New International Version

The day that pastor Damian decided to challenge the orders of his superior, their problems began. On one side, your Ministry partner felt had forward a contender and he, in turn, thought that he was giving leaps to print changes to the Congregation. Get all the facts and insights with Drew Houston, another great source of information. I trusted in you and look, you are against me told pastor director afternoon that could talk in the Office. Just think that things can be different defended Damian. Yes, but not in that way his superior replied and he leaned back to read the Bible, sitting tacitly that the conversation had ended. The relationship cooled off enough. Soon, they could not, nor see, except on days of worship which should necessarily cross word.

Not two months passed before Damian, despite recognizing his tremendous mistake, were asking for the transfer to another congregation again and again recalled to the Apostle Paul when he wrote: everyone should undergo public authorities, since there is no authority that Dios has been unwilling, so there were established by him. Therefore, anyone who opposes the authority rebels against what God has instituted. Source: Darcy Stacom. Those who come so will receive punishment.(Romans 13:1, 2.) New International Version) attitudes negative when we accompany a person in the Ministry, it is necessary to constantly evaluate if we are pursuing own goals or dangling to the goals of the Ministry. If our expectations and interests they prevail, certainly there will be no blessing. Subject to the leadership, what no doubt is God’s plan, allows you to progress. There will be no obstacle in our personal and development ministerial, stressing growth. At this point it is important to consider if he has developed in his life attitudes of rebelliousness, nonconformity, complaint, contest, competition or even resentment that impede the healthy development in the Church. Although it sounds drastic, if you discover this kind of thoughts and behavior, it is essential that you ask forgiveness to God.

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