Attack Against Facebook

Tuesday, a supposed group of Anonymous revealed his intentions to mount a great attack against Faceboook next the 5 of November. Now, it has denied it to Anonymous through Twitter, although they admit that they lead this action can be member of the group independent. It follows ' ' in the social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Tuenti. The hacktivista group Anonymous denied in Twitter to be behind the supposed threat against Facebook that circulates around Internet, although yes admitted that lead who it they can be member of the group which they act of independent way. The past Tuesday, identified internauts as she leaves from Anonymous raised a video the Youtube platform where they declared his intentions of " to kill to Facebook by the good of its own privacidad" and he insisted to other hacktivistas to be united to the cause. Under the account of Twitter OpFacebook, and shining a transformation (profile image) with the symbol of Anonymous, they threaten boycotting the social network Facebook next the 5 of November. Nevertheless, other members of the group denied through the same network that all supported it attacks. " We are not after the Facebook Operation.

It is not our style to kill mensajero" , it says one of " tweets" that they deny the participation of Anonymous. " Sabu" , the presumed leader of this computer science sabotage group, continued the thread of Twitter and asked to the means that became echo of which they are not behind this boycott against the social network of Mark Zuckerberg. Apparently, Anonymous must count on internal dissensions and although its name does not support the possible threat against Facebook, this does not guarantee that hackers that they are after her they cannot carry out it. Source of the news: Anonymous denies to plan an attack against Facebook

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