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Portal software Intrexx Xtreme version 4.5 Freiburg, September 23rd, 2008 – after United planet introduced a process manager, and the ability to integrate Web services as one of the first manufacturers of portal software, the company with the version is 4.5 once again new approaches in the field of portal technology. So, it is now possible to replicate your existing LDAP server with all objects user administration with improved user management of Intrexx Xtreme 4.5 for companies. In addition, OUs, groups, and roles in the portal now as well as in the LDAP systems can be built up. In addition, the portal language, in which you start the portal for a user, can be deposited now in user management. This feature should be interesting especially for international companies where staff come not only from Germany.

With the integration of Groovy into the process is Manager of Intrexx Xtreme 4.5 a very flexible interface to process even the most complex Requirements has been created. This dynamic and very easy to use programming language allows, now even more flexible to create Intrexx applications than was previously the case. Programming in Java, filled an entire page, are just a few lines long in Groovy. So, a simple program processes and Web services is possible and Intrexx remains continue to optimally adaptable to future developments. The Office integration version 4.5 simplifies the management also clearly documents via the portal.

A business allows to open it in the portal highlighted word, Excel, and PowerPoint files quickly in Office to edit adapter for MS Office and store without going through the browser by using the previously necessary download and upload mechanisms again in the portal. Thus, United planet picks up an acute issue for many companies: document administrations are increasingly shifting into portals. Due to the close link between of the document management with the Office applications as she now offers Intrexx, which is Maintenance of documents simply and seamlessly. Additional information to the documents can be entered directly in Office and taken over when stored in the portal. So, search operations are facilitated. Integrating Office documents is possible with Intrexx Xtreme already from the MS Office version 2003. Thus, clients can save money, because an upgrade to MS Office 2007 with Intrexx is not necessary. Despite the many new features of Intrexx Xtreme 4.5 is currently not provided for an increase in the royalty rates. Axel Wessendorf, Managing Director of United planet, explains it thus: the number of companies and organizations that opt for Intrexx, is growing rapidly for years. This allows us to kill the development costs on a wide number of users. But, the viewing of the total project cost is much more important for our customers. While the total cost for comparable competitive products through expensive implementation work once again increase by a factor of 6 to 9, you are average implementation costs with Intrexx just once with factor 2 to 3. And that means not only a faster availability of the project, but also lower risk.

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