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At the moment the great protagonists of the world of the fashion are the accessories; that they have happened to occupy a primary place in that segment. In the last years the fashion has burst in completely into the sector bijouterie and jewelry shop. Where before one stood out gold and the silver in his traditional formats, all article class of the most varied material and tendencies are exhibited now. Like wood, leathers, seeds, bone, nacre, chorale, stones, pens and plastics of the most varied qualities. I publish, more and more demanding, no longer considers these articles like a luxury but like the detail that personaliza its clothing.

For that reason as much the designer, as the user, bets to the creativity. A good clothes is very important, but often to give a touch him with some accessory, can totally define look and until changing it totally. The possibilities are many. An important necklace, a clasp of felt in a pashmina, an adornment in the hair, a group of bracelets, great ring, but In this 2011 will have seen that the majority of famous they use hoops with pens at all the moments of the day. This is the latest in the fashion and it is completed when instead of to use the pair, only one is used. Look that offers the pens is simple, but he is audacious, likeable, colorful and give to the face a precious frame. My learns all regarding the world of the bijouterie, visiting blog > > Design of Bijouterie and fashionable Accesorios