Trade Center Country

Then because they are not scrupulous in respecting the liberties or think to do like the neighbor of the north that commanded to assassinate its same compatriots and to destroy the signs of its wealth, to only have the pretext to wage the war to the world and to sack the wealth of the countries that are different from them. Its necessity of control to make prevail its appetites jumps at sight and later his are discovered deceits and lies. A clear example is the war that untied against the brother country of Iraq, with the usual pretext that Saddam Hussein had biological weapons. What is what the North Americans did. Perhaps not to put under its whims and to destroy that country to give the handling of petroleum to its companies. In that to say his companies it is a euphemism, since the great capital does not have border nor mother country. The unique thing that we know is that it has is to gendar to me that it takes care of his interests.

Next Mr. Bush felt like to him to wage the war to the Muslim towns that are in the north of strategic mineral Southeast Asia, rich for the nuclear war and that is what did. First to endilgar to them to these towns that were a threat for world-wide La Paz, it did of the right the adjetivizacin to the fights of the liberation motejando it like terrorism and declaring which they were a danger for La Paz, these same arguments without logical sense are being used in the legislations of many countries in order to deslegitimar the protests before the abuses of governments. For it section the destruction and murder of its same fellow citizens, that is what happened in the Trade Center of New York, consequently put of its side to the opinion publishes of its country to realise its guerreristas eagerness. I attack without mercy the Afghan town. Already thousands and thousands of civil victims are, in order to only maintain the power in that part of the east.

These same measures this taking Mr. Alan Garci’a and their followers, having like choir of singers of followers, a Congress genuflexo, plenty of agreed and opportunistic trnsfugas or rather said that the unique thing that they look for true interests are economic yields but not them of those who say to represent. For this reason, we do not have more hopes than it will come more repression and disappearance from the free thinkers, and the same of the social fighters who will be missing on the part of their death squads which already they are preparing disappearing delinquents of small account. So we are warned. Juan Esteban Yupanqui Villalobos.

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