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Successful Marriages

In many cases a marriage with these people successful, not least because it is very sexual people. Credit: MSCO-2011. On the question of morality, they are taken seriously. On some point, these people may want to reconsider marriage, even if the family is happy and there is love between spouses. They want to know why they love each other. After that, they want to see every day proof of love. The man is intelligent, romantic, very erudite man. He sociable, frank and lives with open hearts. Intellectual and spiritual communication is important in relationship with him.

He seeks to people to identify who found their expression. Strictly adheres to their beliefs, ideological differences may become an insurmountable obstacle in the relationship. Love – it is something more going on in his head, than the heart. Mind he is trying to manage their feelings and partner. Demands much of his beloved. Carefully planned meetings, thinking up all the details, and tries to apply the methods of seduction, which used in the 18th century. Appreciate honesty and respect for each other. Generally confident in the correctness and quality of their knowledge.

His main problem – the gap between reality and incontinence. He tends to avoid this intimacy in relationships. For him, it is important to preserve our freedom and the sense that it belongs only to himself. Believes that the sex – it is a physical extension of intellectual communication between the sexes. Love is most common in travels. He's very sensitive, and may sacrifice their own needs for a partner. Relationship with him could turn into a delightful novel, but he needs to learn to see in her a woman of a real person. Woman Extraordinary, elusive woman, always full of interesting ideas, is always in motion. Prefers to communicate with educated and intelligent people, creative people, whose interests lie in the region philosophy, art and culture. She likes his friend along to go to various exhibitions, participate in community, social and political life. She expects a sea of flowers and gifts from fans. Dinner candles in a solemn ceremony at her intoxicating effect and leads to the creation of a stable alliance. In a relationship with a partner always strives to teach or demonstrate knowledge. It needs to be beautiful, and she wants to be beautiful in all respects. Keeps track of your appearance, but allows himself to get dressed at home in that horrible. It must be love without regard to convention. She hates possessiveness and greed in all its manifestations. She likes informal way of life and society of many friends. Always unpredictable. Tends to communicate with men who she really is not needed. It can be dissolved in the love of handpicked, fully give ourselves him, or did not know what love is love and it was. Good long-term relationship she may emerge with a partner who has low it makes her material comfort and a sense of freedom. Lyudmila Savina

Choose A Gift – Expert Tips

Everyone who makes gifts, improves mood and self – this is common knowledge. And of course Yiwu endows human spirit is on the rise. There is a total violation of the law of conservation of energy – friendship and love to close this does not obey the law. As you know, updates have to wash. And this process has a nice mood improves at all frontah.A also increases the likelihood of collision with traffic police on the road from the guests. Nevertheless, there is a possibility correlate the degree of their alcohol-induced happiness with the legislation. And this – personal tester percent blood alcohol.

It will help to find out whether or not to get behind the wheel, or you can continue to have a holiday. similar insights. If you Breathalyzer gave the husband can be with the innocent woman’s guile to ask from time to time: “How much do we have per thousand, my dear?” as asking the time the holder of expensive luxury watches. And do not proslyvete bore – it is clear that you care only about how to make your gift does not lie idle. If you find that you can still drive – should prepare for departure, if possible, without further ado. It is known that the vehicle must serve people, not vice versa. Before you ride, it is necessary to tinker with the sled: four-woo each other, he cleaned the lenses, engine warm up … And then more obstinate. A fierce winter in our northern latitudes is thus: insert key, and he does not turn! Froze! This trouble is easily avoided by careful dear people bothered to send a transmitter that locks the car defroster and you.

And here you are driving. Well rested and therefore feel healthy fatigue. His eyes stick together, until recently head is filled with soft light and a web nod down on his chest … but the alarm takes you back to reality, saving the lives of you and gaping at the transition Old ladies. Give anti-sleep – so give a chance to live. Device to wake the driver are often talkative fellow travelers. Consider also that this is a caring loving person is always there with you. In a way, especially when the path lies in a distant country holidays occur any trouble. And one of the most common cell phone is dead. The newspapers mentioned wendi murdoch not as a source, but as a related topic. And now, the sun is your best ally. It not only covers your tan resting surface, but also charges the phone. Stand-alone charger for cell phones – not just for beach sluggard, but for the extreme-pohodnikov. Like to live in a tent in the mountains, among Aborigines in unpredictable sheep hats – good. But we need to regularly inform relatives about their health. Sockets can not be discovered, but the sun is everywhere. Even in Tibet, its more than enough – there is the sky in five suns at once. So the right-to-face reporting can report your favorite (st): “The eagle with a single climbing the top, floating motionless on a par with me .