Teach Professions Agent

Where in the seaside teaching profession, "Realtor"? In the seaside university degree "Realtor" are not taught, and are unlikely to learn sometime. Only for some reason, every year the number of real estate agents is increasing. The profession of estate agent trying to master a wide range of specialists scope. On this occasion, you can use these statistics. At present, 30.3% – these are people who have deep knowledge this area. Of these, 6.6% – the specialists without work experience. Number of sales managers is 21.4%, government employees – 14.8%, the sphere of finance – 6.5%, office workers – 9%.

In a separate group includes former members of the law enforcement agencies around 4%. Realtor profession people learn both technical and liberal education. Work experience in a company may be 5 years old (51.5% of Realtors) and 13% of them are people who have worked in these agencies for over 10 years. Experts with experience of less than five, but more than two years constitute 27.5%. 21% – a young real estate brokers who have worked in companies a year.

This profession also may be at heart, though coming here as needed. To all this must have certain skills, know the technology transactions, particularly the market, legal aspects. Just how and where to get this knowledge? Typically, some major real estate companies have their own training centers. Many companies train employees franchised offices in the system, which consists of several steps and directions. The heads of the Vladivostok office once a quarter hold a week-long training that includes specialized courses. Distance learning is carried out in branch offices using electronic means of Internet, Skype. Agents who have experience should be once every three months to learn all the details and principles of technology to work effectively with clients. But there is a system of training employees who have no experience. Framework Programme for interns provided instruction in real estate, technology transactions, as well as exploring the legal intricacies of transactions, ways of working with clients, the specifics of the seller and the buyer. This program gives all participants are strong basic knowledge for the effective operation and implementation of creative potentials. Training should be ongoing and systemic. Agents should be trained to work with different information technologies – is an online, database, CRM-system. Without all this, the above profession can not exist. In Vladivostok, in contrast to the west, in the real estate nivah ready to work "people-bands." They work in all directions, and know every area of the market. In our market there is an alternative transaction. Features an alternative transaction requires more professional knowledge, professional level. And it must be know how to provide the buyer and seller. Agent can easily perform these roles in one person. This is the advantage of a realtor, so how can it help clients when buying or selling facilities in the city and the countryside, to advise on legal matters. Just for that you need special knowledge levels that characterize the professional agent of his experience.

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