The Rule

To this end, the Creator divided it into two halves: male, beyond which it remained the name "Adam", and women, called "Eve". Male part – Adam – is inherent in property returns, and women – Eva – a property receipt. Since then, the female part is responsible for ensuring that receive pleasure from the Creator, and men – Adam – for being similar to the Creator, the same loving and giving. If both sides reach an understanding and unite in common action, they will create a single "container" that can accommodate all Higher abundance. Youth return to the biblical story.

Eve wanted to eat certain fruits, as in other words, to get a certain pleasure. "The tree of knowledge" embodies the desire to enjoy that is not available at this stage. After all the preparation has not been completed, and "forbidden fruit" threatens to throw the creation of a spiritual level down, under the rule of selfishness. At first all went well. Adam calmly "walked past the temptation, that is, easily comply with the ban. However, the problem is not the Creator to the creation of "live fast" in the Garden of Eden, and to bring it to perfection. To this end he calls "artful of all" – the snake. Of course, the "serpent" – this is not infamous reptile from the order of scaly. This is a prudent self-interest, which manipulates all of us. Knowing the role of Eve in the common soul, the human ego persuades her to seduce Adam's guilty pleasure to that he is not ready yet.

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