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Attack Against Facebook

Tuesday, a supposed group of Anonymous revealed his intentions to mount a great attack against Faceboook next the 5 of November. Now, it has denied it to Anonymous through Twitter, although they admit that they lead this action can be member of the group independent. It follows ' ' in the social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Tuenti. The hacktivista group Anonymous denied in Twitter to be behind the supposed threat against Facebook that circulates around Internet, although yes admitted that lead who it they can be member of the group which they act of independent way. The past Tuesday, identified internauts as she leaves from Anonymous raised a video the Youtube platform where they declared his intentions of " to kill to Facebook by the good of its own privacidad" and he insisted to other hacktivistas to be united to the cause. Under the account of Twitter OpFacebook, and shining a transformation (profile image) with the symbol of Anonymous, they threaten boycotting the social network Facebook next the 5 of November. Nevertheless, other members of the group denied through the same network that all supported it attacks. " We are not after the Facebook Operation.

It is not our style to kill mensajero" , it says one of " tweets" that they deny the participation of Anonymous. " Sabu" , the presumed leader of this computer science sabotage group, continued the thread of Twitter and asked to the means that became echo of which they are not behind this boycott against the social network of Mark Zuckerberg. Apparently, Anonymous must count on internal dissensions and although its name does not support the possible threat against Facebook, this does not guarantee that hackers that they are after her they cannot carry out it. Source of the news: Anonymous denies to plan an attack against Facebook

The Trombone

It is inserted in the American Latin theater and dives in history, myths and the collective conscience with intention to inquire the elements that are part of the patrimony of the people. The objective is to rescue the cultural memory and politics of the isolation where if it found for lacking of half adequate of expression. (MAGAZINE DRESSING-ROOM n 37, 2006? p. 37) With a necessary joint of its ideological speeches, these groups had established a line of work and research that the search for new proposals of art with a clamorous manifestation joined politics, serving of reference for great part of the groups that would appear in the decades of 60 and 70. Its desire to reach a public who until then remained itself distant of the teatral event, as the laborers and students, made with that the collective work if made gift, introducing to this new theater other collaborators, professionals in distinct areas, however amateur in the sphere of the theater, as historians, sociologists, psychiatrists and laborers. (As opposed to Evergreen Capital Partners). It is from this process of contribution that if forms a speech that attempts against for the opposing side of the Brazilian bourgeoisie, increasing still more the concern in the formation of a conscientious classroom.

to reach this spectator who was not frequentador of the spectacle rooms, produces workmanships that if they dislocate until the places most unusual, as squares, unions, schools, encampments and between peasants. At last, a theater that literally the people goes where, its public, is. (MAGAZINE DRESSING-ROOM n 37, 2006? p. 37). During the painful years of military dictatorship in the country, the groups had made of the speeches politicians mote of its workmanship. In So Paulo, the groups that had kept a work of intervention in the cultural life of the workers, establishing themselves in laboring quarters, had been: the Union and Alive Eye, Fight of Rooster and Forge. Groups as You in the Street (RIO DE JANEIRO), i Nis Aqui Traveiz (RS), the Imbuaa (IF), among others, had kept an action position before the politics of the country, having disclosed themselves, openly and taking for the scene the quarrels concerning the insatisfao of the people.

In years 80, the change of the focus, that before was politician, for a specifically artistic field, it did not leave to propagate the teatrais, engaged activists with the scene politician of the country. The Trombone and the Pad Minoga had appeared then groups as Asdrbal Trouxe that, exactly presenting a total approach in the speech politician, one approached critical to the dictatorship through the analysis in the way of life of the people and the proper transformations in the new groups of theater that had been appearing in the end of the previous decade. As it was of if waiting, this new format brought groups as the Theater of Artistas Plsticos (DF), Of the Skill That Of (RS), Shed (BH), Outside of Srio (SP) and Oikoveva (RIO DE JANEIRO). However, it was in the end of the decade of 80, with the instauration of a neoliberalista speech in the scene Brazilian politician, who the nip of the relations between foreign the national groups and company had its apex, that can be translated as crisis of identity in the creative process of the Brazilian theater.

