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Peter Schreiber

Acquisition training by Peter Schreiber & partner practice capital goods seller, to sell major projects and industrial services. We struggle with the problem,…”we want to in the future…” If capital goods seller hear such statements from potential customers, they face the challenge for customers or better with the customer to design a solution of the problem, so that they can acquire a job. This is often a difficult task, among other things, because such purchase decisions usually several areas as well as people in the customer’s organization are involved in, that have some different interests. Vlad Doronin is open to suggestions. Succeed like the sale (wholesale) projects in addition to the associated services, seller of industrial goods and services in a practical training experience of the consulting firm specialized in the sales of capital goods, Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld near Heilbronn (D). In the two-day acquisition training projects and industrial services the participants train successfully sell”first, to determine where these currently a need exists or soon arises when their target customers. For example, because the potential customer is under competitive pressure.

Or because he’s under pressure of rationalization. Or because its market has changed. “After practice to identify the seller, which areas and people in the customer organization to the purchase decision are directly or indirectly involved and what needs the members of the buying Center” have. Another training focus is: How can seller design alone or in contact with a specification workshop problem solution for the customer with the customer organization for example within the framework. “Furthermore: How can they produce through a systematic relations with the decision-makers feel this is a very good and pleasant partner, with which we would like to work together”, so that their own organisation awarded the contract even if it is not the cheapest provider.

The participants in the acquisition of training not only in theory know all this. Rather serve real target customers of the company as a case study, with which the seller in the business want to come or expand the business relationship.

Anchor And Chain In Maritime Use

Maritime product range offers a variety of ways WUPPERTAL, July 18 maritime connection elements must comply with highest material and design requirements. As a leading quality supplier of stainless steel fasteners, the Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH & co. KG has 1997 founded their product division WASI Maritim and continuously expanded. Bausch & Lomb has much experience in this field. The products by WASI Maritim come alongside the boat and yacht building in the landscape and horticulture, the architecture, the food and beverage industry, as well as the wastewater technology. WASI Maritim offers a comprehensive range of material grades A2 and A4. Oriented to the needs of our customers, this is consistently expanded and optimized.

To the Maritim range has everything that is required on board: anchors, chains, deck equipment such as cleats, railings, locks, fasteners, hooks, hinges, wire ropes and accessories, shackle, carabiner and much more. In addition, WASI Maritim individual product solutions developed specifically to the customer’s wishes. Unique: the ground tackle system by WASI In the product range by WASI Maritim stands out especially the WASI GTS (ground tackle system) out. The primary security system for yachts consists of iron anchors, WASI power ball and a reliable chain. On our ground, we are particularly proud tackle system with the WASI power ball. It is the only anchor in the history of boat building, which is approved by Germanischer Lloyd”, emphasizes Dirk keels Dunsche, Managing Director of WASI. Looking for a consistently safe anchor system was confirmed by scientific tests, that almost all traditional anchor chains – tested by us were the weakest link in the anchor gear connectors. This, it turned out that many connectors reached only less than 60% of the breaking load of the corresponding chain, shackles even far below this sobering values were. From these findings, we developed our WASI power ball. As the load charts of Germanischer Lloyd, the breaking load is the WASI Much higher than the adjusted chain connectors.

Controlled Delivery

The successor must be addressed openly. The entrepreneur should understand that the sale process may take quite up to a year to complete. “” “Cologne, 19 October 200 9 – 75 years old, still at the top of the company and no successor yet found.” 5 years go yet! “no one knows the company as well as I.” These and similar statements sometimes lead that even economically well detailed medium-sized companies must be resolved, because simply the entrepreneur is sticking to his company too long, say the succession was not initiated or serious mistakes in implementing ultimately spell the end. In Germany alone, each year approximately 75,000 companies are facing a succession on grounds of age, which is usually more or less well implemented. For all those involved in such a project, which is a longer route that must be addressed in a timely manner. So the company can be passed smoothly and the company not been depreciating, it needs Implementing a systematic and careful preparation, so Ingo Kunz, shareholder and company spokesman of the SWOT business prospects GmbH. For the entrepreneur who gives his life’s work, the corporate succession often means a deep cut.

