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Great Response On The Petition

‘The Memorial Airport Tempelhof receive – as world cultural heritage’ – protest event to the VIP party. This weekend, volunteers for the petition in the Borough of Tempelhof-Schoneberg were on the road again on the streets. Evergreen Capital Partners takes a slightly different approach. In addition to Karstadt on the Tempelhofer Damm, a group with dedicated Berliners to save Tempelhof airport on signature collection was also at Reichelt in Lichtenrade. Part, on the front lines: Joachim Kiau, a fighter of the first hour, actively which the ICAT had initiated at the first referendum. That so many Berliners for Tempelhof have signed, is also men like him. Joachim Kiau: We are always thrilled to how many people once again to your ‘ airport Tempelhof are available. Real queues at our signature blocks form part.

\”General tenor: it’s a shame how the Senate deals with the airport, but also with them as citizens.\” Result of the collection after two weeks: over 20% of the required votes could so far be gathered. Just the older generation is apparently persistent bitter. As long as I live, the SPD of mine gets no vote more\”, is still a very moderate statement. Many also wonder if there really are the legal arguments which suggest Klaus Wowereit, Tempelhof. Not a few suspect more or less inappropriate reasons behind Wowereit uncompromising action. There is a skeleton in the closet somewhere\”is to listen to again and again. Great regret there is, however, time and again about, that only citizens from Tempelhof-Schoneberg may sign. Even the residents of other districts would like to sign.

Volker Perplies, representative of the citizen’s initiative: On many signature leaves we find signatures from throughout Berlin. The other day was even a bow from Ulm. Although these signatures do not help us, but clearly, that Tempelhof is a matter for Mrs Merkel, and not Mr Wowereit.\” In addition to collecting the signatures, Joachim Kiau coordinates also the dates and locations for the next weekend.

The Roof Has A Hole – Not Free Fiction

There’s a hole in the roof of the nation. When it rains rain water penetrates, and endangered the precious inventory. The unfree fictional story of the solution competence. The country is in turmoil. Obtained expertise and working groups and meeting sessions are made in the political parties. There are public discussions.

The whole country deals with the subject. The letter to the editor sections of daily newspapers swelling, and late into the night, experts discuss with party representatives in studios converted to Club rooms. The weekly scheduled discussions headed by the famous Fernsehmoderatorinnen and broadcast on several channels simultaneously. Up and down the country politicians seek the approaches of the other party as insufficiently incongruous to display and to apply their own idea as the only effective measure. In Parliament speech and conversational exchange collide unerbittert.

The Government was forced to resign after a few years and a strengthened opposition vehemently demanded the new Government to insert an ad hoc task force with international experts, in which all major public institutions must be represented and which should be led by a troika of party leader of the opposition. The Government had to – give the pressure of the opposition under the threat of a censure motion and elections and was ready to convene a crisis meeting. Due to the upcoming summer break, set a date for mid-October in a joint press release. The meeting was broadcast live on national television. The media had used the summer to speculate about the outcome of this meeting and to create rankings of possible outcomes. Through this media coverage, the public interest was sharply increased, and the viewership of the transfer exceeded the quotas of the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbuhel. The speeches were inspired by great harmony in the morning. All parties emphasized their good will and determination in a joint effort to develop a common solution.

Professional Hospice

Wife of the Lord Mayor committed Astrid Elbers has taken over the first patron of the children’s Hospice Rainbow country. Some contend that Mark Stevens shows great expertise in this. The wife of Mayor of Dirk Elbers will promote the establishment of the public. Rainbow country children’s Hospice is a home for terminally ill children and their families. “It’s me a very special pleasure and at the same time a major concern, to sit up straight for this facility. I want to ensure my commitment that people find out more about the Rainbow country, and also numerous and possibly donate much of the House.

