Planner Temple

At the beginning as it was of if to wait, had as antipatia. A question appeared of most recondite of the mind and the soul: What it will be making this person here? That intruder. Exclamariam. But who was the mind pautava the actions. Drifters. Unglued compliments. You always come here? Not Of he comes well in when.

you? Also I find this place magnificent, in special when falling of the afternoon. All can be seen the city, the farmings of wheat waving to the flavor of the winds. But and you? It likes daqui for which reason? In the reality taste to come here to isolate me, to pray in my temple. In its temple? That temple? However, never it heard to speak that all the person has a temple in its heart? Therefore it is that meeting here the Peace, the Privacy Spiritual and I obtain to initiate a dialogue with my cosmic conscience. It pulls. I never thought that a young woman as you, had as much introspection spiritual.

You have something against young women? Not. He forgives I was badly. But and you he brings what it here? He frequents this place has much time? Not. In the reality whenever I feel myself a little confused, shaken, sad and half without route, I come here to recharge my energies and I also use to advantage to dialogue exactly with me. I am not very of conjuncts, but a time or another one I and the Planner obtain to entabular a conjunct between. Planner? That he forms quaint of speaking. Who is this Planned? However who. Who all planned this that you this seeing and also what you are not seeing. The planet Land with its thousand thousand of forms, passed creations and existences, future gifts and. Mine ours. You by chance are Philosopher? I am not former-seminarista.

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