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Diet Calories

Find and follow you to a diet with foods to gain weight, usually, is easier said than done. There is much conflicting information on what you should and shouldn’t eat, as well as on the frequency with which you should eat, with the purpose of gaining weight. What is worse is that once, in fact, you already know that eating, prepare your diet plan every day and stick to it, you can be a little annoying if you don’t have the appropriate plan. The key to success with a diet to gain weight is to eat many calories, divided into five or six meals per day, but making sure that those calories are healthy calories from high quality and fast no food which is high in saturated fat. I’m going to show you here what foods should include in your diet plans, as well as also a sample that you can start using today same so now no more excuses! How many calories should you consume in your diet Plan with foods to gain weight? One of the most common questions that makes Mid-morning snack: malted 1 protein (30 grams), 1 orange. Lunch: 100 grams of meat, fish or chicken; 200 grams of boiled potatoes (preferably white potatoes); and 100 grams of green vegetables.

Afternoon snack of media: malt 1 protein (30 grams). Dinner: 225 grams of meat, poultry or fish; 200 grams of boiled potatoes; and 100 grams of fresh vegetables. Before going to bed: malted 1 protein (30 grams)..

Burn Weight Fast

Losing weight quickly is something wanting to the majority of people with extra pounds, but that is not always possible to achieve. It depends on the metabolism and the characteristics of each person. However, there are some formulas for losing weight fast and effectively. Unfortunately for many, it is not possible to lose weight quickly without exercise. Sports (especially aerobics such as football, swimming or cycling) help burn the accumulated fat reserves and therefore lose weight. Besides the exercise gives strength to the muscles and they reaffirm the skin.

This whole has the effect of reducing the body contour, as well as burn fat. The exercises must be accompanied by a proper diet to lose weight quickly. The ideal is to replace a meal a day with a smoothie that can be skimmed milk with a banana or medium-size, sugar-free banana. If you are replacing the lunch you can dine a pasta dish without TACC (wheat, oats, barley and rye), or brown rice. In this way is You will feel satisfied and won’t have to get up to eat at midnight.

Fruits and vegetables must be best friends if you want to lose weight quickly. They are very low in calories and give it fibre, vitamins and minerals essential for the proper functioning of your body. With two or three fruits per day as collation will prevent having to buy snacks, jams and other goodies with excess sugar, which does not make it any good. Lose weight quickly involves also set aside some harmful vices. A good trick is to eliminate alcohol, soft drinks and smoking. All of them contribute unnecessary calories are converted into fat and stored in the body almost immediately, also that the cigarette has dangerous substances and many of them carcinogenic only affecting our health.

Alma De Fiestas

That really moves these people lose their true ability to recognize your I-real, and present the mask, a cover that inhibits feelings outside and own, figuring in every moment a theatrical behavior, adopting an image devised skill in your own scenario, focusing on the only character which she recognizes, if same and the public need to idealize it. In the theatre of life only exist I. My goal is to know that my audience is there, my performance, pending more beyond this, everything looks empty, simple lifeless. The presentation has to be always successful and everything must adapt and be prepared to do so. Observers, my audience does not count, only his attention and attraction to my person within the scenario, will be fixed and arranged as a goal, that must be the end. Life exists from the moment I give shape and meaning to the characters and they give body and soul to each of my representations of daily life.

It’s funny but sad that its true essence as being comprehensive and universal, it is been replaced by a cold and calculating cover. I’m, and I give form to what I need to present to others, they should see how I want, it depends on my livelihood and survival, everything around me is inert, lifeless. I donated them for body movement, they will be, just for me, if my scenario is desert, I would be who would have no reason for existence and my purpose would be earthy, no color, no sense. The image that I materialise, without an audience, would deny my destiny. There are differences marked, between the narcissistic personalities and drama, without that distract us in any moment of their many similarities. Narcissism, is a continuous denial of their I-real, which is replaced by the I-idealized and that person tries to maintain as breadwinners to their own subsistence.


the spirit is the energy physics which animates material things as the intangible. The intelligence of the spirit lies in the apprehension of pure essences that are found in objects and beings. Allowing the soul to knowledge of consciousness. The latter occupies spaces empty of mind with all sorts of abstract thoughts and superiors, which acquire high forces of thought. When form in the sensitive experience, which is the foundation of complex aesthetics. Today day can be seen in documentaries of animal intelligence, that the theory of Anaxagoras about the intelligence that sorts things, is not a common theory. Because if intelligence sort things, they participate of this organizing force that is intelligence. What we cannot deny, is that all human system is exposed to errors.

