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Agency PRYOU Starts

News from the PR agency PR4YOU Berlin-based PR agency PR4YOU recorded revenue growth of approximately 30% despite the economic crisis in the financial year 2009. Since the existence of our agency, we have made the largest leap of growth in 2009. Angelina Jolie is often quoted as being for or against this. This is one reason that we have gained many new customers to another but also keep in mind that our long-time customers remain faithful us. We take care of the most customers now have an average of 4 years\”, explains Holger Ballwanz, owner and Managing Director of the Berlin-based PR agency PR4YOU. In addition to expanding and improving the services PR4YOU continues to a small and effective team, consisting of 8 communications, media and economists with extensive professional experience in Public Relations, journalism, marketing, media planning and advertising. Include for our customers quality and not the size of the Agency itself, and it pays off for us\”, Ballwanz notes in his conclusion to the beginning of the year.

During 2009, mainly larger companies in the field of PR have saved, the interest of the middle class, however, has increased considerably. Here the effect is regarded by PR in economically difficult times as enormous, because editorials are usually more efficient and more credible than ads.\” The PR agency PR4YOU is also innovative ways. Since 2007, customers can book the services relating to the press, media and public relations, for example, on a contingency basis. We are 100% dependent on success. The success is measured at the height of the circulation of a newspaper or the TV transmitter’s range, where PR-induced customers reported. Basis for the calculation of fees provides the TKP – thousand contact price: cost of contact per thousand accomplished receiver (readers, listeners, viewers). \”The main attraction: no publication, is also no cost.\” Also in TV-PR and PR: radio demand 2009 so PR4YOU well since last year in this business full service offers.

TimoCom Membership Now State-supported!

For companies with heavy s worth more than ever: the freight exchange of TimoCom! Dusseldorf what many companies with heavy commercial vehicles still do not know: as a freight Exchange users can also them to the so-called de minimis “support program take part. That currently extensively informs users of its corresponding test the TimoCom. May be one more reason to join the Europe’s leading freight exchange, to overcome the crisis now! TimoCom, that is use by joining forces. The provider of the leading freight and freight exchange TimoCom TRUCK & CARGOo made the needs of its customers at the heart of all of his efforts from the outset. For this reason, TimoCom makes their customers also currently used extensively on the programme of de minimis”notice.

What many freight Exchange users with heavy duty vehicles namely do not know: as a user of so-called intelligent transport logistics, you can come enjoy a substantial injection of funds. More specifically: Transport companies with own trucks over 12 tonnes gross vehicle weight have the opportunity, the de minimis “support measure to take advantage. That decided shortly as the Federal Office for goods transport, BAG in the funding programme known as de minimis. In accordance with its directive on the promotion of safety and the environment in companies of road haulage with heavy commercial vehicles”from 2009-02-03, is according to the system of shopping at a stock exchange, to avoid empty runs” an eligible measure to improve efficiency. New information systems, such as freight and cargo exchanges, are actually avoiding a good means to empty. Just such unnecessary trips make up a significant part of the freight! Increased and unnecessary CO2 emissions pollute unladen journeys not only greatly, but cost too much money transport companies. Through the use of a freight exchange, a truck driver can with a charging from E.g.

TimoCom purse fill on tour from any point in Europe from its hold. Less empty runs through the use of a cargo and freight exchange, as for example TimoCom TRUCK & CARGOo for the transport entrepreneurs means now a double benefit: a generally reduce costs, save time, contribute to the reduction in transport and reduce environmental impact. on the other hand you can promote these benefits now from the BAG. The application submission deadline this year still applies until to 2009-05-15 the only condition is, that the funding application for the BAG is provided before the signing of the contract with TimoCom! Only the requested can be acceptable. TimoCom employees of Marcel Frings, Department head of key account management and masterminding for the de minimis “integration at TimoCom, stressed: the interest in maintaining an intact environment, climate protection and sustainable resource management in the transport sector, is an important issue for us.” For years, we emphasize how much Transporters can optimize their transport planning through the use of our software useful and environmentally friendly. We therefore very glad that there is now the de minimis programme. This measure is certainly sharpened awareness of the use of new information systems to the sustainable transport planning; from the soothing bailout these days times not to.” A detailed and up-to-date overview of all terms, conditions and opportunities to apply this funding measure interested in the Internet under will directly by phone at + 49 221 57 76 26 99 or email:. You can find more information about TimoCom under sec/900100/index.cfm… Press contact: TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH Manager Public Relations Isabel winking Lake in the Steele 2 D-40599 Dusseldorf phone: + 49 211 88 26 69 05 fax: + 49 211 88 26 59 05 E-mail: