The Social

These relations are pronounced through other social alternative mass media and mass media, Internet, and express the existing balance between the number of different elements that integrate the social system (or they are groups, associations or institutions) and the degree from direct relation that exists between these social elements. So that the social groups obtain a good operation, if the number of individuals becomes major, necessary the social flexibility obtains themselves making the relation between the parts less rigid or, which is the same, reducing the values of extrusion of the group connectivity. These sociological postulates confirm that to include/understand suitably the complex mobility of a social system we needed some measurement in which the degree of relation between the parts is introduced, is worth to say, the quantification of the connectivity between the individuals of a conglomerate or any other social organization. We point in the test " Venezuela and the Laws of the Social&quot Chaos; that " the entropy of a social system grows asymptotically until reaching its principle valoracin" which is equivalent to say that the spontaneous evolution of the social groups leads, inevitably, towards a stage of maximum disorder: The social chaos. The complex social systems and the developed ones that evolve towards that stage of maximum entropy present/display a non-uniform distribution of the members integrates that it, as well as of the organizations who structure the institutional network intra that gives corpus him, whereas in the systems in which there is no substantive interaction between the elements integrate that it, neither between these and the surroundings social macro (typical of the isolated social systems) are evolved quickly the more towards the stage of maximum entropy. Nevertheless, the fluid, dynamic exchange of information and of double via appears with more development when the social systems are more complex. More of the times, this exchange of information is very simple (a greeting, an informal conversation), sometimes he is subtler but for that reason less nonimportant (an approval glance or by ricochet, the group isolation or the social recognition) To all event, the elaboration, emission and reception of the messages it is behind the majority of the social phenomena that surround to us. .

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