If we are fully aware of this absolute truth. We will be highly far dogmatizing us. As it happens with several of the men, who having matured into a science. Believe unnecessarily have the truth in their hands. To a when experience shows the contrary. 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo C = 3. 00 X 10 raised to the eighth power M / S, i.e. C = 300000 KM / S.

to get an idea of the meaning of this value, we can emphasize that if an object had this speed could give almost 7. 5 laps around the Earth in only a second. On the other hand we must observe that according to Einstein’s relativity theory, the value represents an upper limit to the speed of the bodies. I.e., any material object, can reach a speed equal to or greater than the speed of light. The theory of Anaxagoras is not very clear, the important thing is his contribution to philosophy. 32 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo to the mode of Parmenides. But by the hypothesis of a number of elements, germs or seeds infinity.


Some satisfactions may be temporary. To meet a need, can appear others. That is why we say that human motivation is cyclical to be oriented for different needs (physiological, psychological or social). A behavior is a process of solving problems, satisfaction of needs, whose causes can be generic or specific. The reason is the same reason why, and is generated after the promise of the achievement of an urgent need. In any model of motivation, the initial factor is the reason for acting, the reason, the desire, the inadequately satisfied need. The reasons make the individual look for the realization and initiate the action, initially the grounds can satisfy in many ways. The existence of the same reason immediately determines the final course of the behavior.

Encourage attracts the attention of the individual, he magnetized its response capacity, to promise him rewards and fruits that meet your desires and motives. The degree of satisfaction achieved through the dedicated effort, depends on the enjoyment of the reward and reach the scale of the permanent satisfaction and thereby the achievement orientation. Individual research within their own skills and knowledge to determine if deemed capable of obtaining or not some result, discusses the resources available, and evaluates the environment, looking for a point of reference in others against the subject, therefore depend on the degree of satisfaction regarding the achieved success. Hence the importance of creating a culture of problem solving, for satisfaction of needs, specific human needs change over time, and with each person, an urgent reason today may not be tomorrow. An incentive that can serve at one time, can lose its strength then a stimulus that it resulted in someone, you can not give result in another, why it is necessary to have a Bank of incentives that match other new grounds. These features are related to the experiences and expectations of the people, so we must think in giving an incentive equal to all people, each individual is different.

Real Estate Market In 2010

During the past year the housing market was malopredskazuem and experts were hesitant to do at least relatively accurate predictions, each of them saw at least two or three options for the development of the situation. Only at the end 2009 appeared the first more or less confident statements about the ensuing stabilization. Making predictions for next year, analysts are not without reservations, but nevertheless promised that at least its first half will be quiet – no sharp jumps and drops in prices for zhile.Mifologiya crisis nervousness caused by the unstable situation in the housing market and economic crisis in the country as a whole, has created among the citizens of two stable myth. Popularity of these myths in contributed significantly to the media, who immediately picked up and spread the news of falling house prices. The first myth was associated with greatly increased the availability of housing. Since the beginning of the crisis expert forecasts agreed on one thing – the price of apartments will be reduced.

The numbers at the same time called the most different: 30 or 40 and even 50 percent. Wait to buy an apartment for half price, of course, like many people – and they left the market to wait for 'bottom'. However, the findings analysts for the year indicate that the market has certainly dipped, but not enough. For example, according to the 'Miel', the average price in the secondary market in Moscow decreased by 17.5 percent in rubles and 24.7 percent in dollars.

The Social

These relations are pronounced through other social alternative mass media and mass media, Internet, and express the existing balance between the number of different elements that integrate the social system (or they are groups, associations or institutions) and the degree from direct relation that exists between these social elements. So that the social groups obtain a good operation, if the number of individuals becomes major, necessary the social flexibility obtains themselves making the relation between the parts less rigid or, which is the same, reducing the values of extrusion of the group connectivity. These sociological postulates confirm that to include/understand suitably the complex mobility of a social system we needed some measurement in which the degree of relation between the parts is introduced, is worth to say, the quantification of the connectivity between the individuals of a conglomerate or any other social organization. We point in the test " Venezuela and the Laws of the Social&quot Chaos; that " the entropy of a social system grows asymptotically until reaching its principle valoracin" which is equivalent to say that the spontaneous evolution of the social groups leads, inevitably, towards a stage of maximum disorder: The social chaos. The complex social systems and the developed ones that evolve towards that stage of maximum entropy present/display a non-uniform distribution of the members integrates that it, as well as of the organizations who structure the institutional network intra that gives corpus him, whereas in the systems in which there is no substantive interaction between the elements integrate that it, neither between these and the surroundings social macro (typical of the isolated social systems) are evolved quickly the more towards the stage of maximum entropy. Nevertheless, the fluid, dynamic exchange of information and of double via appears with more development when the social systems are more complex. More of the times, this exchange of information is very simple (a greeting, an informal conversation), sometimes he is subtler but for that reason less nonimportant (an approval glance or by ricochet, the group isolation or the social recognition) To all event, the elaboration, emission and reception of the messages it is behind the majority of the social phenomena that surround to us. .

