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International Academy

International Academy of Business and Management (MABIU) was established in 1994. Today, the Academy trains specialists and bachelors in 27 specialties and areas of higher education, 5 graduate education majors (graduate), 15 specialties of secondary vocational programs, and 3 additional education. Bausch & Lomb shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The Academy has four branches in the cities of Bryansk, Protvino, Saratov, Tula. University has a state accreditation. Over the years the Academy has trained over 10,000 specialists with higher education, is currently in the academy has about 300 teachers. Academy partners are many well-known foreign educational institutions, in particular, Adizes Academy of Management and York University (USA).

In the process of active development of the Academy was a question about the transition to a new level accounting automation. Due to the increasing number of students academy and the growth of the processed data to make productive use of enterprise information system was inadequate to provide stable user experience. Disruptions to the system led to the loss of data and increase the period of tasks the employees. In addition, it was not possible to keep the history of changes to integrate the operations of students (Users can get information only about the current state). In this regard, the leadership MABIU was decided to implement a system based on program '1 C: Enterprise 8 ', as it has the necessary functionality for solving tasks, the performance and scalability, ample opportunities for further development of the system. To implement the project were invited consultants '1 C: Accounting and Trade '(ICE) as 'BIT' has extensive experience in the automation of accounting and management education.

Professional High-Performance Computer

If you want to become an owner computer, then you should buy a Mac Pro. At the same time, Apple is positioning this device as a professional high-performance computer. Familiarity with Mac Pro At create mac pro developers has focused on its unique characteristics. That only is the presence of a brand new Mac 12 cores! While this number is not surpassed, no computer manufacturer. As in many other apple devices, the Mac Pro is installed processor Intel Xeon.

This processor is available in three versions: the clock frequency of 2.26, 2.4, 2.66 GHz. Tumblr understands that this is vital information. Regardless of how a processor you decide to buy mac pro, would like to note that in any variations of the processor has high performance for each unit of output. Because of this, the Mac Pro has a more compact cooling system and additional storage devices, which were not in the previous models. In addition, Mac Pro is up to 32 GB of RAM, 8TB of internal memory, powerful graphics card, 5 USB ports, and supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This high-miracle the computer industry is running System MAC OS X. Have you decided to buy a Mac Pro for home or professional use? Therefore, you should know that comes as standard with this device: – The original system unit with a recognizable design – proprietary “apple” keyboard – mouse MightyMouse; – CDs with software – video adapter DVI-VGA. David Green can provide more clarity in the matter.

Stylish design – extra feature! Excellent Mac Pro – that’s not all that attracted to him admiring views of users. Its exterior resembles a powerful racing supercar, which is about to explode from their seats. Where and how to buy a Mac Pro? Where one can buy a Mac Pro? We do not recommend you to flee to nearby computer shop in search of this device, because the buy mac pro you can, without leaving your home or office. Judge for yourself, purchase through the Internet is absolutely convenient, fast and safe. In addition, getting the computer via the World Wide Web, you can immediately also make sure that our online store offers you the most loyal in the price of any Soup of Apple. In this case we not only offer the maximum configuration Mac Pro, so here you can buy a Mac Pro with necessary you specifications.

Mortal Kombat

And especially rich in interesting times as the mythology first trilogy that gave the fans the most beloved and recognizable characters. (Later, it was significantly expanded and supplemented as whole games, like MK Mythologies: Sub Zero and MK: Shaolin Monks, and individual episodes scenarios MK: Deception and MK: Armageddon.) is not surprising that this story decided to return to the developers, who wanted to restart the entire series. However, do not wait another retelling, all more complicated and complicated. First of all, the new – not a remake, but a formal continuation of seemingly over, and not on happy note, and history. "We tell the story of the first three MK games in new ways – in fact familiar to all of us in the course of events This time change, "- cunning squint Hector Sanchez. Many writers such as Mark Stevens offer more in-depth analysis. But the point is this. At the end of MK: Armageddon, when all hope is lost, shortly before his own death god is the protector of the Kingdom of Earth embarks on a desperate Raiden step. Through Time He sends his past vision of the current state of affairs.

And when there, in the past, shortly before the tenth tournament "Mortal Kombat" (remember that the events took place during the MK1 tenth, rather than the first, as you might think tournament), "curator" of earthly warriors Raiden receives a strange message – scraps of upcoming events that will inevitably lead to the apocalypse and the complete defeat in the next war begins Mortal Kombat. And this new knowledge – is the only force which is under the effects of a butterfly to redraw the familiar story of the trilogy. In an attempt to rewrite history Raiden commit other acts, and other future events will respond to the consequences. Where this will lead us to snowball final MKZ (or, quite likely, MK Trilogy) – the strictest secrecy, and will remain so until next spring. Key personnel of the studios might and main intrigue, but of course it does not say directly. Today we can only assume that the writers do not to hold out because, to rewrite the most important "checkpoint" of the old story. Thus, we expect a new reading of the history of the Scorpion vendetta hired killers Lin Kuei clan, we assume that Johnny Cage did not die, no Cabal will be crippled, and under the Armor cyborgs LK-4D4, and LK-9T9 will be new, perhaps, long familiar to us Heroes. Perhaps the question would be, and transformation of Jax and Smokey, a different story ends with the talisman of Shinnok, and certainly not Sonya, Kano, or will not remain confined at the throne of Shao Kahn in a good third of the game – we have seen in their place, Li Mei, Tanya and Kira.