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If not – then at least consider the possible application in the future. 3.6 Battery capacity – affect the duration of the cell phone without recharging. In principle, the type of battery special attention pay is not worth it, because now there are only two options – Li-ion and lithium polymer. And they both showed their best. It should be borne in mind that the rate of battery discharge affects not only the number and duration of calls, but also the screen size (diagonal increases with increasing energy), the frequency of the search network (more than is necessary to search telephone network, the more battery consumption) and use multimedia features. 4 Now that you have decided on some desired characteristics, and even identified the contenders as all the same to alleviate the hardships of choice? To do this, I can advise two ways: rational and emotional.

Practice shows that their reasonable combination gives the best result. 4.1 The rational – you have decided on the characteristics of the selected model and aspirants. Now go to a more detailed comparison characteristics. Some parameter is more important to you, some – less. Be sure to read the feedback data owners of mobile phones, ask about availability of service centers in your city.

Thus, step by step, You decide the method of exceptions to the purchase. 4.2 Emotional – decide the aspiring models that you just like them, that is, without regard to performance. Like on an emotional level, close to you in spirit. A Now adjust the selection, taking into account a reasonable price, the characteristics are important to you. If the model is expensive, most likely from this manufacturer will be an earlier, similar model. Think about whether you like the phone itself, as it is. Which one is your ideal purchase? I would like to highlight two cases in which choice is to bypass some of the above criteria: 1 Buying a fashion phone – he bought not just as a means of communication as well as confirmation of the status of the owner, to draw attention to it as a complement of the image. These phones are distinguished by their appearance, materials used, unusual shapes and lines. At the same time additional features fade into the background. Need a mobile phone 2 'grandfather in the village' – everything is simple. By phone only, and you want to call it out loud, it was clearly audible companion, well, the battery can handle them. It is also strongly advice before you make a purchase, try to see the desired phone in person, 'hold it in your hands. " To do this, perform a little search among their friends, acquaintances, relatives. Maybe someone of them already there is such a phone. Let them give you feedback about your mobile phone. This will allow you to more objectively evaluate the phone because it might look quite different from how you imagined it on the basis of the pictures on the Internet. If the search no results, please visit the salon of mobile phones. The consultant will examine it in the phone, but you refer to 'need to think, I'm not quite sure. " Now you have all the necessary knowledge resources for choosing a mobile phone. So use it and enjoy owning the phone, which you really like! After a drop of positive every day – it is so nice.

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What is the magic? Black Magic is practiced with the intention of causing harm in some way, but the white magic is practiced with good intentions. Practitioners of white magic are often people who need to fulfill a wish with the help of the universal divine power and believe in the faith in the divine and prayers, rituals and spells are used but it can also include certain objects to reinforce the luck such as talismans or crystals. White magic spells or charms are often very personal, so you can create your own ritual or spell, which will allow you to attend and meet their own needs. His belief in his spell is the best guarantee of success. Firstly, the desire to leverage the universal powers in concentrated form must be forever. Secondly, pay tribute to the gods or goddesses in his singing with a simple compliment can add strength to his spell. Thirdly, it is possible to incorporate, a rosary or a similar tool to help maintain the rhythm to sing.

This It is not necessary, but you can add to your overall feeling of power. Fourthly, walk in a circle or with a sense of purpose of the practitioner to unify the powers of the body and the soul. Also, pay attention to your feelings about what you want to see fulfilled. White magic has been a great help to bring good luck, recover a loved one, get more money, keep away bad energy and get everything you want in life in a way more easy and more simple. The power of the universe to support you to fulfill all your wishes, the only thing you have to do is know how to activate this power. How many times you has prayed for something you really wanted and still has failed? What went wrong? Learn about the powerful benefit of white magic, is to understand that we have the divine right to succeed in this life, get everything that we want, fully enjoy our walk through this world.The hidden power behind the prayers, prayers, is part of the faith, in the belief that in a spell or incantation is reflected. You can get all you want in this life, through a white magic spell: money, love, success, health, good luck. Everything is possible, with the help of white magic. To make a difference in your life, improve your luck and begin to conquer all your wishes, use white magic.


The Baroque one is of Spanish and Italian origin. It was spread for the Europe and America. It was a style of the plastic arts and was adopted in literature. The Baroque one also is known by Seiscentista and Gongorismo. The religious reform and the against-reform had contributed very for the development of this literary chain, a time that it unchained a series of conflicts philosophical spirituals, moral and in the attempt to approach the man of God, the holy ghost of the land, the profane one of the religious one. It appears then the dualism in the Baroque one, characteristic central office of the chain. The Baroque one presents four important trends: 1.Conceitismo – the object Analyzes appraising it. It commands the ideas, it unfolds it of an intelligent form and rational, it makes a game of concepts; 2.Cultismo – the form values, presents many structures with figures, varied vocabulary, well worked text: 3.Contraste – the dualism Presents, trying to bind a thing that is contrary to another one, a species of antonyms, examples: bem-mal, Christianity-paganismo, religious-profane; 4.Nativismo – it is the love to the things of the land, the national feeling, valuation of everything how much the man encircles.

