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Feeling guilt for not being how good they are expected to let, we generate punishment, increasing our resentment and malaise in all areas of our life. And we believe that this is the life.Remember that blame requests forgiveness or punishment and forgiveness is made in this context as or more destructive punishment curbing our evolution. We say that sins and pray, it ties so you can continue sinning, distorted forgiveness in this way becomes a passport to own suffering or others. I can sin because there will always be who you forgive me and I know from experience that everything in what we put our attention expands, we are unconscious creators, what we learned when we were really innocent children was recorded in our unconscious as a survival plan, we believed us the tale of guilt and feel guilt for our mistakes of any kindso we live trapped between forgiveness and punishment to redeem our sins.Let the blame in court where a jury of conscience after verifying the facts stated an accused guilty or innocent and a judge sentence dictates. The inmate is serving his sentence and thus accountable to society for their actions.

Our couples, families, work teams are not courts. We are good human beings who sometimes we are wrong and we hope our fellow humans claim to understand them and respond by our acts as a free and loving beings that we are. We really unite to make life easy and pleasant, to know us through others to love us, love and be loved. Now change your habit of blaming you and blame for habit of responsibility. Responsibility is your power to answer for your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, decide what you want for you and responds by yours, you’ll see that life is simple as nature and begin to live your true innocence in the company of your loved.

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