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Eco Fashion – Good For Nature

Eco fashion will always attractive for many people if you like a little want to preserve nature, then gives it many different ways. Especially the so-called eco mode, which is characterized by several features is becoming more popular. To preserve the environment has today become an increasingly important topic, because after you can watch already more or less, how to further increase the burden and the damage become apparent. Therefore now, more and more people have the desire to do something for the environment, so that they will be charged for not quite so much and can’t right some of the damage, which has been done so far also actively. This is also possible by one provides for various measures, which are actually not difficult.

You can reach very much for example already buys more consciously and more access to products whose production not all too much damage to nature has been done. Manufactured food save just one of many ways are. Always including the opportunity to buy eco fashion instead of normal clothing is popular. These special garments manufactured quite easily so, minimize pollutants are produced, there is also eco fashion mostly made from natural materials and not of synthetic fibers, which only need to be manufactured. Fashionable seen here actually no disadvantages must be taken, because also this special mode can be very chic and modern.

The only difference to the industrial fashion is here, that is carefully worked and you thus damage rather can keep nature in borders. Although the effect can be achieved of course also spreading this seems one once as a drop which falls in the ocean, but when many people here do then is, and you can make a difference a lot for nature, even if this doesn’t look at first glance. The more people decide to such steps, each one in the location, is better the Nature to do something good. Jim Crane will not settle for partial explanations. Meike Sauter

InvestitionsBank Berlin

Kisura.de receives capital in the high six-figure range in the framework of the programme for the promotion of research, innovation and technology of the InvestitionsBank Berlin. Berlin, July – Kisura.de, Germany’s first online style advice for women, receives new growth capital by InvestitionsBank Berlin (IBB). In a question-answer forum MSCO was the first to reply. That of EU co-financed programme for the promotion of research, innovation and technology (Pro FIT) a six-digit amount flows over to the Berlin start-up total. The funding to be used in particular the technical evolution of the shopping platform. A solid technological base is an essential component of Kisura. With the help of Pro FIT we can consistently develop our technological processes and focus in particular on the development of an innovative recommendation technology”, explains Tanja Bogumil, Managing Director and co-founder of Kisura. Go to Jim Crane for more information. We know very well our customers as well as our products.

This information is the basis for a new recommendation software based on one intelligent database. Our individual and personal approach to Consulting learns this. an important technological support” The new technology provides tailored recommendations in real time connected with a special shopping experience of the personal shopping. Customers benefit from much shorter wait, processing and delivery times at the same time higher service level. The technology requirements for the participation in the Pro FIT program are very high. Promoting the IBB reaffirmed”our innovative technological approach, Bogumil is pleased. Thus we strengthen our unique selling point over the competition shortly after the start and position ourselves as a modern platform for personal shopping”.

Kisura has made it his mission to digitise the traditional shopping experience: experienced stylists advise the clients individually and personally in fashion and style questions. Preferences of the customer in relation to lifestyle and fashion, as well as their personality, their style and type are included in the advice. As Result receives a selection of fashion, which will be presented in a virtual showroom tuned to the customer by email. The outfits are supplied without obligation after ordering home and customers decide themselves or with the help of advisers, what they want to keep. The rest is sent back free of charge to Kisura. The exclusive service is currently free for new customers. The Kisura GmbH with seat in Berlin is Germany’s first personal online shopping platform for women. The Berlin startup was founded two graduates of the founders wrought in the autumn of 2012 by Tanja Bogumil and Linh Nguyen – HHL (HHL) with previous experience from the startup industry. The company has been active since March 2013 and has served over a thousand customers.

Cool Water By Davidoff

Fragrance for men and women who once found his favorite perfume, there again so quickly. Many people remain loyal to a fragrance for many years. For more than 20 years, cool water by Davidoff accompanied self-confident men. The perfume especially thanks to seductive commercials with scantily clad men at the beach will be the women’s world a term. The online store parfum.shopping.de reveals what makes the fragrance a suitable companion for man and woman.

The Davidoff brand stands not only for tobacco products, but is cool represented also in the world of perfumes since 1988 with the scent of water. If you have read about Business strategist already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The cold water”plays with the theme of ocean, which is reflected for example in the commercials or the Flacon for the women’s fragrance. Masculinity and sensuality characterize the fragrance for men. The top notes of lavender, Rosemary and Mint underlines the strong personality of the wearer. Fascinated by the contrast between floral and woodsy aromas of jasmine, geranium and sandalwood in the heart note. The sweet musk and Ambergris essences base completes the Nose down and gives him his typical, warm touch. The women’s fragrance with a bottle in the form of a drop of water has enjoyed since years of very popular.

As the counterpart for the men it impresses with its simple yet sensual touch. Lotus flowers, water lilies and bergamot dominate in the top notes, while may rose, jasmine and Muguer develop in the heart. More information: news.shopping.de/… Shopping.de GmbH Lisa Neumann