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The Earth

My life will end and all that remains for me is to ask the same land to see if me responds. This man slept on the floor forest, upside down, with arms and legs extended and began to talk to him to the Earth, but at the time fell asleep. It was so he dreamed that he was led hand by a woman very, very nice to a fantastic place where there was a big ball of energy. She then told her: that is what is inside this great mother. She has a place for all of you, for all those who with their heart want to enter into it, because there you will find everything what you are looking for. At that time the Lord was frightened and was happy both at the same time, he woke up and in doing so saw that beautiful woman who had dreamed he was beside her.

Who are you? you’re the woman of my dreams?, he asked. She said: Yes, I’m that woman that was in your dream. But also I am your mother, I am your mother earth, and want you to know that inside me many things and you all have to fight to go someday to know them. Even seeing it he believed that it was half crazy for believing the Earth. But in his heart he felt that it was true and devoted himself to create a theory that claimed that this planet was hollow and that future generations would touch them to enter to discover the wonders that was inside. But scientists at the time said that no, that the Earth was not hollow, but solid and that was impenetrable. So far says that it is impossible to go away by such high temperature having magma. Teachers say that not so, that we have to return to consider the theory of this Italian scientist, that we have to worry about achieving communication with Earth for power to know what actually is, and not be satisfied with the external.