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The Money

In order to evaluate the entrances and exits of the money it is necessary to remember: 1) Entrances of cash. – To analyze all the necessary adjustments according to the cyclical tendencies of sales and extra income that can be generated, reason why is preferable to include explanatory notes of the projections and fluctuations that could be given. 2) Exit of cash. – The forecast of the expenses by category helps to prioritize the payments, and to visualize those that it must be realised in cash, as those purchases that were realised on credit and that must eliminate in a given period, remembering that the inflation index, the interest rates by financing, and the type of change is factors preponderant at the time of making decisions in the payments, by the cost of the money. 3) Determination of the cash flow.

– The income except the debits of each week, month or year they have to influence for the initial balance of the following period, however, of the ability with which it is counted to generate entrance and payment cash would hit in its balance of cash to generate liquidity without cost. The speed and amount in the money handling, are principles that act like devices to hour to make decisions, thus requires of knowledge and abilities for its administration. AMOUNT – ENTERED FIRST PRINCIPLE Whenever it is possible must increase the entrances of efectivo" It enters the recommended strategies: It increases volume of sales, with relation to its cost benefit? It increases the sale price in relation to the degree of elasticity of his demand? To improve the mixture of sales (impelling those of greater margin of contribution)? To eliminate discounts that could not contribute in their yield? To establish a stratification of the sly one of clients and permanent control. To realise the merchandise of low movement, the exhausted and unnecessary to negocio.CANTIDAD-SALIDAS SECONDLY PRINCIPLE " Whenever it is possible the exits of dinero&quot must fall; It enters the recommended strategies: To pay commissions on collections not on sales.