Barcelona Champion

Sada did not stop until it left with hers: to make champion to the Regal Barcelona. Their persistence, their success, their intelligence, their effectiveness, gave brightness to the title of an equipment that managed to shape in the field its theoretics and recognized superiority before a Bizkaia Bilbao that was not inferior of its paper of flexible equipment, very able of the most unsuspected feat, as it before demonstrated to weeks against the Power Valencia and Madrid. It could not with the Bara, not even was able to offer a title to its priceless liking, but it did not move backwards in its persistence and it demanded very many a rival of great packing. Perhaps it was not to the maximum. Perhaps it needed the demolishing success of previous parties. But, besides his own errors, it had of weighing very many the tremendous exigency that, as well, raised the Bara to him, whose merit, beyond the talent of its stars, rested on in seriousness and the perfeccionismo with which the battle was taken. Thanks to it ahead removed a party that was crossed to him in several occasions and thanks to it time can raise the title by 16, after it not to have reached the season last, but after to have adjudged in present the eight parties that disputed in the eliminatory ones by him before the Unicaja, the Labor Box and the Bizkaia Bilbao.

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