Judge Robert Gerhards

But in addition, the generation who grew up with the digital technology of the employees is very own claims. It must be taken into consideration according to the assessments of the consulting firm in the future planning of the profile of IT-supported jobs. The productivity is very closely related to the acceptance and the habits of the user. For this reason alone the needs of the renewable generation of employees in the workplace concepts of tomorrow must be taken into account”, Judge Robert Gerhards, Managing Director of centracon.

One of the core elements of future requirements include location-independent and mobile access on the one hand. This corresponds to the present Habits of young people, who using mobile end devices send no longer only phone calls and short messages, but access to different locations or mobile via UMTS as well on their E-Mail account, obtain information or surf the Web. A stationary, fixed wired work reflects the needs and practices of the past, but meets the needs of large parts of the digital generation”, highlights Gallagher. Similarly, for him in terms of social communication who offer as a result of technological developments, new opportunities and manifestations and was already internalized by the professional talent. Social networks have become an integral part of everyday life. You increasingly also serve as sources of knowledge, open access to new issues and simplify the possibilities of contact with professional benefits. Such social networks can not therefore consider more alone than a purely private matter, but they must in future workplace concepts be taken into account”, argues the centracon Managing Director for a major rethink.

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