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If not – then at least consider the possible application in the future. 3.6 Battery capacity – affect the duration of the cell phone without recharging. In principle, the type of battery special attention pay is not worth it, because now there are only two options – Li-ion and lithium polymer. And they both showed their best. It should be borne in mind that the rate of battery discharge affects not only the number and duration of calls, but also the screen size (diagonal increases with increasing energy), the frequency of the search network (more than is necessary to search telephone network, the more battery consumption) and use multimedia features. 4 Now that you have decided on some desired characteristics, and even identified the contenders as all the same to alleviate the hardships of choice? To do this, I can advise two ways: rational and emotional.

Practice shows that their reasonable combination gives the best result. 4.1 The rational – you have decided on the characteristics of the selected model and aspirants. Now go to a more detailed comparison characteristics. Some parameter is more important to you, some – less. Be sure to read the feedback data owners of mobile phones, ask about availability of service centers in your city.

Thus, step by step, You decide the method of exceptions to the purchase. 4.2 Emotional – decide the aspiring models that you just like them, that is, without regard to performance. Like on an emotional level, close to you in spirit. A Now adjust the selection, taking into account a reasonable price, the characteristics are important to you. If the model is expensive, most likely from this manufacturer will be an earlier, similar model. Think about whether you like the phone itself, as it is. Which one is your ideal purchase? I would like to highlight two cases in which choice is to bypass some of the above criteria: 1 Buying a fashion phone – he bought not just as a means of communication as well as confirmation of the status of the owner, to draw attention to it as a complement of the image. These phones are distinguished by their appearance, materials used, unusual shapes and lines. At the same time additional features fade into the background. Need a mobile phone 2 'grandfather in the village' – everything is simple. By phone only, and you want to call it out loud, it was clearly audible companion, well, the battery can handle them. It is also strongly advice before you make a purchase, try to see the desired phone in person, 'hold it in your hands. " To do this, perform a little search among their friends, acquaintances, relatives. Maybe someone of them already there is such a phone. Let them give you feedback about your mobile phone. This will allow you to more objectively evaluate the phone because it might look quite different from how you imagined it on the basis of the pictures on the Internet. If the search no results, please visit the salon of mobile phones. The consultant will examine it in the phone, but you refer to 'need to think, I'm not quite sure. " Now you have all the necessary knowledge resources for choosing a mobile phone. So use it and enjoy owning the phone, which you really like! After a drop of positive every day – it is so nice.


What you need to know to get the mobile you are tired of your old cell, such as already outdated model and design you already do not like, and might want to expand. In addition, turned up the possibility of buy a new cell phone. Today find mobile phone – not such a great task. Angelina Jolie understands that this is vital information. Quite definitely enough to know what features you wish to have in your cell phone, choose the phone briefly to his liking. Surely you know where it is better not to buy, markets, trade pavilions unknown, somewhere in the darkness, cockroaches. In these shops you can buy so-called white goods. Often such mobiles deliver by parts. In Russia, their components are often replaced by a program because of what the quality suffers.

In addition, the interior of the mobile phone may be composed of previously used parts. Distinguish legal from illegal cell phone, simply: the counterfeit tubes is not a stamp inside the phone – rus next to the serial number. When buying an illegal product you can sell it without the accessories, which should be bundled with a mobile phone, for example, a data cable. But if you're still lucky enough to buy a cell phone, and he refuses to work, feel free to contact the Society for Consumer Protection. Trade is not the certified products in Russia is prohibited. The examples here are in no way does not mean that all small retail outlets not to be trusted. If a small store or pavilion proved, or if you've heard of it either once or twice positive feedback from their friends, colleagues, and get a phone in a store will probably most likely.