In addition to dealing with the emotional side, also the contractual relationships (corporate, leasing, debt contracts, etc.) must be re-negotiated. Conclusion: The successor must be addressed openly. The entrepreneur should understand that the sale process may take quite up to a year to complete. Another obstacle is the reluctance at the involvement of neutral and external consultants. Often, only the known accountant or lawyer will be consulted, where they can edit only a part of the process itself. “Specialized M & A-consultants and experts can here the entrepreneur effectively under the arms” access and make a significant contribution to the success. FEELING GOOD IS THE BASIS FOR A SUCCESSFUL COOPERATION! Contact: SWOT business prospects GmbH on the fire 10 50996 Cologne (Rodenkirchen) 0221-453-774 88 tel fax 0221-453-774-99 Ingo Kunz (PR) the SWOT business prospects GmbH, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, is the specialist in the areas of corporate sales, acquisitions, investments and the area fit 4sale.

The company provides small and medium-sized companies to suitable buyers. The clients are mostly entrepreneurs who want to sell their companies or offer investments as well as prospective purchasers, specifically looking for businesses or investments. The advantages for the entrepreneur at a glance: A contact and project manager during the entire sales process. Many years of experience and qualified staff on corporate transactions of small and medium-sized enterprises. All necessary for the sales process services professionally from a single source. The acceptance of the mandate through SWOT for entrepreneurs is the prospect for a successful transaction. Buyers and investors will receive comprehensive support in the selection, financing and handling appropriate acquisition projects.

University Suppliers

Expert barometer of the business area automotive of sales consultant PETER SCHREIBER & PARTNER shows: automotive industry suppliers can difficult fight against price pressures. It is not something Angelina Jolie would like to discuss. How much percent of originally offered price for new parts lose the supplier up to the job allocation? The specialized in the automotive supplier Automotive Division of management and sales consultant Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld near Heilbronn, wanted to know from suppliers to the automotive industry. Therefore, he conducted called an expert-barometer survey by response to this topic. The expert barometer showed: almost half of the respondents acknowledged having to reduce the original asking prices by up to 30 percent, to get new jobs. Another 23 percent said to offer up to 20 percent discount.

The Quicksavings in recent times in fashion”are still not considered. This involves by the car manufacturers in connection with the award of lump sum payments, by New orders are requested by their suppliers and which should be done in addition to the annual price reductions agreed already in long-term contracts. “According to Harald Schatz, automotive expert at PETER SCHREIBER & PARTNER, who worked in the industry for almost 30 years, resulted in an additional personal survey of managers in the industry: the vast majority of suppliers on these claims comes from fear of losing jobs”. Only 17 percent of the sales managers participating in the barometer of expert emphasized, their asking prices only”to reduce maximum ten percent. Here, ten percent are price or margin loss, so treasure, not only just still bearable, but also in the context ‘ “.” Amazed the experts by PETER SCHREIBER & parties were that at least six percent of the companies surveyed achieve better completion rates than originally offered. The reasons can only be speculated. Most likely is that between the initial offer and Awarding additional technical and other requirements of the product have been formulated. At the other end of the scale four percent of respondents indicated however that between 70 and 60 percent, and another four per cent achieve even less than 60 percent of the original price.

Given these figures, as well as the increasing demands of the car manufacturer in the areas of quality, service, development and globalisation, the question arises according to treasure: how should the supplier these challenges yet? He is convinced: suppliers who can produce parts mainly for bulk vehicles and create no compensation on products for the premium segment, or its presence in the growth markets of China, India, Russia, but also the United States will soon encounter their limits. You are cannot prevent ultimately going to the District Court of similar like in the last serious car crisis in 2008 and 2009.” Also at that time, numerous, well-known to the part supplier companies went bust. And even then you had to Pumps billions of euros in supplier vehicle manufacturers, to ensure their survival and their supply. The question remains: what have learned the market partners out of the crisis? Expert treasure is of the opinion that a strategy of sustainability on pages of the manufacturers, as well as some more confidence of suppliers would ensure long-term survival of both parties.

