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Village Catches

The Lobisomem of the Village Handle with God In the swing of the great cities of today almost we do not have time for religiosidade, superstitions and to the times we do not have time not even to feel fear, but I go to count a history that valley the penalty to be remembered, was one happened that if it passed years behind when did not exist Internet, television was thing of rich people, and amusement to them for the people was if to around seat of the stove the firewood and to prosear with the familiar friends and. A small called town ' ' It catches with Deus' ' , it sheltered few families, everybody was known, guard people in the good ways and family customs, without electricity and without very what to make, after one day of laborious manual work I sing, it of the rooster it informed that already it was hour of if collecting. But the superstition of this devoted people has a special period, quaresma. In the truth it was a demonstration of respect and it disciplines due its religiosidade. Quaresma is a period that precedes the great party of the Christianity: the resurrection of Jesus Christ, commemorated in the Sunday of Passover and symbolizes the suffering of Jesus in the desert of jejum and in conjunct, being thus it is a period of penance for the Christians where they must be abdicated of things that give pleasure to them as form of if showing ahead pure of God, small things as to jejuar, to sleep less, to pray more, to be caridoso, at last, to be next to God. But what one heard exactly it was that in quaresma it was more inclined the appearance of punished souls and assombraes. Two neighbors, already old fools, sensitive and flatter than head of I nail, that they lived if to show one for the other they were, Juca Pito-of-straw, thus he was called therefore never was seen without a long and esfumaante pito of straw between teeth, and Peter Paulada? nobody never knew the reason of it to be called thus, therefore Its Peter was docile as good looking manhoso, and he would never have courage to give paulada not even in aroeira prop to make, circa very zealous with its small modest mansions and casinhas, if they were proud very of its creations, showed everything what they had of better passing ' ' figa' ' in another one compadre, did not delay so that this practical generated in the heart of both a uncontrolled envy, its cow was fatter, its garden blossomed, each one more counted more papo that the other.

Masoala Park

At the moment the great protagonists of the world of the fashion are the accessories; that they have happened to occupy a primary place in that segment. In the last years the fashion has burst in completely into the sector bijouterie and jewelry shop. Where before one stood out gold and the silver in his traditional formats, all article class of the most varied material and tendencies are exhibited now. Like wood, leathers, seeds, bone, nacre, chorale, stones, pens and plastics of the most varied qualities. I publish, more and more demanding, no longer considers these articles like a luxury but like the detail that personaliza its clothing.

For that reason as much the designer, as the user, bets to the creativity. A good clothes is very important, but often to give a touch him with some accessory, can totally define look and until changing it totally. The possibilities are many. An important necklace, a clasp of felt in a pashmina, an adornment in the hair, a group of bracelets, great ring, but In this 2011 will have seen that the majority of famous they use hoops with pens at all the moments of the day. This is the latest in the fashion and it is completed when instead of to use the pair, only one is used. Look that offers the pens is simple, but he is audacious, likeable, colorful and give to the face a precious frame. My learns all regarding the world of the bijouterie, visiting blog > > Design of Bijouterie and fashionable Accesorios


Flamenco, marking cultural the specific one of a town: Andalusia p 3 1.1. Inaugural geography of sings jondo p 3 1.2. Social origins of the flamenco one: the gypsy, the miner, the day laborer and proletarian p 4 1.3. Confusion between the popular Andalusian and national Spanish .

andalucinacin p 5 2. The flamenco ritual and its spaces of sociability p 7 2.1. Flamenco prevailed in front of flamenco public. The desvirtuacin of the flamenco rite: of the familiar celebration to the flamenco-spectacle p 7 2.2. The tendency to the social segmentation in the custom flamenco p 8 2.3. The total expression: the sociocultural phenomenon and the musical phenomenon p 10 3.

The flamenco one: existential gorge of a town. Love and pain p 11 3.1. The pansexualismo Andalusian: erotic desire p 113.2. The aesthetic one of the pain. His tragicismo p 13 BIBLIOGRAPHY p 15 Introduction writes Luis Rosales in the beginning of his indeed distresses that sings is not spoken, sings is not written and I must, sincerely, say that everything what will come next, desoyendo to Rosales, will not be but a useless attempt to write it. It sings is not written. No. It sings is sung. And to write envelope he is to speak of him but without him. In order to hear it, to touch it, to drink it is necessary to live it and, for this reason, any pretension to theorize with him, of to shake vigorously rationally must it be necessarily uncultivated. Therefore, with this brief approach I will not deal to explain sings, to reason it, to express it of scientific way, but to delimit some peripheral questions in any case that serve to locate it like a deeply human product and deeply Andalusian.

