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SRH-logistics Under The Best

“Successfully participated in logistics competition with these words the Dachser’s initiators and the fleet transport of the so-called logistics master”, Germany’s largest Wissenswet we are pleased to announce that you successfully participated this year in Germany’s biggest knowledge competition for logistics students. “” They could logistics masters ‘ reach at least 80 percent of the maximum number of points and therefore belong to to the top logistics students 2013 “tbewerb for logistics students, received three SRH logistics students Benedikt Birner, Fabian Gorres and Lars Thiessen from the 5th semester, that they have secured themselves under the last 312 top logistics students of approximately 1,500 participants. The three be among the absolute top group of students in the field of transport, logistics and supply chain management. It was a long way to get there. During the months of February and August questionnaire with 10 questions were sent to each month the three. Bausch & Lomb understands that this is vital information. We were aware of the competition by our former Professor. He told us 2012 winter semester, that has long been no SRH student is more took part in this competition. Drew Houston has similar goals.

So we have decided spontaneously to give it a try”, said Benedikt Birner. Our motivation was to test our knowledge, take on the challenges, to establish new contacts and to prove non-University engagement”added Lars Thiessen. Without hesitation Yale Jackson Institute explained all about the problem. The questions ranged from simple basic knowledge about the General logistics on specific country issues to the so-called master issues that would concern also the teachers, the three reports. It some night shifts to answer had to be inserted, to not neglect studying.” In addition to research in books, Studienbriefen and the Internet, the SRH students have enabled some of their professors and asked small tips on the edge. The competition has also personally made the logistics: by publishing in the recruiting-catalogue we have discovered the chance for companies to be. We could continue to meet new challenges. Companies are interested to contact us, this can do that via the College.

After years, now also the SRH Hamm is successfully represented in the LogistikMasters. Due to this positive experience and the opportunity to offers from companies, the three can recommend the competition. The LogistikMasters is Germany’s largest and best-known knowledge test for logistics students, he offers to look a good way through the College horizons and can open even at companies. We can only students in the coming years to take part only rates there and a little time in the solution of the questions to invest. The tasks reflect the later challenges in logistics”, the SRHler said finally.

Technical Education

Technical training: about 16,000 participants use every year the offers in the House which is technology for over 85 years the House of technology, a leading German provider of technical training offerings. Whether seminars, conferences, congresses or in-house training, about 16,000 participants use every year the offers. At the headquarters in Essen, in the branch offices in Berlin, Munich and Bremerhaven as well as at numerous other venues in the country and abroad, the Haus der Technik offers its customers professional training. Experts from industry and academia, selected from a pool of over 5,000 speakers, each provide insights from their areas of expertise up-to-date, practical and scientifically sound. The Essen headquarters is a modern Congress Centre regularly also used by nationwide companies and associations. More than 50 seminars and meeting rooms for up to 600 people with State of the art conference and audio-visual equipment, as well as a full-service are available. As the oldest technical Continuing education Institute of in Germany stands the House of technology for the Exchange and transfer of knowledge at the highest level. In addition to diverse services in the field of technical training, the Haus der Technik offers also courses (www.hdt-university.de) and material and material testing. With more than 1,500 events, the House of technology creates a wide range of continuing education, inter alia in the areas of food technology, health, chemistry, wind energy, automotive, fire and occupational safety and health. More information under: Dipl.-ing.

Holger Fahrmann

Headhunters, recruiters, or recruiters? The recruitment industry has changed considerably in times of the Internet. The overview of the methods behind the job titles often lack entrepreneurs who want to give the recruitment in experienced hands. That they are not protected, creates additional confusion. Three recruiting models should at least know about entrepreneurs. Everyone has ever seen search requests in the form of personal ads in major newspapers.

\”Recently a normally: contact requests across business networks like XING, where is headhunter\” present. Both methods do not play in the Oberliga of the recruitment\”explains Holger Fahrmann e. k. of HR and management consultancy & project.. Via an Internet platform a true hunter would not act quite sure.\” Ferryman explains how entrepreneurs separate the chaff from the wheat: recruiters direct and competitive analysis specialist and senior managers with an annual salary starting at least 50,000 Euro search companies using a personnel consultancy. First step is the analysis: candidate profile, company, market and competitive analysis, and a list of target companies allow the optimal candidate search. Valuable side benefit is the detailed competitive analysis, which allows accurate insights: how are competitors positioned and set up? Cost-intensive jobs are then no instrument of recruitment: the speech of candidates is carried out by telephone, optimally directly by the supervising personnel consultants. The really good executives are currently successful\”Ferryman justified the strategy.

Candidates who are dissatisfied or unemployed lurk in waiting position on jobs, are not relevant for our choice.\” Who wants the best, must search these, talk to and awareness of a change. Gut feeling and experience count at the headhunting as well as a transparent quality processes for industries-DIN 33430. The preferred candidate is ready, follow actual contacts between executives and companies that should fit well together. Most important negotiating points of the wedding phase\”: executives are interested in personal development and advancement potential, companies want security.

