Study Society

It is because of this multiplicity of types of culture that appear the quarrels. With the evolution of history, the quarrel on culture appears to try to distinguish aspects substances and not-substances from the life in the society. To arrive at the present, the culture idea concurred with the civilization idea, becoming words practically sinnimas, having situations where each one of these words was used separately with meaning proper and particular. The humanity always is reference when the quarrel is culture, therefore it looks for to interpret the characteristics of a cultural reality, and is related with other quarrels had jointly on the capitalist society and the fights of the laboring classrooms. To reflect on all these quarrels makes possible one better understanding to form a concept of what it is culture.

The study of the culture or engloba the totality of characteristics of a group or society, or then foca in the reality and only forms of expression of a specific group. It is the relation between these two conceptions that provide the form of if understanding what it is culture, and the union of these two lines of thought if initiated in century XIX and invigorates until the present. The diverse ways of social organization are clearer from the moment where if it compares the totality of characteristics of very distinct groups. On account of the increasing interaction and integration between peoples, what it has led to the formation of global a world-wide civilization, this type of comparison comes more rare if becoming each time. She is necessary to evidence the diversity to study culture, and this perfectioning also comes transforming this study, resulting in the dimension of the social and not material reality, that is the knowledge that a society has on same itself and other societies, and on the way that this knowledge is express. Currently, the culture aims at its development in history and if it relates with the social forces that move a society.

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