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The sun warms the generous autumn favorites Venus, representatives of the sign Libra. This fertile star, Ruler 2011 adds you the courage, imagination, encourages creative impulses – and exacerbates feelings. Therefore, the circle Your friends and fans to expand, you'll often meet up with friends and friends (regardless of whether you are married or not married or alone). Only you should remember: Otellovskaya jealousy, revenge behalf of the Montagues and Capulet, demonstrably equally harmful, vicious and dangerous, and only under the influence of alcohol can seriously and permanently damage any, the most friendly and affectionate relationship. For a family of Libra the main theme of next year become home and family, people often give you pleasure. You'll have to give back to someone from the older generation, on your shoulders could lay caring for relatives or friends, but they will not be very burdensome. Year Sun will add you the courage, openness and courage. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jim Crane.

You'll be less inclined to make concessions and compromises that – naturally! – Impact on relations with kith and kin people. The second half of the year is successful for the solution long-standing domestic and family problems. In the strong pairs and a couple of relationships with loved ones become more harmonious and trusting. And those who are disgusted pulls the strap of family bonds, easy, simple and easy to dare to stop "Penal servitude" – and run away from the mines, which for some reason called the family. In the same kind and gentle vapors can not be ruled addition to the family … Lonely Lady Libra and Libra will also become more relaxed – but without the familiarity.

You will easy to make friends – and just as easy to twist stories. Not likely this year will cost you one love. But you will have a choice and that's a plus. Do not take a random kiss for marriage proposal, do not let vows of eternal fidelity – and you will live a year with pleasure – and a feeling that many, many days this year were … happy!

The Onset

Neuropsychiatrist: Recently there is evidence of the beneficial effects of small doses of alcohol on the heart. I often get asked about it. Moderate doses of alcohol are not a risk factor angina. Therefore, there is no reason to ban their patients. With regard to the safe dose is usually referred to no more than 30 grams per day in terms of pure alcohol (about 70 grams of vodka or cognac, or 250 grams of dry wine). Large doses can cause life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias! Do not take chances. Smoking increases the risk of disease progression, promotes the development of myocardial infarction. Therefore, we must do everything we can to get rid of this bad habit.

However, for some people to stop smoking – a lot of stress that can even cause deterioration. Therefore, in the early days disaccustoming from cigarettes, such patients should be under medical supervision, may take certain medications. Pay particular attention to psycho-emotional overload. Because stress can trigger an attack of angina and even myocardial infarction. And as far as possible, to avoid strong psycho-emotional stress, try to respond adequately to it. If stress is inevitable and there is evidence of psycho-emotional overload, you should advance to take the medication, which advises the doctor. Medications any. And they should always be at hand. physician LFK: In the first months after the onset of chest pain or heart area must behave carefully, both physically and emotionally. If the attacks occur at a certain, relatively stable level of exercise, then you can gradually increase it.


Word of hair removal for us are no longer new. To date almost any woman, regardless of age and social position, knows that the body should not be superfluous hair. This is considered and the ugly, and not aesthetically pleasing. But who has ever just get rid of unwanted vegetation, knows how difficult it is procedure. That just do not have to endure! With what we have to deal? Most modern women today are well aware of how and what you can remove hair. Therefore, we will not go into the essence of all the ways, the more so in terms of 'household appliances', we are only interested in shaving and hair removal. Epilation or shaving Before we talk about hair removal, it should be noted that any of these methods of hair removal rather negative effect on the skin. Get more background information with materials from Drew Houston. So first a few useful tips.

It is no secret that the premature aging and skin laxity are caused by dryness and scaling. One of the the main reasons – water and soap that we use. It has a devastating effect on the skin, drying and irritating it. During and after hair removal is recommended that do not contain alkali. Jim Crane shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. For example, clearing cream soap, made from milk for the body.

Or shower gels that do not contain soap which cleans and moisturizes the skin at the same time. Especially needed to moisten skin shin, as on his feet less than the glands that produce oil. Most accessible and popular methods of hair removal are shaving and hair removal.

