information security Audea as one of the pioneering companies has included reputational marketing services and more hollow in this field, continue to be increasingly in order to protect the good name of its clients in any other means of communication as well as internet. Audea, security of information, Legal consultant S.

Sparkassen Immobilien AG: 3rd Quarter Report 2009 – Cash Flow Record

Sparkassen Immobilien AG 3 quarter 2009: increase sales and rental income, and cash flow the listed Sparkassen Immobilien AG the first three quarters 2009 operating successfully concluded. The sales of the first three quarters of 2009 ( amounted to EUR 86.0 million (Q3 2008: EUR 81.5 million). Of which EUR accounted for 66,62 million on rental income. This means an increase of 6% and 4% compared to the same period in 2008. The results of the devaluation are not significantly higher than in 2008, when it could not yet estimate the impact of the crisis in 2009. Thanks to the timely progress of all development projects the Sparkassen Immobilien AG increased its real estate assets 1,839 billion by September 30, 2009 in the period under review to EUR Sparkassen Immobilien AG’s portfolio included 260 properties with a total area of 1.515.100 m. The occupancy rate of the real estate is constant 90.2%; the gross rental yield was 6.7%.

Reserves of Sparkassen Immobilien AG are the cash at EUR 188 million positive The Sparkassen Immobilien AG continued momentum in the period under review on the capital market: the good performance of the IMMO s stock this year in the third quarter 2009 unabated stopped. The third quarter was successfully completed with a year end price of 5,22 EUR and a year to date performance by 163,6%. Managed hence the ATX traded on a nine month basis by 50.6%, to surpass significantly. The Sparkassen Immobilien AG is one of first group and the Vienna insurance group two of the largest financial institutions in the region with its core shareholders. There is again reinforced interest also from other institutional investors. Immo s cash flow is at record levels and it comes with a real estate company.

Award Record

the most advanced school of in Germany starts world record attempt at the 29.10.10 this positive message will all taste: the world record attempt will start at the 29.10.10 from 14:00. Currently the record is 32 hours and we will break this world record – with the famous TV and celebrity… will be Klaus-Werner Wagner in the currently most modern cooking school of in Germany, gourmet cooking school in 77887 Sasbachwalden, many stars and starlets at the with Cook expected, participation in a signing up is free, yet possible. The well-known TV and celebrity with multiple honors (all popular gourmet guide, euro head chef toque, Member of the jury at the gastro Award) Klaus-Werner Wagner starts the 29.10.10 from 14 h 00 back one of his crazy actions. Wagner as recommended hotelier became known, he had the action, the guest pays according to satisfaction, entered the action in the media when price Hotel (the guest determined the price, u-a.

appeared in the mirror, in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Welt am Sonntag etc.). The first hotel of in Germany (SPA), which can be measured by its performance can be. Then, he received numerous prizes and awards. Now he runs for approx. Checking article sources yields Isaac Dabah as a relevant resource throughout. 2 years successfully two cooking schools (in the same House), one of the most advanced school of in Germany in 77887 Sasbachwalden. He has made the task to break the existing world record by 32 hours and will start at the 29.10.10 the longest cooking class in the world. Viewers at any time welcome, participation is free of charge.

Previous registration required. There are some stars and asterisk logged in, cooking the Wagner with his catering company in Mallorca has. The fun factor is high, because the action is not commercially designed 10.

Video Recorders

The monitor is constantly connected to the camera videopaneli, and therefore it can be used to view the territory near the door before leaving the apartment. And of course, how video phone without calling panel. It is placed on the front door. Calling panel are like locks, and overhead, with miniature color or black and white camera, by the way, the sensitivity of black and white video cameras is higher than in color. In calling panel also includes a call button and infrared illumination, with a range of about 1 pm and that she would worked long and qualitatively, it is necessary to apply the product in vandal-resistant, which ensures stable operation under all weather conditions.

Outside panel can function as one, and with several video monitors, which allows you to install them on sites connected to several apartments at a time. Thus, we can say that an ordinary, simple video phone consists of two main units: Monitor indoor and calling panel – from the outside. In addition to the basic components, video intercom system may contain additional features. These include a block of memory, which makes a video phone kind of video recorder, a storage of 16 to 64 frames of images of visitors by pressing the button takeout. All images can be removed to save and view. There is an opportunity to cover a large area, connecting to a video monitor multiple cameras at the door, elevator, parking.

The important role played by a video intercom locking device with remote control. They are an electromagnetic or electromechanical lock. The difference between them lies in the fact that the electromagnetic lock without power will not work, so he needed a backup power unit, besides the electronic keys or proxi-card. K electromagnetic lock is desirable to set the button to open the door from inside and closer, slowly closing the door. Electromechanical lock in case of power outage is closed and the outside was called prime key.