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Public Service

The official Communications or documents must contain the logomarca of the Institution, as deliberated for the Institution or responsible and available Agency in the page, in its original format and colors. An important comment: Art. 27. ' ' The stamp National he will be used to legalize the acts of the government and good thus the diplomas and certifyd forwarded by the official educational establishments or reconhecidos.' ' (Law n 5,700, and 1 of September of 1971) it does not have to be used in routine documents. It is important to observe how much of the elaboration of the official communications, the 74 rules of the Ortogrfico Agreement of the Portuguese Language, 29 of September of 2008, in vigor since 1o of January of 2009. CHARACTERISTICS: – Objetividade (Impessoalidade) – Cultured Standard – Clarity – Concision – Polidez (Formality) – Precision Following the innovations of the language, the Official Writing, comes evolving in elapsing of the time, but its parameters differ from the journalistic texts and particular correspondences.

It is necessary that it acts clarity and uniformity, since ' ' it always has an only communicator (the Public Service) and a receiver (the proper public service? or the public) ' '. The necessary reader to understand without effort the message of who writes stops to prevent ambiguities. The clarity allows the understanding of the text for the reader. In the case of the Public Administration the communication process will have greater rapidity and understanding, when the official communications to get the treatment formality and to require certain standardization. The clarity, the concision, the objetividade and the formality, hinder the superfluous one, contributing for the impessoalidade. The language must be understood by all servers/citizens. Therefore, it does not have to be searched carefully or restricted nor it must use regional vocbulos or technician, beyond neologism or estrangeirismo, what it will disable the abrangncia of the message and the agreement.