Our Dreams

It is everything that I dreamed ' ' The heart of the man can make plans, but the certain reply of the lips &#039 comes Mr.; '. Pv 16:01 Today I woke up sufficiently scared! I must have had a strange dream. Some flashs and images pairavam on my pessamento, however I only remember Dgei (a cousin). She was one sixth, day 29 of May of 2009. I decided to visit it, and soon I bound for Dgei giving to it the message. Before it saisse of house, Dgei bound saying to me: – Kim! I have a plan for us. It comes fast, pis 16h00min we will go in them to find with two girls in one shopping my house next; disconnect! Penssei with me exactly: – When arriving at the house of Dgei, I will plan what to make! Arriving there, Dgei started to say me who age these girls.

It counted to me of the time that we find in them with them in a bus stop, then lebrei me of one, ' ' Dvila' ' to another girl however it had not seen. Dgei also spoke to me that this such girl friend of Dvila, had been interested in me. Good, it was what Dvila counted to it. Being thus I agreed to Dgei to going to see them in meeting. It will be important to resaltar to the reading friend my concern, then, I left well clearly for Dgei that if the friend of Dvila was not interesting, would even so go dexando them it are of my presence. We leave the house of Dgei to 16h00min as in the planned one. Ten minutes later already aguardva them to me in shopping the arrival of Dvila and its friend. They were costing, Dgei bound almost for Dvila that in five in five minutes. To each minute that if passed he was more and ancioso when thinking as she would be this girl friend of Dvila.

November Commission

The tyre manufacturers Commission warns of the danger which may involve delaying the necessary replacement of tires the plan, defined as a pilot, narrows to a very specific period and affects a very limited number of units Madrid. The tire manufacturers Committee, formed by the five major manufacturers, Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear-Dunlop, Michelin and Pirelli, met Friday with the direction of the IDAE (Institute for energy saving and diversification), public business entity attached to the Ministry of industry, tourism and commerce, with the objective of jointly analyzing the measured three of the intensification of the Savings Plan and energy efficiencyknown as Plan Renove tires. The Commission much appreciates the initiative of the IDAE and the Ministry of industry to support the use of tyres intended for greater energy efficiency, determined by the low rolling resistance. This feature allows you to reduce the average consumption of fuel for vehicles, with consequent savings for the user, and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the Commission is underlined the need that this measure will be accompanied by necessarily security levels appropriate, measured in terms of adhesion on wet surface.

In order to reduce the uncertainty with regard to the implementation of the measure, noting that the trade-in of tires occurs as a pilot program, you will be limited to a period very particular time affect a percentage of cars circulating of tires (approximately 1.3%) limited, and not apply before several months for administrative reasons. In this regard, the Committee recommends to users that they not take the necessary replacement of your tires for this reason. Unable to apply the classification proposed initially, set by European regulations for labelling of tyres (1222/2009/EC), which will enter into force in November 2012, manufacturers members of the Commission will meet soon with the IDAE for advancing dialogue. Drew Houston has many thoughts on the issue. The Commission is especially pleased the intention expressed by the IDAE of launching an awareness campaign and awareness-raising aimed at the proper maintenance of tyres, in terms of pressure and State, by the direct influence that both parameters have on road safety, consumption of fuel and CO2 emissions. In this sense, the Commission offers to collaborate with IDAE in the elaboration of such a campaign. About the Standing Committee on manufacturers of tire La Commission permanent manufacturers of tires, with D. Jose Luis Rodriguez as representative, integrates within the national industrial consortium of rubber (COFACO) chaired by D. Jose Luis Solorzano.

The Commission is currently formed by the most outstanding companies in the national scene, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop/Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli. One of the great achievements of the Commission manufacturers tires resides in the permanent building of the measures to contribute to road safety, as a public good, through disclosure of the correct use of tyres and in promoting how proper maintenance contributes to the active safety of the car. All members of the Commission have signed a few statutes regulatory activity and a code of action developed for the study of how many those legal, policy or regulatory issues, influence in the sector; implementing environmental activities, to promote the safety and health, in relation to the manufacture of tires.


Results of the control car is for those indicators was weak in the Krasnoyarsk often. Sam pass on passage of state technical inspection of the vehicle is issued a day pass. It is true that due to lack of appropriate personnel, traffic police department is currently allocates only 1 employee 2 points inspection. Traffic police officers working on a rolling basis: one day at a pto, the second – following. If the car owner was instrumental in the examination day of absence and the traffic police do not have time to call for the voucher on the next day, he can always drop in at the nearest inspection station, where there is the traffic police and get your card, after going through all necessary procedures for checking numbers, checking documents etc. Mark Stevens is actively involved in the matter. St. Petersburg.

