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Princess Fiona

In the depression the person sees itself, the events and the future negatively. Anxiety disorders tend to interpret certain concrete as threatening or dangerous situations. Shrek presents a clearly irrational thoughts: I’m not more than an ugly and stupid selfish OGRE I’m better alone. You understand that your appearance according to the ugly and horrible, not make acceptable to the rest of the world and anyone you can to love him. For this reason, lies behind multiple layers that used as shields to protect themselves from the outside. They are immersed in a vicious circle of bad thoughts that are causing a huge emotional suffering. These irrational thoughts are those that cause you to feel abandoned and rejected permanently. His conduct – incorrectly treat others to let him only my swamp is mia, mia and nobody else, and less of a useless, pathetic and talkative donkey – is a consequence also of these thoughts, because really does not feel this towards donkey.

You can overcome this suffering only if he can consciously replace them by others more reasonable. Their mental processes have supremacy on their emotions, and tries to hide them by isolating the world and focusing on himself. Princess Fiona, who has been bewitched and changes its appearance (the day is a Princess and night an ogra) has a few thoughts similar to Shrek in the sense that if they discover their nighttime appearance be undesirable and rejected by all. Thinking that it may be discovered when is an ogra makes you suffer greatly. Based on the list of cognitive errors presented by Beck (adapted by Feixas and Miro, 1993), can identify hasty conclusions, based on his perception that ugly people are rejectable applies to itself without justification and presupposing what others may think. When given the end of the spell in the wedding and realizes that, despite not being a pretty Princess but an ugly ogre, Shrek wants her and fully accepts, begins to perceive events real and not biased, i.e., that the fact of being ugly doesn’t mean that it can not be loved.

Helmut Foundation Newton

The Helmut Foundation Newton of Berlin sets out for the first time 300 instantaneous images of the photographer of the sensuality. It used them in publishing houses fashionable by the urgency to know the result. A book with a selection compiled by the widow of Newton is also published. When in 1992 he published the book Pola Woman, Helmut photographer Newton (1920-2004), that already was a world-wide openwork eminence, was criticized because the images, when being Polaroid snapshots, did not have the finished habitual technician in their work, were not sufficiently perfect. ” That is what it makes exciting, spontaneity, the speed ” , it responded.

The intimate relation of Newton with the Polaroid film of immediate developing returns to be clear in the exhibition of 300 unpublished photos, used by like bosquejos or previous for some of the hundreds of publishing houses fashionable, sensual and erotic notes, that laid the foundations the fame of the retratista. Helmut Newton Polaroids is in poster in soothes central of the Helmut Foundation Newton in Berlin (Germany). In parallel to the sample multinlnge is published in version the book of the same title (Taschen). To know ‘ beforehand; look’ of the photo From the Seventies Newton it used with assiduity the Polaroid film. In some occasion it adduced that the instantaneous photos satisfied their urgency to know the results, look of the situations, without having to happen before through the laboratory. They were as the book of bocetos of the photographer to try if its idea were attainable, besides allowing him to verify the illumination and the composition.

Many of the Polaroid presented/displayed in Berlin, selected and compiled by the widow of the artist, have in wild notes written by hand raised by Newton in the same moment in which the photo was revealed. Been born in Berlin, although resident throughout their life in Singapore, Australia, London, Paris, Monte Carlo and Los Angeles (where she died after an automobile accident), Newton was one of the favorite photographers of several of international editions of Rows. Also it worked for Elle, Marie Claire, Playboy, Vanity Fair and Stern. It published numerous books and it established a style, very imitation, based on the anatomical voyeurismo and bodegones, where the feminine bodies appeared equipped with a dominant and illuminated presence with as cold perfection as germanic.


044 I surrender. me to you. Awake collection. Waldylei Yepez.doc my emotions flying through my silence, and at nightfall, my stars are adorned celebrating your presence amidst them, illuminating as Suns that brighten the shadows of the night, and all together dancing to the sound of your voice, voice that becomes singing voice that I Coos like a warm Iio0p mantle here, amor de mis amores. The single, the greatest of all. Iio0p here giving me complete, full and sweetly your eyes, your hands, your love. Iio0p tan enamorada de ti, wanting to deliver few kisses can give you my lips, wanting to hold me on the longest of hugs.

My Sun, my Sun sweet. Walk with me in this Moonlight, through beautiful flowers looking for me and that I’ve given many times, all, absolutely all I have saved them. All the details that you’ve had with me have put them in a glass box, so that they remain intact and time can never erase everything you have given me, so is my love, my dear love, I have not forgotten or I forget, do not I will forget those overwhelmed kisses of love, all and each one of your details, all and each one of your words that made me dream, live in the most beautiful and wonderful illusions. My love, I give myself to you in each of my words, in each of my caresses and each of my kisses. Worthy you are, worthy of all the love that can get to feel and give a woman. Worthy of being loved with purity, worthy of being dreamed of so much longing, worthy to give me complete to your kisses. Lights of hope I see in your eyes, I see ways that we will cross taken from hands, I see two worlds United and fused into one single, so I see both dream, so much love! My love, my beloved, I surrender to you I give my arms.

Paulson Sector

But there are other questions about the automotive sector that would be preventing that aid through concluded. In relation to this, Paulson made it clear his thinking on the matter by saying that the granting of State funds would only delay renewal who considered that these automotive must undergo to be competitive again against its European and Asian rivals. If it is as Paulson, could probably impose conditions on aid for a restructuring of these companies plan directed and controlled by the U.S. Government and thus prevent the collapse of the sector. The problems of efficiency of the US automotive sector that require a deep restructuring to be solved, come when some time ago in the debate. Therefore, that is at this time that several lawmakers leverage to throw them on the managers of these companies face their responsibilities by the situation.

Meanwhile, since the U.S. Senate, it was decided to postpone the vote which had been scheduled for today about the rescue plan for the sector. Despite the postponement, the leaders of the U.S. Congress.UU. pledged yesterday to work on a rescue plan for the auto industry, but they conditioned him Detroit’s big three to submit a viability plan to 2 December next. In relation to the above, the President of the House of representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, said: until they show us a plan, we can not teach them the money. While it postpones the discussion about the possibility of a bailout, to these companies in the automotive sector is not them too long in life.

It is estimated that General Motors has financing and equity for two or three weeks, from which, could file for bankruptcy. In the case of Ford, the company decided to sell a package of 20% of its shares in the Japanese automaker Mazda (reducing their participation to 13%), to achieve short-term liquidity, which expects to obtain about $538 million. What happens with the American automotive sector? What you could say is that it is too big to fall and the experience of the American Government with Lehman Brothers makes them aware about the terrible consequences that can have the collapse of the sector for the American economy.