Weight Gain

Carbohydrates are foods to gain weight quickly, but it is not enough to just eat to increase bodily kilos. Not lack of the kind of people that eat does not help them to gain weight, and much less when we want to gain weight, we do not want only to give volume to a single area of the body but in general. These foods to gain weight should be carbohydrates by calculating the hours and ordering the order of each type of each one of them to establish a growth of muscle volume proportion and evenly to all our physical and not thighs, abdomen or hips that men and women desgracian when they yearn to improve its appearance and make it bad unconsciously. Proper nutrition contained in foods to gain weight is that possesses in correct intake of dietary fiber, protein obtained both dairy by-products, oily fish such as cod, tuna, salmon that also have those saturated fats registered for anyone wishing health and well-being thanks to the omega 3 and omega 6 that contribute. The water does not generate muscle volume, but is essential and Universal for survival and to perform activity as recommended you can release the toxin through the body moisturizing 2 liters to 2.5 liters are possible to drink during a single day as nutritionists established them. One of the foods to gain weight or snacks to achieve this can be the tuna in water, which can be consumed at breakfast, by the afternoon and more than 2 times per week, because this established that eating fish more than 3 times per week is very healthy to counteract the bad fats by polyunsaturated fats that report itself same. Almonds and soy, integral cookies are fabulous to generate development of muscle and at anytime necessary contain within your rack of snacks that is rich value in fiber like seeds and grains of wheat. Exercise is ideal if you do not do sports or walk you more sedentary lifestyle, salt to train starting 45 minutes per day and graduates a goal more big every day, when you achieve intensity and get changes, lies 2-3 days per week to maintain your results..

Salicylic Skin

Sunburn produce inflammation of the skin as a result of excessive exposure to solar radiation. Ultraviolet rays of light destroys the cells of the outer layer of the dermis, damaging the underlying capillaries. This annoying condition occurs more frequently in people with fair skin, whose skin redness and is covered with blisters. If the burn is severe the affected skin falls after a few days. You may find Isaac Dabah to be a useful source of information. It should be recalled that, although a gradual and moderate sun exposure is beneficial for the body and facilitates the process of calcification of the bones preventing osteoporosis, excessive and continuous exposure may cause skin aging, the appearance of unsightly queratomas and, in some cases, skin cancer (melanoma). It is recommended, obviously, concentrate on the prevention of the phenomenon (use of suntan lotions with proper solar filters) whereas to treat burns, it is advisable to apply delicandamente juice or pure aloe on burn gel, taking caution not to expose yourself back to the Sun in the following days. Burns, depending on severity, can be: 1) first degree burns, in which the epidermis presents an erojecimiento that will heal quickly (is the case of sunburn); (2) second degree burns, where the skin lining of blisters; and (3) third degree burns, where the skin becomes so damaged that there is no forced to resort to a transplant to recover it. Aloe is very effective for first and second degree burns, in fact thanks to its antibiotic and antibacterial properties, prevents infections, while the isobarbaloin and the acindos cinnamic and Salicylic exert an effective analgesic action. Finally, the acemanano facilitates the regeneration of damaged tissues. After having it cleaned and cooled down, is advisable to rub the affected area with a mixture of juice or pure gel of aloe and honey. Source: Aloeysalud.


The disappearance of seriousness and respect that should exist in all public acts and their regulations that are developed for the effect, is indicative that the synderesis in human behavior is no longer substantial shaft to have a formed criterion. Formality, wisdom, adherence to standards, are the spur to the civility of the sociability of peoples, each of its citizens, since it is irrefutable sign of the evolution that is occurring in the life of human beings. We must not only be respectful and serious, but prove it, express it in each social, political acts, etc., in short, in every moment that the daily work so demands it. When there is no this imponderable habit, when there is no habit of generating and give example of maturity, credibility is driven by the difficult dilemma of citizen and citizen to consider whether it is true or false the ability of organization, address and neutrality in the programmed events. Is to understand, unquestionably, that at the time of the completion of any event, be difficult last hour in the direction of the same, but it is no less true that, we must solve them with the ethic characteristic of the standard that is in effect at that time. There are no caveats that are worth; There are no excuses that get in the reality of the facts; There are no loopholes that allow exit by the tangent at the least expected time.

Undoubtedly that, in all the achievements of social and political events human each of his actors profile this in the palaestra and the optics of the collectivity: candidates, female candidates, Italy, communicators, journalists are immersed; This suggests that, should act with tidiness, where qualities and virtues should be the regulatory of the behavior. The Decalogue of the lawyer of e. j. Couture, calls to study, work, think, fight, be loyal, tolerate, have patience and faith, forget and love the profession, this combines with what sends the journalistic ethics, including, with regard to the obligation of professional secrecy is a duty and a right. The principle Couture said: your duty is to fight for the right, but the day that you find in conflict law with justice, fighting for justice. And comply with the service to society, the people, it is a duty, it is social function which impels to citizen and citizen, also expose questions, propose solutions, and await responses with tacit reflections which encourage the development of a society. This mechanism of seriousness and respect; qualities and virtues; generators habits of ethics and moral values; and faithful compliance to regulations Express, it’s civility, great argument of human evolution. Original author and source of the article.