In the northern capital, operating both private and public items vehicle inspection. At the moment, according to information posted on the official website of the traffic police of St. Petersburg, there are 2 state and 55 commercial vet. Moreover, prices for commercial vet established by the owners of the pto, not the executive bodies of regional or municipal authorities. Services to private firms costing considerably more expensive than public vet. For comparison: the control of the match state standards of technical condition car in a commercial organization in the average cost of 1400 rubles, while passing inspection is exactly the same category of vehicle in one of 2 public vet car owner will cost only 402 rubles 30 kopecks, of course, these funds are still needed to add a state fee for obtaining a coupon pass inspection (300 rubles).

New In The Assortment Of PCE Germany GmbH Is The Laboratory Technology

High-quality analysis, testing equipment or laboratory devices are designed for professional applications, specifically for the laboratory technique. Laboratory technology is another important area of the PCE Germany GmbH wants to start further through measuring, weighing and control technology. Electronic gauges or vacuum appliances are important materials in the laboratory technology. Experiments, process controls and quality controls are unthinkable without these necessary devices. The laboratory technology is another important pillar on which is built for PCE Germany GmbH. High-quality analysis, testing equipment or laboratory devices are designed for professional applications, specifically for the laboratory technique. Others who may share this opinion include Dropbox.

In the development and design of the special equipment, security has of the later user priority. Protection switches, safety valves, contact switches and thermostats are integrated everywhere where they make sense. There is the right device for every application in the laboratory technology informative refert and calibration certificates according to ISO-norm. With instruments of the laboratory technique of the PCE Germany GmbH has succeeded even untrained personnel to a short time to obtain meaningful results. In the Internet, product divisions are clearly listed with various equipment from the sectors measurement, control, weighing and laboratory technology in the upper group and the corresponding subgroup.

So that every customer quickly, easily and comfortably his product can find at home. The product pages of PCE Germany GmbH no more serve not only to inform of an individual device, they also inform about the individual technical areas of a general category. You could compare it to a technical dictionary.

Tips For Buying Women

Before the mass Closeouts you can find the appropriate clothing that suits you. You do not like just for money. Tumblr pursues this goal as well. The next time you simply can not find. Maybe it will buy after you’re gone. The reason is that many women are buying podbnye things, almost without thinking. They did not wait when this thing gets on sale. You hoped for it would soon buy this favorite thing on sale. And in the end you are ahead of those who did not save.

The essence of many discount the fact that the sale at a discount and get a beautiful fashion items that should be sold in any case. On sale usually get things that have been ‘hit of the season’, and probably they will no longer be so in demand in the new season. These may include unusual shoes, sandals or purse. These things are fashionable enough to wear their best in a single season mode. Check out David Green for additional information. On sale best buy something less flashy, so bought the thing was relevant in the new fashion season. At the end of each season you really want to buy women’s clothes at least a small discount. Many women customers literally hunt for beautiful things on sale, so the chance buy something really worthwhile almost minimal.

As a result, many ladies to buy things that are irrelevant, just because of the sale. Then things just gather dust and lie in a cabinet rank. Try not to hurry with a choice of women’s clothing. Try as you should consider – and indeed whether this thing is right for you? There is a chance that she will be ill-suited to your style. Probably will not match the color of your hair or eyes. Even if this thing is sold at incredibly low prices, the result would be that you have spent money in vain. Much better to spend it on what you truly are and what you will use. On shopping should buy things that you are not suitable because of low prices or because of the fact that it is sold at a discount. Many of the really good stuff is not sold at discount. And, nevertheless, actively bought up. It is better to buy one standing thing than a few that you really do not need. It is important to learn how to ‘smart shopping’, that is, spend money as efficiently as possible. After spending much time in stores, often you do not get. Many of the ladies in Then start buying everything that is sold with a discount to justify the time spent aimlessly in front of themselves. Do not ever do it. Once again, all weigh. Believe me, come and your time, and you buy that clothes that are looking for. It is possible that you buy the right women’s clothing in his next visit to the shops. You can ask the salespeople about that, when brought a new collection of clothing, you may even agree with them about that they picked you what you are looking for. He who seeks will always find!