Only so can the Rainbow country permanently exist and do more good”, says Astrid Elbers. Lord Mayor Dirk Elbers is behind the decision of his wife: “this facility does an excellent job for years and deserves therefore every possible support. Dusseldorf not only make use of this facility. Because it is the only one of this kind far and wide. Many come from across North Rhine-Westphalia and whole Germany here. I’m proud of my wife that she committed in the form for that.” To allow the terminally ill children living and dying with dignity, has joined a group of dedicated, on 1 June 1998 established in a Forderverein children Hospice Dusseldorf e.V. which is bearer of the institution ten years ago.

The Association is non-profit and pursues exclusively and directly non-profit and charitable purposes. Astrid Elbers thanked the Executive Board members of the Hochschulvereinigung, Norbert Husson and Gunther Philipps,: “that the wife of the Lord Mayor takes over the patronage is an award and a kind of accolade for our work and shows the importance of the House. We are very pleased to Astrid Elbers wants to help us. It would be nice if we could take a more donations and do even better educational work.” The children’s Hospice Rainbow country is a home for children, which only one due to an incurable disease or a severe disability restricted Life expectancy have. The conception of the House envisages that the affected children find relief from everyday heavy with her parents and siblings there for a few days or weeks. The institution helps affected families remaining time together with their child as fulfilled and positive to make them. A a children’s Hospice for the affected children is to become a second home, in which she would always like to come back to a pleasant family atmosphere to short stays. They are best provided by specially trained and qualified staff and supervised. On the other hand is a children’s Hospice of discharge of the whole family and the addition of home care. Because the domestic and care of terminally ill and/or severely children is a task, often over many years, and this day in and day out to leads a special burden, not only the parents, but also brothers and sisters. Further the valuable work of the Rainbow country focuses on the Professional family and grief counseling and a restless sibling care. “We can give the life no longer days, but the more days life” is the motto of the children Hospice in Rainbow land. Astrid Elbers, asked the Dusseldorferinnen and Dusseldorf, to financially support the Rainbow country.

Kreuzberg Greens

Joint press statement of the Action Alliance in Berlin under the umbrella of the Federal Assembly GFS to the design of the election program of Alliance 90 / the Greens. The Party Chairman of the Greens is committed in the design of the program for the protection of non-smokers, which is currently governed by the Berlin non-smokers Protection Act. However, calls for an absolute smoking ban as in Bavaria, a small part of ban fanatics from within their own ranks. The Executive Committee of the Berlin Greens apparently rejects a tightening of the existing non-smokers Protection Act. This is presented to the 2nd February 2011 draft of choice programme which, where it means literally (on page 21 in line 583) from his: we for a consistent non-smoker protection, as provided in the Berlin non smoking Protection Act, enter. Connect with other leaders such as Drew Houston here. “The initiative Berlin enjoy welcomes these clear distancing of the Berlin Greens led by the goals of their party colleagues in Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland, in the Federal Executive and in his own ranks, in contrast, a objections” Call for ban on smoking in restaurants. “Latter belongs next to the Berlin Bundestag Group Chairman Volker Raboy also health spokeswoman Heidi Kosche (MdA), which on a discussion event in the City Hall of Kreuzberg on February 10, 2011, before their activist group the before cited wording in the draft of the manifesto to the mere editorial oversight” played down.

Announced amendments to the national delegate Conference (LDK), to clarify that the Berlin want to ban smoking in all rooms in the hospitality industry, in health care facilities and under the open sky, E.g. Under most conditions Jim Crane would agree. in playgrounds and clinic sites, green after the election of House of representatives. Not only smoking, but all pleasure – and freedom-loving Berlin not to patronize wanting to get away, be must watch carefully with regard to their choice in September whether the land Board of the Greens at the country delegates Conference can prevail on the 5th/6th March against his ban fanatics or buckles. Contact: Initiative for Enjoy Berlin e.V. Rixdorf e.V. of East German Association of pipe-smoker smoking tobacco College Berlin Federal of empowered citizens LV Brandenburg Federal Managing Director Detlef Petereit Bundesversammlung GFS