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4. The conditions of Paypal are abusive and are constantly changing, between its pages of conditions the lack of legislation can be seen International on this type of companies. According to its conditions PayPal can proactively block a user accounts without having to provide further explanations. There are numerous threads in forums that explain this kind of abuse by Paypal and there are even formed associations of users who have filed lawsuits. 5 Paypal can repossess the balance of the account indefinitely, in the same way that in point 4 to retrieve the foreclosed quantities you will need many formalities and patience, since their customer service is almost as efficient as e-Bay.

And of course the foreclosed quantities will be guarded by Paypal throughout the investigation. 6. The user always has the lose with any problems that may arise to be PayPal the sole judge the decision that best suits you to the company. If the user receives a payment made with a stolen credit card funds will be seized him, if the money is lost to manage the collection the user will have to perform countless procedures to opt to retrieve it, whether as buyer does not receive the product only will receive a portion of the amount provided that they can seize those funds to the seller. 7 Paypal accounts are a very desired by cyber-criminals loot, it is common to receive fake emails masquerading as eBay or Paypal with the hope of having access to the accounts of their users. Although PayPal is not the only company that has been a victim of spoofing that it is true that is one of them who suffer most. Using PayPal means that accept the business ethics of this company and expected to act honestly for reasons of prestige, but due to the lack of a legal framework covering this type of activity is not an institution which offers guarantees to its users. By Carlos Cabezas Lopez (more information at): original author and source of the article

Magic Fire

We will analyze, in the present work, the workmanship Rockets of king (or the war) of the group Twine of the Magic Fire. The pernambucano group presented this poetry in palco of Stadium of the Maracan, during the ceremony of opening of XV the Games Pan-Americans River 2007, with the thematic one of the energy of the man, the diversity and the Brazilian cultural plurality by means of manifestations of traditional dances of some regions, as reisado and maracatu. We choose the poetry presented for portraying of discerning and musical form the Brazilian reality and the present religious mixture in our brasilidade. The union of the poetry with the rhythms of African origin, created for the Twine of the Magic Fire, placed the Twine Literature in a position of cultural prominence, valuing the traditions and the culture of a people, root of the only genuinely Brazilian literature, standing out the importance of this analysis and this group in the national cultural context. The history of the Twine of the Magic Fire Initially, Twine of the Magic Fire was a spectacle that made much success in Arcoverde/PE, where music occupied the space of linking with the poetry. To the lyricism of the compositions it was added rhythmic and meldica force of tambores of cult-African, to the Brazilian musicalidade, projecting the poetical texts to the cultural spheres and the great circuit of shows and entertainment, according to Wikipedia. The name of the band, according to Clayton Adobe, one of its integrant ones, originates from the fusing of the terms Twine, synonymous of history in the region of Pernambuco, verbal literature and writing; the Fire, that is the more representative natural element of our existence, of the Fogueiras of Is Joo, of the sun and the burnt land; the Magic one that the apocalyptic and predictive vision of the mysteries between the sky and the land would stand out.