Without Complexes

Psychological complexes – this is a misconception about their human physical or mental limitations. Even the careless statement in the direction of the child regarding his physical appearance or action can instill he set that can ruin a lifetime. Mark Stevens describes an additional similar source. Complex – a long lingering, emotionally colored thoughts, ideas, memories, method and mechanism of self-determination rights in society. This psychological problem, we carefully hide from prying eyes. The complex makes us feel and at the same time dictate our actions, thoughts and words. Drew Houston shines more light on the discussion. In psychoanalysis, according to tradition, the names of the complexes tend to use names mythic and literary heroes.

Oedipus complex – drive her son to his mother and hostility toward the father that is dictated by the desire to take the place of his father. Griselda Complex – unconscious desire to keep his father's daughter for himself expressed in the refusal of all applicants for her hand. Complex Ions – reflected in the fact that a person experiences fear of success and reduce their claims. Polycrates complex is expressed in a feeling of anxiety as we approach the one way or another achievements. Complex of Cain – the envy of the youngest brother, who get more parental attention and care.

Napoleon complex – the desire for special achievements – both in social and love life, characteristic of stunted men. Jocasta Complex – vigilant parental control over their own child of the mother. Complexes are mainly formed in childhood, strengthening us in a subconscious insecurity. It was at this time shaped our view of ourselves, an understanding of their dissimilarity to the other, that causes ridicule or condemnation of others.

Hair Does Not Get Sick

Our hair comes in three forms. They are all different personal characteristics, location and external honors. Hair, body hair (vellus) hairs grow into puberty (under the armpits, chest, in the groin, etc.) – and there will be those species differences. Kentucky. Connect with other leaders such as MSCO here. Human hair is composed of permanent and temporary parts. Permanent – a follicle sac hair (hair follicle), which is located at a depth of 5 mm from the skin surface. The temporal part – the hair itself.

Thanks to divide the bottom of the cell follicle (hair bulb) is formed and grows hair. TSI International Group may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Without the hair follicle (the follicle) hair no longer grows. Human hair can not be regarded as healthy and sick, but may well look the part. These considerations as hair: thick, rare, greasy, dry, fluffy, soft, hard, well, split, brittle, over-dried, etc., and will be visible. Additional information at Dropbox supports this article. Trouble with the hair may arise because of problems with the scalp or the hair is not cared for.

Cosmetics noni has in its arsenal a lot of money on skin care and body hair. Cosmetics created using, and also parts of Tahiti noni tree. Why Noni (noni)? Noni is high in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and other important elements and a large supply of energy. Our hair is in need of good care, proper use of funds for the care Hair, as well as natural and safe products.


What more it harmed to it was the racket. The young man to sleep needed silences that absolute almost. One day it in roca was and if he collected early to try to catch in sleep. Dropbox will not settle for partial explanations. Nor he had placed the head in the pillow well appears first incomodacao. Ronq ronq.

.ronq It was the noise that came of the chiqueiro. The pigs seemed to be macumunados. Each one wanted to make more racket of what another one. Our friend if infuriated, passed the hand in a wood piece, if he directed he ties pocilga and he aquietou swines in the base of the collision. It came back toward its stream bed to try to sleep.

The eyes of the youngster still were arregalados when the cachorros had started to bark. Au au daqui, au au from there, if not knowing to who or what the dogs intended to attack. For certain it would have to be some animal of the weeds. The problem was the fidget of the son of the Sara. Again if after of foot, the wood apanhou that already was of the side and left to distribute pauladas in lombo of the animals, said friends of the man. The clock already beat the two of the dawn and the young man did not have asleep. D’ took a sip; water and strained the skeleton in the bed. I silence seems that it goes to last and the friend finally goes to sleep. The dreams still were for coming in the hour where the jumento decided that it was the moment to whinny. The animal imitated the animal of the Gino of the Genesio. It whinnied and it peidava at the same time. It did not have pardon. The comrade raised and gave a beating in the jumento. He lay down and he gave cochilada until the alarm-clock informed that it had to arise itself. The commitment of the Chem would fish was it in the three tumbles, Joacuba, Ecoporanga, in the comitiva of my grandmother Miguel. In this vo would fish was gifts Miguel, the Miguelzinho, uncle Izaias, Odeir, Edinho, the sleepy Chem and others. All were in the eaves of the river searching to fisgar its peixinhos. Miguel caught piau very, its especialiade. To conserve fished it left the scupper inside d’ water. The fish remained livings creature, to put, anxious to sairem of that arrest, it took what them if to debate with vigor. The fight of piaus to survive suffered age and caused a little of racket. The traumatizado Chem already with noises made for animals, complained with the Miguelito that the fish of it were bothering to it. Knowing of what the Chem was capable to make with animal that is desinqueto, the son of the Zaia Briti retrucou there of the other side of the river. Staff! I go to go down a little the river why Chem does not go to delay nothing to start to give it pauladas in mine piaus. He did not have fisherman that he did not show teeth, less the citizen who was a threat the short life that remained to the peixinhos of my cousin Miguel. (without acentuacao-text typed in apad).