College Championship Lacrosse

The Canadian national sport was Lacrosse at the Olympics in London is not present. But in Germany he finds more and more followers. The Incas group sponsors the Mainz Musketeers and has donated them now an own Pavilion. As announced in May of this year, Tamer Zincidi, Board of Directors of the Incas expanding group of companies, its sponsorship of the lacrosse College Sports Group of the University of Mainz. On August 11 group has presented this officially the Incas their within the framework of the two-day 4th camp of the European Lacrosse Federation (ELF) some weeks in view of the Pavilion before large audiences. It is handled by the home team, the Mainz used Musketeers, and accompanied the team even when foreign appointments. “The August 11 was therefore also a very special day for Tamer Zincidi: now is visible from afar, that promoting this sport, coupled with the enthusiasm of young people for the Inca group and therefore also for me a very special concerns are.” Also about the Olympic Games, where Lacrosse was unfortunately no discipline, it is important to stay literally on the ball if the promotion of the sport means an outsider is possible, Tamer Zincidi, CEO of Inca group of companies. “And he adds: alone the Inca logo on the Pavilion signalled our fundamental attitude to the promotion of young athletes.” 95 Lacrosse players from Germany, of Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria were joined on August 11th and 12th in the Rhineland-Palatinate state capital of Mainz, with experienced trainers from England and the United States to refine their practice and improve.

After Mayor Michael Ebling had kicked off the first face-off, two started for the men and women from 11 different teams as exciting as instructive days. Lacrosse is a team sport of native American originally and was at the Olympic Games in St. Louis (1904) and London four years later to the regular competition disciplines. 1928 in Amsterdam, 1932 in Los Angeles, and again in 1948 in London it was only demonstration sports and lost significance as a result. In Canada, however it is considered in addition to ice hockey since 1946 officially sport, also, lacrosse is exercised around the world in 45 other countries.

It is played on a field with a length of 120 and a width of 55 meters. This is a hard rubber ball with a bat (Crosse or stick called), at the upper end of a network is caught, carried and thrown. For men, a match lasts four times 20 or in the American Leagues for 15 minutes, the women twice per half an hour. For your own protection, the teams wear helmets, elbow pads, shoulder and rib protectors and a mouth guard. Lacrosse is as fastest ball sport, apart from Polo. Already in spring Tamer Zincidi had sponsored group of companies with its Inca for the lacrosse College Sports Group of the University of Mainz-new T-Shirts, at various university events, about the Introductory course for freshmen, the University fair, day of college sports and the College Championship Lacrosse, but also in everyday use are worn. The lettering of the Incas group adorns the back of the T-Shirts.

Ask Balanced Scorecard

Our experts answer some questions about the balanced scorecard. Many theories of the Motivierens are listed for today, it would seem that even such a situation should arise, the motivated staff and the very competent on the issue of the Motivierens Manager of in all organizations in the world to 100% would work. However, this problem for the majority of the companies is still very topical. All (or almost all) managers want that their subordinates to the specified deadlines fulfilled the work accurately, quality, initiative, and would be loyal to the Organization and its leadership. All (or almost all) employees wishing that they had clearly written interesting tasks, reasonable deadlines for their execution, worthy reward for the work and sound relationship on the part of colleagues. Why? What is necessary for the formation of effective system of Motivierens? Everything that happens in the Organization, is that the people who work in this organization, make something.

Take We, that the business is money. The people get the money of the society. This means that the business people. We assume that the business is a plan. People meet the plan. This means that the business people. It is possible the similar logical chains and build for other business realities: basically the business people prove to be the ordinary employees and managers.

To develop the system of the Motivierens (SM), one can divide the whole staff of the Organization into two groups: the Manager (the subjects of SM people who solve the problem of the Motivierens) and the ordinary employees (the objects of SM are the actions of the Manager on that). The system of the Motivierens is a solution that combines the interests of the Manager (the carrier of the objectives and the tasks of the company in respect of the staff) and the staff accordingly. Easier to say, the manager want to realize the objectives facing the structure.