Video Recorders

The monitor is constantly connected to the camera videopaneli, and therefore it can be used to view the territory near the door before leaving the apartment. And of course, how video phone without calling panel. It is placed on the front door. Calling panel are like locks, and overhead, with miniature color or black and white camera, by the way, the sensitivity of black and white video cameras is higher than in color. In calling panel also includes a call button and infrared illumination, with a range of about 1 pm and that she would worked long and qualitatively, it is necessary to apply the product in vandal-resistant, which ensures stable operation under all weather conditions.

Outside panel can function as one, and with several video monitors, which allows you to install them on sites connected to several apartments at a time. Thus, we can say that an ordinary, simple video phone consists of two main units: Monitor indoor and calling panel – from the outside. In addition to the basic components, video intercom system may contain additional features. These include a block of memory, which makes a video phone kind of video recorder, a storage of 16 to 64 frames of images of visitors by pressing the button takeout. All images can be removed to save and view. There is an opportunity to cover a large area, connecting to a video monitor multiple cameras at the door, elevator, parking.

The important role played by a video intercom locking device with remote control. They are an electromagnetic or electromechanical lock. The difference between them lies in the fact that the electromagnetic lock without power will not work, so he needed a backup power unit, besides the electronic keys or proxi-card. K electromagnetic lock is desirable to set the button to open the door from inside and closer, slowly closing the door. Electromechanical lock in case of power outage is closed and the outside was called prime key.

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