Managing Director

Value of the newly inserted mineral extraction rights multiplied first funding revenues already soon Stuttgart, 01.06.2011. Drew Houston can provide more clarity in the matter. Independent experts confirm the initial assessment of the specialists of the energy capital invest only a few days after successful vertical hole: the Stuttgart-based energy company has with the oil aid Leon County once again a direct hit landed. Already the first evaluation by our specialists on the ground let suspect that has found support layer of Leon 1 extraordinary potential”, so Kay Rieck, Managing Director of energy capital invest. Now conducted evaluation of the log-in data shows that found oil funding, the layer is much bigger and more productive than originally expected and that the funding results as well as the raw material reservoirs of Leon 1 clearly on calculating the US oil and gas Fund X KG. Funding results were originally daily calculation for Leon 1 of 200 barrels of oil costing-based oil prices of $ 60 per barrel basis. That the first assessment of our specialists has been confirmed also by independent experts, of course very pleased.

Especially, because more holes in the same geological formation as the Leon 1 Leon County are planned and already charged”, so Rieck next. The rapid evaluation of the log-in data was possible because for the hole by Leon 1 a completely new procedure was applied, where already during drilling additional information is collected. Now carried out evaluating the log-in, the safety potential of US oil and gas Fund X KG has risen since the exploration results expected as well as the raw material reservoirs have already multiplied the value of mineral extraction rights. The sales and prices of recent weeks show that Leon County is one of the Erdolhotspots in Texas, while also impressively. To secure the access to this highly attractive region, have the largest player in the US energy market to invest in the promising aid. Due to also continue to huge demand and associated placement speed the management of energy capital invest assumes that a participation in the US only a short time should be possible oil and gas Fund X KG.


To the people them contract by its knowledge and takes leave by its behavior to them This phrase is not mine. It belongs to Martha Alles, Argentine consultant who has reached reputation with Administration by Competitions. But we go to our subject. 2. – Contract to Bill Gates successful people is a model Is the base badly understood of the selection by competitions: to talk back the model success. One looks for to talk back the success, but the reasons are not based on only personal characteristics (Many industralists of I exist do not serian eligible). What it does not have to forget is So that it was contracted to him and as it is moderate the results that it obtains. For example as it would determine the factors keys of success of a financial analysis or the one of a marketing manager.

We see the case of the Manager of Marketing. First that must do it is to think about the renunciante. Pregntese how well towards the work. As you must have at the hand a list of the obligations corresponding to that position, she pregntese how well has fulfilled each obligation. By means of this examination you can get to identify the success criteria. We suppose that you conclude that the criteria are the following: 1. – To transact the orders of import of consumptions in a maximum of thirty days calendar.

2. – To maintain the expenses of purchases with a deviation maximum of 5% with respect to budgeted amount 3. – To delegate in the personnel to their position all the necessary tasks of way like previous criteria are both fulfilled. Once you know clearly as they are the criteria of successful performance, she already knows as the person must behave that it will cover the vacant place. That is to say, you hope that the new Manager of Marketing step quickly the orders of import of consumptions using at the most a month. Of equal way, that person must fit to the budget of purchases avoiding deviations superiors to 5%. Finally, she must sufficiently be able like delegating in his collaborators all the tasks that they are necessary avoiding to fill of work, which could cause to him breach of the procedure or the execution budgetary. It remembers: One is due to obtain that it measures all the work of the person and not only one starts off.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.

Growing your Business

Growing your business does not have to be such a difficult task. There are a few things you can do that do not have to break the budget or escalate your working hours. For example, opening up your firm as a franchise opportunity, gives you the profits without the pain. Also, licensing your product is a low-cost way of taking your business to the next level.