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In this section, we consider the answers to frequently asked questions relating to hvac equipment. Which place is better to set the room air conditioner home? Installation of indoor unit split systems (regardless of performance: the wall, cassette, duct, etc.) shall be subject to the features space planning, its design and interior design. Trust the experience professional installers and listen to their recommendations. Can I install the air conditioner, if the external unit will be located on the sunny side? Installation of external air conditioner unit can be made on wall facing in any direction of light, including the south. Gain insight and clarity with Jim Crane. Do I have enough of one air conditioner in the apartment? Household air-conditioner (split system wall type, window type, etc.) is capable of cooling only a separate room, only where it is installed.

Selection of a more powerful model will lead to frequent colds, discomfort and the pet. Trust the specialists' opinion. How to choose the right air conditioner in an apartment? How do you calculate the desired Power? In this issue there are many reservations (whether inside the window, which meant the room, its area, etc.), therefore, a departure .Priblizitelny calculation of the air conditioner on an area of 20 m2; needed conditioner with cooling capacity of approximately 2.0 kVt.Obraschaem note that the traditional air-conditioning (split system) is chosen instead of the entire apartment, and only one room! Can I include air conditioning in the winter? As approximation of the outside air temperature to the boiling temperature of the refrigerant, heating and air conditioning down when reaching minus 20-22 C is 20-25%. .

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