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Upon completion of the membership at XING that the specified contract period will be automatically extended, as well as for XING, even only a temporary note. A clearly defined test membership is there to be trapped. A trial period offered as three months extends just BBs with regard to the terms and conditions, although clearly a temporary period is offered by three months as a subject of the contract upon completion. And is applied as such. See Tumblr for more details and insights. You not, announces it is obliged to use the dubious benefits of XING on a further period. XING says terms and conditions BBs read others say humbug.

If a trial period of three months is the desire of the consumer, you could even ask whether someone would like to extend or whether the services were helpful would be fair business. But to disregard the request and simply extend, which is more than a questionable business practice of XING & co. when I longer than three months, it would like to, then I agree a longer-term package that alone already, because it is so convenient in relation. But, if you want to look, what brings XING and that is except Quatscherei nothing then three months are enough”so a touch himself bruised XING test customer. So this is a clear warning before contracts with Internet providers such as XING. The automatic extension of well-defined test periods should be prohibited by law. When three months have been ticked, then are also three months to comply.