The Knowledge

The virtual classroom is the means in the navigation of Internet through the, in which the educators and educandos are to realise activities that lead to the learning (Horton, 2000). One remembers to us, that, the virtual classroom does not only have to be a mechanism for the distribution of the information, but it must be system where the involved activities in the learning process can take place, that is to say that must allow interactivity, communication, application of the knowledge, evaluation and handling of the class. The virtual classrooms today take different forms and measures, and until they are called with different names. Some are closed systems in which the user like instructor of a class, will have to overturn his contents and to limit itself the options that were thought by the creators of the virtual space, to develop his course. Others along extend and to wide it of the network using the hypertext like their better ally so that the students do not stop visiting or knowing other resources in the network related the class Very interesting when it is indicated to us, that the elements that compose a virtual classroom arise from an adaptation of the traditional classroom to that accessible technological advances to the majority of the users are added, and in whom factors like the expensive communication to face were replaced, by other elements. Basically the virtual classroom must contain the tools that allow: 1. Distribution of the information, 2.

Interchange of ideas and experiences, 3. Application and experimentation of the learned thing, 4. Evaluation of the knowledge, 5. Security and trustworthiness in the system. Very important when it is indicated to us, that a virtual classroom must be the space where the student can acquire knowledge, experiment, apply, to express itself, to communicate, to across measure its profits and knowledge that this the professor, instructor or person in charge of that class, that allow him to learn in a reliable atmosphere, safe and frees of risks.

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