Argentina Surveys

Knew you that at the moment is very easy to make money with surveys remunerated in Argentina? Nowadays any person knows to use a computer to sail and to use an account of electronic mail. Then, this is the unique thing that a person needs so that she makes money filling surveys. If you are unemployed, pensioner, in search of an unsatisfied work or with their work or its pay, the surveys remunerated in Argentina could be a great opportunity for you. It is enough that it spends to this activity minutes to him to the day to join a good amount of dollars at the end of every month. Certainly one is not an activity that can replace a true work, nor he will become millionaire responding surveys, but he is something that will help him to live the more calm, the more happy and to even change to its style of life or its work if this one does not satisfy him. With a good initial search, you will be able to know how the system of the surveys remunerated in Argentina works and to choose some companies that seem to him serious with which to begin to collaborate.

He chooses always those companies that not they have fear to speak of themselves, that says to him who are, for how many years are in the market, who are their clients and who they are recommended by other internauts. Once finished the selection of the companies, you will be able to happen to the following phase, that is the one of the preparation to the work. This following phase consists of abrir a profile with all information, to indicate to the company what is its style of life and that this knows that type of surveys to send to him. You can abrir profiles in whichever sites wants, in the language that wishes. The unique good advice is that everything behaves as a professional and responds with a certain consistency, regularity and sincerity.

The Management And His Integration In The Teams Work

A poor organizational structure makes good work impossible, no matter how good that people are. Peter Drucker overview management must be fully integrated with representing the team in a company. It must be always vigilant of this, not to neglect the human factor, that the team can provide much of the work of the organization is done on computer. There is indeed increasingly greater amount of organizations which, to face the challenges of today’s business environment are changing the old hierarchies and formal systems by the team and teamwork. Many organizations are discovering that the best road to which the employees are productive, in particular, is to pay attention to the way they manage groups and teams. According to Stoner J.

A computer is defined as two or more people who interact and influence each other, with the purpose of achieving a common goal. General information and basic considerations. Management should never act in its administrative management in isolation, without considering the scope and impact that is generated with the integration of computers. We know that organizations always have existed two types of equipment: the formal and the informal. However, today there are teams that have characteristics of both. Formal teams are created by managers, deliberately in order to let perform them tasks specific to serving you the Organization to achieve its goals. The most common are: control unit: composed of a Manager and employees who depend on the Manager.

Committee: it is a formal team of the Organization, generally of relatively durable existence, created to be responsible for specific tasks of the organization. Body for a task or a project kit: is a temporary team to attack a specific problem. Computers or informal groups arise provided that several people meet and interact on a regular basis. These groups develop inside the structure form of organization.

Office Aluminium Shutters

Today it is difficult to imagine any job large Russian firms without blinds. They all broke into our understanding of the modern business of interior design, displacing nearly all the competitors – the curtains. There is nothing to be surprised: not only wood blinds look stylish, they are elementary to use, but will still work for you for years. About 10 years ago the Russian market could give the customer a small color range and shutter, the identify you prefer vertical blinds, and possibly horizontal. Vertical blinds at first glance makes it more interior space, creating a higher ceiling, but when you're used to constantly use a window sill, putting him on the pots with plants or cabinets with a variety of documents, then you should hitch a horizontal blinds. Also, do not forget about the roll-up blinds. They just ideally accommodate a durability and strength of conventional blinds and coziness to the same specifications and decorating blinds. A similar type of blinds does not provide for the lower mount, no matter what, it is possible they are made. Since aluminum blinds, plastic blinds and keep the shape perfectly and are the most visible representatives of this type of curtain. Aluminum plates do not shutters are rarely used for Installation of blinds are best left to professionals, though not in a hurry to dismantle the walls of curtain rods, remember that the blind is always possible to add selected blinds or curtains.