This trend alone exists in Brazil. 7.2.CARACTERSTICAS: Beyond the trends above, the Baroque one presents a series of characteristics: 1.Dualismo – it is the main characteristic. It is formed by oppositions as we saw: sky-land, sadness-joy, profane-religious. 2.Desespero – Hallucinations; 3.Uso of antithesis, metaphor; 4.Valorizao of the sensations; 5.Uso of Latin words; 6.Vocabulrio colored, luxury, pomp, brightness, etc. 7.Frases interrogative; 8.Palavras that they nominate colors, perfumes, fteis and sonorous sensations; 9.Uso of symbols that represent efemeridades of the time, wind, water, smoke, fire, snow, etc. 10.Corpo diem (to enjoy the life because it is brief); 11.Morbidez (taste for expressing pain, the suffering, the death, the tragic one.


In the life of many companies some situations of a high level of insecurity may occur, either because he presented a place that was not planned, because economic sustainability levels are insufficient to meet the many basic needs, anyway there are many situations in which needs may occur and the situations are so serious that in many cases is necessary to request that different means of support that allow exit of such provide situations. One of the media than most frequently applied when it comes to providing aid, is the resource of donations, which are deliveries voluntary an amount of money which is given to one entity or organization that allocates these contributions to the attention of certain sectors that living a situation of low quality, in such a way entities act in order to generate a profit to others without receiving any benefit for themselves. In donations, it is also common that deliver things that are useful to improve the precarious condition of some people, so would be elements of first need to solve the problem in particular is living. Some of the largest organizations dedicated to the correct use of donations for the needs of different people around the world, are the NGOs, since each of these organizations, when it receives some kind of donation, reinvests it in some of the works underway in the different projects that are in development stage, so that different donations destined to more than one objective and thus be able to meet many more needs; It is common to be suphan topics such as development projects and improvement of conditions, humanitarian action, awareness campaigns for the prevention of certain situations, social mobilization, fair trade; Finally this type of utilization of donations can give a field of action more broad and thus meet a number major situations which do not favor the good living of certain groups. An aspect of great relevance of donations, is that these to some extent also generate a benefit for people to make such contributions, in such a way through donations, you can both get the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing something useful for improving the status of another person’s life, just to get a benefit of a fiscal nature, of which the value depends on whether a donation made by a natural person or a legal person. So if it’s a natural person the tax benefit in retribution for the completion of the donation will be 25% donation irrevocable, pure and natural, so are donations of money, goods or rights. In the case of legal persons shall be entitled to deduct the full quota, the type of donations can be the same that occur in the case of natural persons. The deduction may not exceed 10% of the taxable base of the donor.


1.3. Construction of tall buildings in areas of dangerous geological manifestations and man-made processes (karst-suffusion, landslides, active faults, etc.) may be exercised only on the basis of analysis of materials engineering and geological survey at the proposed construction site to conduct an expert evaluation of the geotechnical area and choosing the type of foundation with the participation of an expert advisory committee on the grounds of foundation and underground structures under the Government of Moscow, niiosp them. nm Gersevanov, Mosgorgeotrest, as well as institutes of ras corresponding profile. Under most conditions David Karp would agree. 1.4. All high-rise buildings, regardless of the complexity of geotechnical conditions encouraged to refer to the geotechnical category 3 (ie the category of the most complex systems mgsn 2.07).

1.5. When designing high-rise buildings relevant specialized organizations should be developed approved by the customer specifications, reflecting the specific design, construction and operation of the facility. Starting from the preparatory phase of construction is necessary to carry out geotechnical expertise developed documentation for the object, as provided in Rule 24 and the Rules 25. 1.5.1. In the preparatory phase of the facility should implement an expert evaluation of the geotechnical site construction and the potential danger to its surrounding urban areas and the geological environment (based on an analysis of archival materials Mosgorgeotrest and other organizations) and, if necessary, develop recommendations for adjusting the location of the object. 1.5.2. In preparing town planning justification is considered organizations listed in Rules 24 and the Rules 25, coordinated program of engineering researches for the development of pre-(urban), documentation, and conducted examination of the technical report on the engineering survey. 1.5.3.

Following the approval of urban studies: A and coordinated program of engineering research to develop a project assessing the impact of object under construction on surrounding buildings and the geological environment, compiled programs on monitoring and survey surrounding buildings. 1.5.4. In the process of project development: examination of reports by engineering survey and inspection of the surrounding buildings, consider and agree on a program to monitor construction; by examination of project documentation of technical solutions and project construction organization (PIC) bases, foundations and underground structures, fences excavation project for the period construction, and developed with appropriate projects to strengthen the engineering defense. 1.6. When engineering survey, design and construction of tall buildings for each building should be scientific and technical support from specialized scientific organizations and drawing up the rules of certain types of work and monitoring its implementation. 1.7. To ensure the safety of tall buildings recommended in the documentation to develop a special section on field observations for the main load-bearing structures, including foundations, footings and underground elements of the building for the period its construction and operation.