Village Catches

The Lobisomem of the Village Handle with God In the swing of the great cities of today almost we do not have time for religiosidade, superstitions and to the times we do not have time not even to feel fear, but I go to count a history that valley the penalty to be remembered, was one happened that if it passed years behind when did not exist Internet, television was thing of rich people, and amusement to them for the people was if to around seat of the stove the firewood and to prosear with the familiar friends and. A small called town ' ' It catches with Deus' ' , it sheltered few families, everybody was known, guard people in the good ways and family customs, without electricity and without very what to make, after one day of laborious manual work I sing, it of the rooster it informed that already it was hour of if collecting. But the superstition of this devoted people has a special period, quaresma. In the truth it was a demonstration of respect and it disciplines due its religiosidade. Quaresma is a period that precedes the great party of the Christianity: the resurrection of Jesus Christ, commemorated in the Sunday of Passover and symbolizes the suffering of Jesus in the desert of jejum and in conjunct, being thus it is a period of penance for the Christians where they must be abdicated of things that give pleasure to them as form of if showing ahead pure of God, small things as to jejuar, to sleep less, to pray more, to be caridoso, at last, to be next to God. But what one heard exactly it was that in quaresma it was more inclined the appearance of punished souls and assombraes. Two neighbors, already old fools, sensitive and flatter than head of I nail, that they lived if to show one for the other they were, Juca Pito-of-straw, thus he was called therefore never was seen without a long and esfumaante pito of straw between teeth, and Peter Paulada? nobody never knew the reason of it to be called thus, therefore Its Peter was docile as good looking manhoso, and he would never have courage to give paulada not even in aroeira prop to make, circa very zealous with its small modest mansions and casinhas, if they were proud very of its creations, showed everything what they had of better passing ' ' figa' ' in another one compadre, did not delay so that this practical generated in the heart of both a uncontrolled envy, its cow was fatter, its garden blossomed, each one more counted more papo that the other.

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