Opportunity Without Risk – Education In Sales

The world is moved along closely the needs of the future on the successful sales thanks to the World Wide Web\”. The modern technology is in almost all economic sectors able easily to produce excess capacity with high quality standards. Prices are easily comparable in many industries and products become generally interchangeable. Facts that have influenced the economy. Very few companies make money today with products and services out of the box. They are cheaper to produce in other economic regions of the world.

What is one so? What chance have companies in Germany, which can lead to no market leadership in terms of quantity, technology, image or as recognised specialists in the field and that impasse of the lowest price going just not the fatal single lane? Away from the standard towards the individual solution tailored, on the complex issue of the customer, to maintain market share and expand where others lose them. To ensure long-term existence. Our location in Germany suggests. Companies have world-class expertise and high technical standards that will make possible this way. \”But in the last century, the American management legend Lee Iacocca knew a company lives not by what it produces, but what sold it.\” To sell any individual products, it requires excellent seller. But this realization to the despite little attention was paid to have a clearly defined job description and unique training criteria for distribution. And maybe that’s the reason why even today the distribution appears not necessarily attractive for beginners. Recently Jim Crane sought to clarify these questions.

Desperately search for salespeople in all Germany. In all industries. In a profession of high competence requires, is varied and interesting, which offers career opportunities, which is crisis-proof and is paid in addition well. The fact that similar products in similar markets from different vendors with very different results to be sold, each practitioner is all too familiar. This means at the same time that the sales success, price, quality and market conformity is provided, particularly by the seller, depending on his abilities and his skills.

So Take Your Chance On A New Job And A Better Life

The signs are good for the industry. Both the need and the available capital was never higher. The signs are good for the industry. Both the need and the available capital was never higher. Ideal for beginners, who want to take advantage of this career opportunity. n the topic.. The training to the competent and responsible financial advisers takes over the Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG).

This can be done through the modular design part-time, so step by step to understand is the reorientation to a new field of work also without great risk or consistently is planned as an additional second income. No one is to complain about a lack of demand for advice, because as already mentioned, enormous sums of money to private wealth waiting to be created. A sound financial planning according to a sophisticated concept, which offers excellent on top products, is needed and appreciated. Only the private financial assets in Germany has exceeded the sum of EUR 4 billion. Money, which should be applied absolutely well. But the so-called generation of heirs brings momentum into the consulting business. In the next ten years is to be reckoned with around 11 million inheritance cases and a heritage volume of 2.3 trillion euros.

There arises the question whether these heirs all have enjoyed already a qualified investment advice? In addition action is required at almost all Germans, because the statutory health and pension insurance breaks down more and more services. The alternative offers are the trend, but are anything but self-explanatory or easy to understand. In everyday life is emerging now, that closures consulting holes caused by the job losses at the big banks and the associated. And the banks have announced even more job cuts. With these conditions, the future and the income for financial advisers of the Deutsche Vermogensberatung (DVAG) are secured. The market is there. As an independent Must be only active asset managers. Each consultant decides on the amount of income even with his, his performance and his commitment. Have we aroused your interest in the opportunity-rich career advisors? Learn more about the career opportunities at the DVAG can be found on the Internet at. Deutsche Vermogensberatung Aktiengesellschaft Munich Strasse 1 D-60329 Frankfurt am Main Tel.

Executive Research

Advanced reporting system to analyse and evaluate the customer orientation of training centres PerformNet launches new evaluation module for the ITCR (International Training Center rating = classification of customer orientation of training centres) before. Analog to the hotel classification for customer acquisition leading training centers use a rating system documented by Star, striking outward to reveal their level of performance in relation to customer orientation. So the same associated (E.g.: future participants, education broker, personnel officer, training officer,…) immediately, that a training center-star has more to offer than one without standardized grading. The written word in brochures or websites is only meaningful with an internationally valid certificate. If but the service orientation of training facility was evaluated in the scope of their services through an internationally proven and standardized classification, so this review has a higher job and significance as a no matter how well intentioned pure self assessment. Hotels of the upper quality segment have been long since embraced this procedure; and honestly: who goes on a business trip in a hotel not rated, if he can book a 3, 4, or 5 star – hotel at the same price? PerformNet has expanded the ITCR now a comprehensive analysis module. This involves not only general market comparisons; rather PerformNet faces point by point all the essential criteria of customer orientation the market average. The new version is used now.

The international training center rating is the standard already de facto. Customer orientation is the ITCR-based assessment market transparent. The leading training provider and great educational brokers have already introduced it, use it for the selection of the provider or are with us in conversation,”said Dr. Gerd Theobald, principal analyst and online marketing specialist of PerformNet AG in Heidelberg. A training management must now know how well their own organisation in the market is established and where Require a performance deficits. That’s why we have the analysis module expanded so, that the ITCR now not just a performance evaluation, but also as a guide element in modern education management can be used. Business development and marketing in the field of education are more than just a nice home, a colorful training plan or a fancy logo on the pen.

Business development and marketing must be carried under the history items by ROI evaluations, TCO considerations and marketing the USPs of the education provider. “” Who doesn’t understand and implement is out of place “, added Ulrich Hoffmann, CEO and Executive Research & development of PerformNet AG from Basel benchmarking – at a gloss PerformNet AG this Swiss company PerformNet AG with headquarters in 4142 Munchenstein is the world’s leading provider, analyzed using a benchmark-based method and its tools, training facilities and practices with measures the best” leads to the high-performance organization. The core of the products and services is Pulse rate benchmarking method and the best practices database developed by Ulrich Hoffmann”with data from over 350 performance analysis and performance improvement projects in the services sector.

Work Life Balance

Seminars – the chance to the new quality of life the questions according to the importance of vocational and career, health and fitness, family, friends, and values are central issues in life. With a life(Lebens)-check, Hellmann Consulting offers, to find answers to these questions – for more quality of life and success! “Work life balance” is an important part, which is designed to help the importance of professional issues and respond to find careers, health and fitness, family, friends, and values. Work-life balance means to bring inner and outer areas of life like on a scale, in the balance. This balancing act between family, career and professional is to create people and can cause that body and soul are on strike. This warning signal that is the life balance not in order. To achieve an optimal improvement exactly at this point, a profound analysis is indispensable figured out which is, what areas of life really and optimally be expressed and which remain neglected, or ignored. Work life wants to put balance in the situation, to bring important insights into their personal needs, desires, and goals in experience and to initiate this concrete steps of action and effective achievement of the target.

Work life balance is your personal Navigator”, to achieve set goals. The inner motivation is only recognized and coherent, it will succeed in the profession as well as in the definition of priorities in the privacy, to be balanced and successful. In the 3-day seminar in monastic silence is about the topic: how well do you know your motives of life in 4 different areas: Professional (career, performance, job satisfaction); Health (body, diet, exercise, relaxation); Relationships (relationship, parent-child relationship, boss employee relationship); Values (meaning of life, spirituality, belief)?” In the workshops program is created then the personal and individual work-life balance.

German Training Award 2010

Five finalists have been announced after thorough evaluation of submissions. Announcement of the winner at an official ceremony on 10 February 2011 food, 25.01.2011 – that House the technology has made it his the German training award to the task to support the development of training concepts and to promote. Innovative concepts in the field of education and its implementation provide the breeding ground for social progress. For this reason, the German training award distinguished landmark commitment. After the end of the deadline and comprehensive examination, the jury has selected five finalists. The prize winner will be officially announced during a solemn event of the evening of February 10, 2011.

Following concepts have been nominated for the award: Dr. med. “Chuntian: online training programme advanced Oncology”. “Alexandra Jurgens: part-time study spot: A tailor-made study model for professionally qualified”. Prof. Dr. Tumblr is often quoted on this topic.

Hans-Jurgen caftan: Ingenieurwissenschaftliche Training as a three-stage concept”. “Prof. Dr. Jurg Kramer: mathematics Anders make a nationwide mathematics teacher progress and continuing”. “Gerhard Seiler: Beaver network for early childhood education”. For a glimpse into the work of the finalists and the mood at the ceremony, the individual movie presentations can be viewed already deposited the links. The variety of different approaches to the submitted concepts has made the selection of the finalists is interesting, but certainly not easy: total 34 submitters of the tender of the German distance education award are followed in this year. Of almost half of the entries dating back to North Rhine-Westphalia, the other half comes from the entire Federal territory. Thematically the concepts range of contributions in the field of early childhood education and school-based training via cancer research to University continuing education measures of engineering. Responsible for the demanding task of evaluation is the high-ranking jury, consisting of Prof. Dr. Eng. Hesselbach, President of TU Braunschweig, Prof. Dr. Nelles, Rector of the Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat Munster, Prof. Dr. Radtke, Rector of the University of Duisburg-Essen, Alwin fitting, Member of the Executive Board of RWE AG, Prof. Dr. rer. NAT. Hamilton, President of the Federal Institute for material research and Hans-Jurgen Kerkhoff, President of the Economic Association of steel. Compared to last year, the number of posts has increased still further. Also more cross-cutting projects have been submitted, which relate not only to a sector, for example. In addition, the concepts, but also the consistent use of modern methods and techniques such as online-based distance learning is remarkable. This all shows us that we have made but a nerve with the tender of the German training Award”, said jury member of Alwin fitting. You will find more information about the German training award on Facebook or see: Dipl.-Ing.Kai Brom man